Splinternuwe eboeke/New ebooks launched

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Daar is nou twee splinternuwe e-boeke beskikbaar! Hierdie boeke kan aan jou ge-pos word en kan in die gerief van jou slaap- of sitkamer gelees word - selfs in jou kantoor!

"Faceboek Stories" - Hierdie oulike boek handel oor die lief en leed, moeilikheid en humor wat met Facebook gepaard gaan. Lees oor snaakse ervarings, rillers en selfs liefde op Facebook. Hierdie unieke boekie word teen R30.00 verkoop en kan direk oor die internet gekoop word.

"Skryf jou eie e-boek" - Hierdie handleiding sal jou die geheime leer oor hoe om jou eie e-boeke te skryf. E-boeke word nou vinnig baie populer en reeds duisende mense maak geld daaruit. Indien jy meer wil weet, kan ek hierdie e-boek gratis aan jou e-pos.

Two brand new e-books are now available online!

For more info (and more books), please visit www.ebooksforyou.co.za

Indien jy sou belangstel in een of albei van hierdie boeke, stuur gerus 'n e-pos aan eliinthecity@gmail.com!



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The first Toffie Food Festival and Conference will take place in the Cape Town City Hall from 3 to 4 September 2011. This is a 2-day food festival and conference including tastings, workshops, food exhibitions, cookbooks for sale, shops, food stalls and a craft beer market. I think this will be an excellent way to start Spring this year!

Talks include local and international food experts: Julie Powell (USA) from the movie Julie & Julia, rockstar chef and foodblogger Kobus van der Merwe (SA), Gourmand World Cookbook Award winner Renata Coetzee (SA), Anna Trapido (SA) presenting a tasting lunch on the story of food in the life of Nelson Mandela and Tung-Yuan Lin (Taiwan), multi-award winner of the Taiwan Barista Championship who is renowned for the delicacy and finesse of his coffee and coffee-inspired dishes.

The tickets are a bit expensive to my taste, but I know it will all be worth it! If you love food and cooking, don't miss out on this! Tickets are available on the toffie website.

(source: http://www.toffie.co.za/)


With the days getting colder again in Cape Town and surroundings, it is usually a brilliant idea to grab a good book and snuggle up in bed. Now you can download free ebooks from 

www.ebooksforyou.co.za or easily buy a fantastic read for a very low price. These unique books are easy to read ANYWHERE on your laptop, pc, notebook or even on some phones!

Wil jy dalk jou eie e-boek uitgee? Stuur manuskripte aan ebooksfyou@gmail.com. Dit is nou makliker as ooit om jou eie boek uit te gee - Bekostigbaar en maklik!

Have a good evening!



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Ek weet ek het reeds oor hierdie wonderlike klein fesie geskryf, maar ek voel ek wil net weer 'n paar dinge hieroor noem.

Die Kalfiefees is die baba van die bekende, jaarlikse Walvisfees. Dit kan eintlik nie meer 'n baba genoem word nie, want dit is al 'n paar jaar lank 'n volwaardige fees op sy eie. Hierdie diamant van 'n kultuurfees word jaarliks op Onrusrivier (net buite Hermanus) gehou. Hierdie jaar word dit van die 4de tot die 7de Augustus gehou.

Daar is hope om te sien, eet en luister vir almal! Volgens my is hierdie jaar se hoogtepunte "Bye ma, Jaypee" met Chris van Niekerk en "Dinner for one" met die baie bekende Elize Cawood. Ook "My pa dink hy's Elvis" lyk na 'n heerlike stukkie teater.

Hierdie jaar sal daar twee kuier tente wees, dus sal daar altyd erens iets te siene wees. Daar is ook vele boekpraatjies en baie musikante wat hierdie jaar hul talente sal vertoon.

Indien jy niks het om te doen nie en nerens om te wees nie, maak gerus 'n draai in die pragtige Onrusrivier. Dit sal verseker die moeite werd wees!

Ek gaan defnitief my teater hoed opsit en 'n draai gaan maak - met my kamera! 

Hier is die program vir die naweek:

Kaartjies is beskikbaar by Computicket of as jy nog nie weet wat jy wil gaan kyk nie, kan jy wel ook by die fees kaartjies koop.


Eli Angel...

if you want me to post your photos/artwork/poem...send it to me! If I like it, I will gladly post it - if I like it. Yay!

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Summer holidays!

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If you are stuck for things to do over the holidays, have a look here to find out what you can do in Barking and Dagenham:


You could always take part in the reading challenge that is being run in local libraries or use the Woodlands Junior School website to improve your knowledge ready for your next class:


We look forward to seeeing you on Wednesday 7th Septmber 2011.
Have a great summer!

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So, since it is almost the weekend...it is time for some real goodies. Here's a yummy recipe that I've known all my life. My mom use to make them, but now I don't really ever have time to make them myself. But they are really, REALLY good... Plus, if you make them with dark chocolate and honey, they can actually be healthy! Happy baking!

Mallow Treats: 

What you need:

1 pack of marshmallows

Melting chocolate

Caramel/Honey/Icing (for dip)



Kebab sticks

What to do: 1. Place one or two marshmallows on each kebab stick.

2. Melt your chocolate in the microwave or on the stove.

3. Once melted, dip your marshmallows in the choclate.

4. Wait a few seconds until the chocolate is dry and hard. Now dip the top of your mallow treat in either Caramel, honey or icing.

5. Finally, garnish your mallow treat with sprinkles, cherries or sweeties.

6. ENJOY!!



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coolest music event this weekend:

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The New Zula brings you another of Cape Town's best, Van Coke Kartel. Featuring on the line-up is the joburg three piece Southern Gypsy Queen who are touring and launching their new album Delusions of Grandeur.

The party starts at 9pm and there is a R50 cover charge.

Here is a something to warm you up:

I will see you there in my party dress!

Van Coke Kartel

:if you want me to post your photos/artwork/poem...send it to me! If I like it, I will gladly post it. Yay!



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Glam up @ Clinique Star Tour 2011!

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Thanks to Avante and Clinique, I was invited to get a makeover at Clinique Star Tour during their stop at Sunway Pyramid earlier this month.

I was there at 11am and was surprised to some changes at the Clinique Star Tour this year! The space in the mobile truck is bigger and there is more makeup counter this year :)

First thing they will do is to tone and moisturize your face. There's no need to wear any makeup since you're getting a makeover!
Different types of foundation to suit the skin tone. Instead of choosing from 2 different looks like last year, this year's Clinique Star Tour makeover focuses on a more natural and fresh makeup to suit our skin.

After toner and moisturizer, it's foundation and concealer to cover zits and balance the skin tone :) Then its eyeliner, blusher, mascara etc!

While I'm already done with my makeover, went over to Amelia's side who just got started with her makeup.
Yes, I use both DSLR and digital camera :P

Hair styling comes after the makeup session.

When you're all prepped and ready, it's time for your photoshoot! Not to worry as the photographer will guide you on how to pose :)

Friendly Clinique Star Tour staffs to give you a star makeover!

Katherine, the makeup artist who did my makeup :)

If you're interested, Clinique products are available for sale on that day too! I absolutely love their Twice A Day Exfoliator (toner) and Moisture Surge moisturizer :)

A picture from my photoshoot.

The makeup products used here are:
1. Clinique Foundation: Perfectly Real (worth RM115)
2. Clinique Concealer: Airbrush (worth RM75)
3. Clinique Powder: Blended Face Powder (worth RM105)
4. Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad in Plum Seduction (worth RM105)
5. Quickliner for Eyes in Really Black (worth RM68)
6. Fresh Bloom All Over Colour in Peony (worth RM115)
7. Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour in Berry Boost (worth RM66)

Are your jaws dropping looking at the price of the products? Don't worry, you only need to pay RM35 to get a makeover at Clinique Tour Tour using all these products! Only RM35! RM35 is really worth it with the quality makeup u use and besides that, have you ever heard of any makeover that costs only RM35 which includes hair styling?
The best part is, you also get to bring back a goodie bag worth about RM130 which includes:

1. CLEO magazine
2. Miko Galere voucher worth RM50
3. Clinique Super City Sunblock
4. Clinique 3 Step products (Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer)
4. Clinique Lash Power Volumizing Mascara
What are you waiting for? Head over to Clinique Star Tour today! They will be at Pavilion KL this coming Fri to Sun. Don't miss out your chance to get a star makeover!

For more information on their tour locations, check out www.cliniquestartour.com.my/tour-details.html

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Mondays aren't usually one of my best days of the week, but today was actually a pretty good one - plus I had a fantastic weekend! Saturday evening we went out in town and partied around Longstreet. We watched some live music and had a small dinner and then went on to have a few drinks on the other side of the city. On Sunday we went to Stellenbosch and had a SUPER amazing lunch and spend the rest of the day watching movies. It was a great laid-back weekend and just the right amount of "party and rest" to put that smile back on my face.

Unfortunately I missed the Bastille Festival in Franschoek, but I heard it was all good and that there was plenty of good food and really goooood wine. Mmmm...maybe next year.

So, with the Cape Town Fashion Week behind us, we can gladly say that it was a great success and that it was proof that we do have some amazing talent in the local fashion industry! Well done all...

So here are some of my favourite items and outfits on the runway of Cape Town Fashion Week 2011:

Very cute:

LOVE this dress:

Backstage and how it was all put together:

(photos: AFI)


The Michaelis School of Fine Art will host a fundraising exhibition and auction of work of its prestigious alumni and staff, in aid of bursaries and scholarships at the school, at the Hiddingh Campus, 37 Orange Street, Gardens until July 20. The auction is scheduled for the last day at 5.30pm. ....Yay!

Oh before I forget:

Happy Birthday Mandela!

I wonder what he got for his birthday...mmmm.



eLi AnGeL

if you want me to post your photos/artwork/poem/ad...send it to me! If I like it, I will gladly post it - IF I like it. Yay!

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Urbanscapes 2011 @ Padang Astaka

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Urbanscapes this year is held in Padang Astaka as compared to previous years at KLPAC. This would be my 4th Urbanscapes festival I have been to :)

Thanks to Junk, I won tickets for Urbanscapes this year. Brought Amelia along and we managed to find a parking spot inside! :D Girls being girls, the first spot we headed to was of course the Marketplace. Spent RM50 on 2 dresses :)

# 1 - Cute notebooks

#6 - Gotta love those costumes!
#9 - Food for us hungry devils!
#10 - Cute mini pies!

After lunch, we headed off to the Everyone Connects stage to watch our friend, Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob perform.
#11 - Amelia, Naz, Shogo and I

#12 - Esty
#13 - Jared
#14 - Jump!
#16 - The hot air balloon which was up and deflated countless times since the afternoon.
#21 - Sunset

#22 - With a bunch of friends.

#23 - Performances during the night.

Though the venue was bigger this year, the field was pretty muddy so we basically just sat at The Bee most of the time chatting and enjoying music from the stage nearby.

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