Christopher Kane's Topshop collection

Posted by Aileen Raymond Wednesday, September 23, 2009 0 comments
Browsed through Topshop's website & Christopher Kane collaborated with Topshop for a new collection.

Currently loving this eyelet & mirrors embellished hoodie.

75 Pounds for this hoodie. Probably will arrive in Malaysia few months later =\

The one I dislike. Crocodile printed dress.

Looks frigging ugly & unpleasant to me. blah.
And somehow it gives the illusion that you're pregnant. =\

Prefer his other designs which is the printed chimp jersey top & dresses which isn't under Topshop!

But then again. The monkey/chimp jersey dress costs 1,605 pounds and it was out during summer.

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Raya holiday so far

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Been pretty much stuck at home doing nothing. There's so many outdated post I've yet to do and post up. Blame it on laziness.
Naz's open house was on Monday. Makan session. Went to Midvalley after that. Watched The Gamer @ GSC The Gardens. tickets cost 20 frigging bucks =.=
Choco Banana Parfait at Sushi Zanmai. Tues evening was spend at Lakeview club swimming. Melia & Edwin came along.
Head off to Sunway for dinner. Had crepe & Kim Gary.
I hate eyebagsss :(

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Living your dreams

Posted by Aileen Raymond Sunday, September 20, 2009 0 comments

We're free to achieve our dreams. But do we go all out using all ways possible to achieve it? Even by means that you have to sacrifice someone or something?

Bounded by the rules of society, sometimes we just walk away from our dreams because it's deemed unworthy, not practical or useless.

Do we get to achieve everything?

It depends on you.

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Year 5 Goldentime

Posted by Aileen Raymond Friday, September 11, 2009 0 comments

Today in Goldentime,with Mrs Campbell, Year 5 used Web Cams and Colour Magic to capture images and make changes to them.

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