Absolute Bazaar

Posted by Aileen Raymond Friday, November 7, 2008 0 comments
You know..the aviator shades in the poster looks just like mine!!!

Hey guys! Just got back from Absolute Bazaar.
It was held at 3K Inn Hotel, Subang Jaya.
Went there at 12pm.
Gosh the place was absolute madness!
The crowd was HUGE! =.='
Had to squeeze through to get to the stalls.
I guess the organizers didn't expect such huge crowd...

I went alone since Chloe n Melia couldn't make it.
Bumped into loads of ppl there like
Pei Hao, Yong Hui, Vienna etc...

The place started to get stuffy after a while.
Small place + Huge crowd =.='
Saw Frencesca (college marketing dep) there!
She owns Snapshot Boutique.
Was quite surprised to see her there ^^

Didn't get to take pictures of the stalls cuz it was so crowded..
Overall the bazaar was ok.
Alot of stuff which was up online is there as well.
Same stuff...
There're also things which are not up online yet...
Saw a few things which I liked.
But I didn't get to find it back after that cuz it was just too crowded =\

The owner of Knit neat is so cute..
Promoting her stuff n all..haha

In the end... I bought
White heels from Buckle Buckle
Necklace from Diary of the Miniature Enthuasiast
Blue top from Dolly Sins

New top! yay~

Decided to leave around 2pm and that's when I realized that...
I didn't bring my phone!!! >.<" Means that I need to walk back...
Went to A&W to get Root Beer Float & Curly Fries..
On the way out I saw Pei Hao & Vienna!
They sent me back...(saviours!)
Thx! ^^

Really should have more of these bazaars at Subang. More convenient!
Don't have to travel all the way to KL

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