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     Like art, fashion comes best when it's organic.  When putting an outfit together, too much planning is like not knowing when you're done seasoning a dish or when you've laid down your last brush stroke.

     Start with a piece you like and then just grab random items to layer on top of it.  I wanted to rock the polka dot sweater, but had no clue what to pair it with.  

Men style fashion blog

Grabbed the eggplant denim next.

Men style fashion blog

The polka dot on eggplant was a bit much,
so toned it down with brown tweed.

Utilitarian tweed and chambray was 
a good juxtaposition to the polka and purple.

Lapel pin and sherbet paisley pocket
square added visual interest.

Men style fashion blog

It's near spring, so the loafers are out.

Sweater: Topman
Shirt: J Crew
Pants: Vince
Lapel pin: Denison Boston
Pocket square: The Tie Bar
Shoes: Cole Haan
Accessories: Tateossian, City of Gentlemen, J Crew

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The RAM is coming

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RAMfest 2013 presented by Red Heart Rum

RAMfest, South Africa’s biggest annual Alternative Music Festival, is proud to present three outstanding international bands as the headlining acts for the 2013 concert: Rise Against (USA) , British Metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon, as well as Paul Harding en Ben Verse from Pendulum (Australia and England) will be setting our stages alight in four cities. Throw some stellar local acts in the mix and the RAM family can rest assured that the event will be even bigger and better than ever!

RAMfest 2013 will be touring Cape Town, Johannesburg, PE and Durban.

Rise Against and Bring Me The Horizon’s performances include RAMfest Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban and Pendulum DJ Set and Verse will be performing in all 4 cities.  Note:  There are two different concerts in Durban, so make sure that you know the exact line-up before you purchase your ticket. The internationals, except for Pendulum DJ Set and Verse, will not be performing in PE.

I know most of you are looking forward to Rise Against this year!

Rise Against is an American punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band`s first two albums “The Unraveling” (2001) and “Revolutions per Minute” (2003) met with considerable underground success. Their major label debut “Siren Song of the Counter Culture” brought the band mainstream success, producing several successful singles. The two albums after that, “The Sufferer and the Witness” and “Appeal to Reason”, respectively debuted at number ten and number three on the Billboard 200 Chart.

 Bring Me The Horizon formed in Sheffield in 2004. They have had many highlights since the launch of their career. They have won 3 Kerrang Awards - one in 2007 for Best British Newcomer, the second in 2011 for Best Album for “There Is A Hell...”, and most recently the 2012 award for Best British Video for “Alligator Blood”. They were officially the biggest band on MySpace UK in 2011, boast over 3.4 million fans on Facebook, as well as over 50 million UK and European views on YouTube for their official videos.

In late 2011 BMTH supported Machine Head in UK and Europe, including a return to UK arenas. For the first 6 months of 2012 the band has been in the studio working on their next album, to be released through Sony in 2013.

 After the success of their performance at RAMfest 2010, Paul Harding en Ben Verse from
Pendulum (Australia and England) will also be returning to perform at RAMfest 2013.

So when is #RAMfest2013?

Good news! Cape Town attendees can look forward to the former weekend-long festival format and Joburg residents can also ready their tents – we’re setting up shop for a full weekend up North as well. 

7 -10 March: RAMfest Cape Town, including all international acts (Circle of Dreams, Riviersonderend)

Get the full line up and details RAMfest Cape Town: http://www.facebook.com/events/349699058431388

8 March: RAMfest presents Pendulum DJ set & Verse (Durban, Origin Nightclub)

15 March: RAMfest presents Pendulum DJ set & Verse, Das Kapital (Old Grey, Port Elizabeth)

15 March: RAMfest presents Rise Against and Bring Me The Horizon (Durban, Wavehouse)

15 & 16 March: RAMfest JHB, including all international acts (Riversands Farm, Fourways)

Ticket prices?

    Cape Town: 7-9 March: R550 pre-sold, R650 at the gate.
    Johannesburg: 15 & 16 March: R550 pre-sold, R650 at the gate.
    Durban: 15 March: R350 pre-sold, R450 at the gate.
    Durban: 8 March: R150 presales and R100 early bird.
    PE: 15 March: R150 presales and R100 early bird.     

Ticket Sales?

    Tickets at:                 http://www.ticketbreak.co.za/ramfest
    CPT:                         http://www.ticketbreak.co.za/event_details/1468  
    JHB:                         http://www.ticketbreak.co.za/event_details/1467
    DBN Wavehouse:       http://www.ticketbreak.co.za/event_details/1506
    DBN Origin:              http://www.ticketbreak.co.za/event_details/1584
    PE                            http://www.ticketbreak.co.za/event_details/1529  

 For more interactions and updates visit:



Twitter:    @ramfest.co.za              



Sponsored by: Red Heart Rum, Olmeca Tequila, MK,  Monster Energy, Rolling Stone SA, Hunters Dry, Music Connection, Black Label, Lipton Ice Tea, Ticketbreak 

Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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Got colour?

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I must admit, when I heard about HOLI ONE awhile ago, I was pretty excited. It looked INCREDIBLE! I have seen hundreds of photos and videos from the same festival in other parts of the world and it really looks like a spectacular feast of colour, love and dance.

                                         HOLI ONE Colour Festival

                       launches in South Africa in March 2013

Prepare for an exhilarating day of rich vibrant energy and mischievous behavior as the world’s biggest colour festival launches in South Africa.

The original Holi Festival in India is a huge fun-filled celebration of music and dancing, uniquely characterised by throwing special coloured powder into the air (and at each other) to express freedom and the colour of everyday life.

The festival concept has quickly gained popularity worldwide with colour festivals springing up in Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Hannover, the USA and Singapore.

Now Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban are in for a treat as 2013 sees the launch of the inaugural HOLI ONE Colour Festival on South African soil.

Thousands of enthusiasts in each city will come together in a thrilling atmosphere of electronic music, performance art and visual stimulation. Dressed in white, revelers at the open-air festival will soon be covered in brilliant hues as the air is filled with the clouds of brightly coloured powder at a countdown on the hour, every hour from 2pm.

Award winning agency Seed Experiences – the company behind the hugely successful Rocking the Daisies Music & Lifestyle Festival – has been appointed as the project management company behind the South African HOLI ONE Colour Festival series. All three events promise to be an inspiring initiative, centred around the theme - ‘We are All One’.

“The global HOLI ONE festival is not directly linked to the original Holi Festival, nor with it’s religious aspects, but is definitely inspired by it and shares the same values - a day steeped in the old Indian tradition of bringing people together in love and peace, a tradition that transcends backgrounds and cultures” comments Brian Little, Managing Director of Seed Experiences.  “We will carry this ethos throughout all of our planning, promoting a spirit of camaraderie and togetherness in the ‘We Are All One’ philosophy. Something that we feel is very relevant and necessary in the South African context”, concludes Little.

Cape Town will be the first city to host the HOLI ONE Colour Festival and it promises a brilliant  line-up featuring some of the biggest DJ acts in the country as well as a host of the freshest and most impressive new DJ’s exploding onto the Cape Town music scene.

The HOLI ONE coloured powders are safe, water soluble, completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

If you would like to take part in the festivities, make sure you get your hands on the hottest ticket in town!

2 March 2013 – Cape Town, Grand Parade – 12pm – 10pm
Durban, Venue & date TBC – 12pm – 10pm
Johannesburg, Venue & date TBC – 12pm – 10pm

Cape Town tickets are available now:

Early Bird Special (capped so get them asap): R170

Only available at the following outlets in Cape Town:

1. Gypsy stores throughout the Cape Peninsula:

Gypsy Kalk Bay – Kalk Bay Main Road, 021 7886802

Gypsy Long Street – 285A Long Street, 021 4242994

Gypsy Stellenbosch – 147 Dorp Street, 021 8867157

Gypsy/Zebra Durbanville – Corner of Wellington Road & Chenoweth Street, 021 976 2604

2. The Old Biscuit Mill Neighbourhood Goods Market (Saturdays only), 373 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

3. TAKE&BAKE, 16 Main Road, SeaPoint, 021 8014444

General Admission: R190 from Webtickets: www.webtickets.co.za

General Admission including powder (5 colours): R290 from Webtickets: www.webtickets.co.za

Powder will also be sold separately at the  event.

For more info visit: http://www.holione.com

Go visit the Facebook page as well:

Cape Town: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cape-Town-HOLI-ONE-Colour-Festival/293602490750798

And follow HOLI ONE Twitter: @holioneSA

Get ready, SA! It's coming...

Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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Di Jakarta ada seorang mahasiswi menghadiri perayaan di Crown pada suatu Sabtu malam. Dia merasa sangat bahagia dan banyak minum miras. Pada saat itu datanglah seorang pemuda ganteng menghampiri dan duduk di depan dia. Dengan segala cumbu rayunya akhirnya mahasiswi itu setuju untuk di ajak ikut pemuda ganteng tersebut ke sebuah hotel yang berdekatan di daerah itu dan mereka check in pada sebuah kamar suite yang mewah. Di dlm kamar, mahasiswi minum miras dan dia mulai merasa tidak sadar dan tertidur. Pada saat ia terbangun, ia menemukan dirinya telanjang dan terbaring dalam sebuah bathtub yang penuh dengan es balok. Ia menemukan secarik kertas di samping bathtub tersebut dengan tulisan merah yang berbunyi: "TELP UGD KALAU TIDAK ANDA AKAN MATI". Handphone dia juga terletak di samping kertas itu. Dia meraihnya dan menelpon no tersebut dan memberitahu keadaannya; dokter minta dia agar memeriksa bag punggungnya; hasilnya dia menemukan 2 luka sepanjang 9 inch pada bagian bawah punggungnya! Dokter minta dia agar tetap berbaring pada bak mandi yang penuh es tersebut dan agar tidak banyak bergerak! Team penolong akan segera datang menolongnya! Rupanya GINJAL nya telah dicuri!!! Luka pada punggungnya adalah bekas jahitan waktu diambil ginjalnya!

Di pasar gelap sebuah ginjal dinilai seharga Rp.500.000.000 ! Menurut diagnosis dokter hakim; dalam minumannya mungkin tidak hanya terkandung obat bius biasa, tetapi juga obat bius mati rasa yang keras; es balok tersebut juga membantu menghilangkan rasa sakit, sehingga untuk sementara korban tidak merasa sakit. Tragisnya si mahasiswi tersebut tidak mendptkan sumbangan ginjal segera, sehingga ia TIDAK tertolong. Kepolisian menghimbau kepada masyarakayt, bahwa : TERJADI TINDAK KRIMINAL BARU; sasaran utamanya pemuda-pemudi, turis, dan pelajar.


Post By : Mas Fendy

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11 Cara Mengobati Sakit Kepala Secara Alami | Cara Atasi Sakit Kepala Tanpa Obat

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11 Cara Atasi Sakit Kepala Tanpa Obat | Cara Alami Obati Sakit Kepala

sakit kepala

Sakit kepala, rasanya memang sangat-sangat tidak mengenakkan, sakit ini semua orang yang ada dibumi mungkin mengalaminya, anda pun juga pernah mengalaminya dan pastinya rasanya tidak karuan, dan ingin cepat-cepat minum obat, tapi tidak semua orang mau meminum obat, ada sebagian orang yang tidak mau sama sekali untuk meminum obat karena alasan tertentu.

perlu anda ketahui, minum obat bukanlah cara satu-satunya untuk meredakan sakit kepala anda, dan buat anda yang tidak mau minum obat, tapi rasa sakit pada kepala anda sudah tidak karuan, sebaiknya anda lakukan cara ini, ada tujuh cara yaitu 11 Cara Mengobati Sakit Kepala Secara Alami | Cara Atasi Sakit Kepala Tanpa Obat.

1. Tidur
Kelebihan tidur, salah, dan kekurangan tidur pun salah. Perilaku tidur tersebut dapat menyebabkan sakit kepala berkepanjangan. Tubuh manusia bukanlah sebuah robot yang dapat di-setting sehingga dapat beraktivitas selama 24 jam.
Sudah selayaknya kita dapat menyempatkan diri untuk tidur yang cukup dan teratur yakni 7-8 jam dalam sehari. Dengan membiasakan tidur dengan kapasitas normal tersebut, dapat membuat tubuh lebih segar di pagi hari dan menghilangkan sakit kepala.

2. Minum air Air
merupakan salah satu komponen asupan yang sangat dibutuhkan oleh tubuh. Selain dapat menghilangkan rasa haus, minum 8-10 gelas air sehari secara rutin dapat membuat berbagai sistem yang terdapat dalam tubuh kita bekerja secara optimal.
Ternyata sakit kepala disinyalir sebagai salah satu indikator 'kehausan' pada tubuh. Nah, dengan minum air tentunya dapat membuat Anda bisa sedikit lebih baik.
Tentu untuk selanjutnya, biasakan diri Anda untuk mengkonsumsi air dengan cukup guna menjaga kestabilan tubuh dan terhindar dari sakit kepala.

3. Es batu
Sekantong es akan membuat mati rasa daerah yang sakit dan dapat mengurangi rasa sakit kepala Anda. Jika Anda merasakan rasa sakit atau nyeri akibat ketegangan dan stres, Anda boleh mengambil icepack dan ditaruh di kepala, bahu atau belakang leher.

4. Lindungi Mata
Radiasi komputer atau cahaya berlebihan dapat memicu timbulnya sakit kepala. Jika Anda menderita sakit kepala akibat penggunaan komputer berlebihan, cobalah gunakan layar anti-silau saat bekerja di depan komputer.

5. Pijat
Berikan pijat selama 15 menit di lokasi sakit kepala. Pijat pada daerah penghilang rasa sakit dilakukan dengan cara memijat bagian telapak tangan yang berada diantara jempol dan jari telunjuk dan diikuti dengan pemijatan pada daerah ini juga di bagian kaki. Lakukan pemijatan sampai diri Anda merasakan sakit karena pemijatan ini.
Selain itu Anda juga bisa menggunakan minyak peppermint untuk mengoleskan di dahi, tulang rahang atau belakang leher. Minyak ini bertindak sebagai krim kortison alami yang mengurangi rasa sakit dan membantu menenangkan saraf serta merevitalisasi energi.

6. Biofeedback
Ini adalah suatu metode menggunakan sensor elektronik untuk memonitor fungsi tubuh seperti masalah ketegangan otot, suhu kulit, detak jantung, dan tekanan darah. Keterangan kondisi pasien biasanya akan terlihat melalui suara atau gambar di komputer. Studi menunjukkan, biofeedback sangat efektif untuk mengatasi migrain dan ketegangan di kepala. Sebuah analisis terbaru yang dipublikasikan dalam jurnal Headache menunjukkan terapi perilaku, seperti biofeedback, lebih hemat biaya dibandingkan pemberian resep obat.

7. Akupunktur
Dalam metode akupunktur, jarum tipis dimasukkan ke bawah lapisan kulit untuk menyetel kembali aliran energi, atau qi, di dalam tubuh. Sebuah analisis oleh para ahli yang dikenal sebagai Cochrane review menemukan, akupunktur dapat membantu mencegah migrain akut dengan lebih sedikit efek samping. Bukti juga menunjukkan bahwa akupunktur dapat membantu orang dengan sakit kepala kronis

8. Peregangan
Lakukan peregangan untuk mengurangi otot tegang yang memberi kontribusi terhadap nyeri. Cobalah tiga gerakan ini : gerakan leher (dagu ke depan, ke atas, dan ke samping kiri dan kanan); gerakan bahu (gerakan bahu ke atas, putar bahu ke depan dan belakang); dan leher isometrik (tangan menekan pada setiap sisi kepala). Lakukan peregangan dua kali sehari selama 20 menit per sesi. Tahan peregangan selama lima detik, relaks selama lima detik, dan ulangi setiap peregangan tiga sampai lima kali.

9. Aerobik
Latihan aerobik yang teratur, seperti jalan cepat, bersepeda, atau berenang, dapat mengurangi intensitas dan frekuensi migrain, menurut National Pain Foundation. Sebuah penelitian kecil yang dipublikasikan dalam jurnal Headache terhadap pasien migrain yang melakukan senam teratur selama 12-minggu dengan bersepeda di dalam ruangan menunjukkan, ada peningkatan kualitas hidup dan berkurangnya angka kejadian migrain, serta intensitas nyeri.

10. Meditasi
Berbagai teknik meditasi dapat digunakan untuk memfokuskan perhatian dan menenangkan pikiran dari gangguan seperti nyeri kronis. Pada titik ini, ada sedikit data tentang efek dari meditasi pada migrain. Para peneliti di Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, di Baltimore, yang terlibat dalam percobaan klinis mencoba menentukan apakah Vipassana - teknik meditasi kuno India yang berfokus pada pikiran - dapat mengurangi frekuensi dan tingkat keparahan migrain dan meningkatkan kualitas hidup secara keseluruhan. Sebuah riset kecil pada penderita migrain menemukan bahwa meditasi spiritual mengurangi frekuensi sakit kepala dan toleransi nyeri yang lebih baik ketimbang meditasi sekuler dan relaksasi otot.

11. Latihan relaksasi
Menarik napas panjang, santai mendengarkan musik atau menggunakan pencitraan mental, dapat membantu orang rileks dan mungkin terhindar dari sakit kepala. Temuan ini perlu penelitian lebih lanjut. Namun, sebuah penelitian terhadap 90 penderita sakit kepala menemukan bahwa pelatihan relaksasi dapat meningkatkan kualitas tidur lebih baik ketimbang akupunktur.

Cukup sekian untuk artikel tentang 11 Cara Mengobati Sakit Kepala Secara Alami | Cara Atasi Sakit Kepala Tanpa Obat pada kali ini, dan semoga artikel ini bermanfaat buat anda semua

Judul : 11 Cara Mengobati Sakit Kepala Secara Alami | Cara Atasi Sakit Kepala Tanpa Obat
Tips diatas saya ambil dari berbagai sumber
Post By : Mas Fendy

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::Brown on Brown::

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     I recently got a great carpenter bag thanks to Wood & Faulk.  I stumbled over this little leather company from Portland, Oregon a while back and have loved their stuff ever since.  Matt's leather goods should cost 10 times what he charges, but "sshhh," don't tell him.

     This whole wardrobe was inspired by a rugged urban theme.

     The leather jacket went well with the dipped leather bag.  I toned downed the urban look with a hipster style sparrow print polo.

     Distressed boots melded the urban theme.  I'm not really a fan of baggy jeans, but can't go skinny with boots.  Think slim through waste and thighs, but choose a larger leg opening for boots.

     The quality on this bag is simply amazing.  I didn't include more pics, but this bag actually opens like a carpenter bag and has stainless foot pads to protect the bottom.  This is actually a workman's bag, just with style.

Men style fashion blog

     The color block scarf added visual interest and broke up the browns.

Men style fashion blog

Bag: Thanks Wood & Faulk
Jeans: J Crew
Jacket: Bod & Christensen
Shirt: Topman
Shoes: JD Fisk
Scarf: Mr. Brown by Duckie Brown
Belt: Lacoste

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Peng Xiuhua, Nenek 101 Tahun Bangkit Lagi ketika Sudah Dimasukkan ke dalam Peti Mati

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Peng Xiuhua, Nenek 101 Tahun Bangkit Lagi ketika Sudah Dimasukkan ke dalam Peti Mati


Seorang nenek berusia 101 tahun yang sudah dinyatakan meninggal dunia, kembali terbangun dalam prosesi pemakaman. Peristiwa itu sangat mengejutkan para kerabatnya yang hadir dalam upacara pemakamannya.

Peng Xiuhua, janda tua dari Kota Lianjiang, sudah terbaring di tempat tidurnya selama hampir dua pekan. Salah seorang putri Peng menyaksikan kondisi ibunya yang sudah tidak tertolong dan tidak bernapas.

Putri Peng langsung berasumsi bahwa ibunya telah meninggal dunia. Keesokan harinya, keluarga Peng berkumpul untuk menghadiri prosesi pemakaman perempuan berusia 101 tahun itu.

Usai tubuh Peng dimandikan dan dimasukkan ke dalam peti mati, Peng terbangun dari tidurnya. Peng membuka matanya tepat di hadapan para kerabatnya yang hadir dalam upacara pemakamannya. Demikian, seperti diberitakan IBN, Jumat (25/1/2013).

Warga desa langsung berkumpul dan ikut terkejut. Mereka justru menggelar pesta dengan menggunakan makanan-makanan yang sudah disajikan untuk prosesi pemakaman perempuan tua itu.

Judul : Peng Xiuhua, Nenek 101 Tahun Bangkit Lagi ketika Sudah Dimasukkan ke dalam Peti Mati
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Download Gratis dan Lirik Lagu Sule - Mimin I Love You Mp3

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Download Lagu Sule - Mimin I Love You Mp3

Lagu Sule yang berjudul Mimin I Love You memang keren, dan sekarang ini banyak sekali orang yang ingin mendownload lagu sule yang satu ini, jadi pada postingan kali ini saya akan membagikan link Download Lagu Sule - Mimin I Love You Mp3.

Kala mataku terpejam
Slalu terbayang wajahmu
Aku tak tahu siapakah dirimu
Dan ternyata Mimin anaknya bapak Wahyu

Mimin Maman Momon dan Mumun
Mereka kembar yang setia
Di antara mereka ku pilih Mimin
karena Mimin seorang wanita

Mimin oh'
Mimin oh'
Mimin I LOVE U

Mimin oh'
Mimin oh'
Mimin I LOVE U

Untuk mendownload silahkan klik link di bawah ini :

Download Lagu Sule - Mimin I Love You Mp3 (4shared)

Judul : Download Lagu Sule - Mimin I Love You Mp3
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Ultimate X

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                                    GET READY FOR SOUTH AFRICA’S 

                         LARGEST EXTREME SPORTING EVENT!

                                    Hunters eXtreme – Ultimate X 

                                        16 FEBRUARY

February get yourselves ready , because Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront will once again play host to
the country’s biggest extreme sports lifestyle event, The Hunter’s
eXtreme Ultimate X 2013 Festival. 

The event is taking place at the
Gateway Canal at the V&A Waterfront on the 16th February
and will showcase the best that extreme sports has to offer from
national and international BMX, FMX, skate and wake boarding champions.

The festival, in its fourth year, expects over 6,000 extreme
sports-loving spectators to attend the day-long event in the Mother
City. Gates will open at 10am and close at 8pm, which makes this one huge day filled with eXtreme sport!  The event will be followed by an extreme
concert at Cape Town’s hottest nightclub The Dragon Room on Harrington
Street with top local DJ’s and bands playing into the night.

                                                                    (Above) Kyle Hecht Ultimate X 2012

Markus Museler (Old School Productions), owner of the event, had
the following to say about Hunter eXtreme’s involvement. “We are very
excited that Hunter’s eXtreme has joined the Ultimate X family and will
be working alongside us to help grow action sports within SA. Through
our involvement in and exposure to related events from across the globe,
we are also confident that 2013 will be our most extreme spectator
experience to date.”

Watch 25 of the country’s best riders as well as international
competitors such as Alastair Sayer (FMX), Greg Illingworth (BMX), Louis
Taubert (Skateboarding) and Aaron Hadlow (wakeboarding) transform the
Gateway Canal into an extreme sporting paradise with death-defying
stunts and record breaking attempts! All of this for a piece of the R100 000 in
cash prize and the prestigious title of the Hunter’s eXtreme Ultimate X
Gold 2013 South African champion.

                                                                        (Above) Nick de Wit Ultimate X 2012

Silver, of experiential marketing partner Stretch, said that this
year’s festival would be bigger and better than ever before. “Ultimate X has grown massively both in terms of numbers attending
and on site experience. Through a national media campaign in partnership
with Hunters eXtreme, the 2013 edition will see mass awareness created
about both the event itself and action sports in SA.  We expect to smash
previous numbers with new features including multiple international
riders competing, staging of the inaugaral Ultimate X Gamer competition
presented by Mountain Dew and the Inner City Muscle Car Show.”

“Hunter’s eXtreme is all about social stamina and making the good
times last longer, which is why partnering with this event suits the
brand perfectly,” comments Ben van Der Merwe, Junior Brand Manager of
Hunter’s SA.  “Keeping our consumers refreshed is one thing, but
supporting an event that promotes an active lifestyle whilst encouraging
people to live life to the fullest is very exciting platform for the
brand and we’re delighted to be able to assist in bringing fans the
ultimate in extreme sports entertainment.”

year, Hunter’s eXtreme Ultimate X Festival will be giving back to the
community through its Reach for a Dream initiative. The event aims to fulfill the dreams of four extreme sport-loving children from the Reach
for a Dream Foundation by giving them and their families a full VIP
experience on the day. 

Pre-bought tickets from
Computicket cost R100 and include free entrance to the after party.

Tickets are also available at the gate at R120 for adults and R50 for
children under ten years old (children under four years old get free
entrance). Gates open at 10am and close at 8pm.

Visit the Facebook page
ULTIMATE X 2013 Presented by Hunters eXtreme for daily details and interactions. For more information please visit www.ultimatex.co.za or follow us on Twitter @ultimate_X_ twitter.


We will see you there!

Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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Banjir Jakarta 2013 Tercatat Didalam Al-Qur'an

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Bencana Banjir Jakarta 2013, Kaitan Waktu Kejadian dengan Isi Ayat Al-Qur'an


Lagi lagi bencana menghapiri Negeri dan saudara-saudara kita. Turut duka atas musibah yang menimpa saudara-saudara di Ibu Kota Jakarta, semoga saudara-saudara yang ada disana tetap dalam keadaan sehat, kumpul bersama keluarga satu sama lain, dan mendapatkan bantuan yang layak dan memadai dari Pemeritah daerah maupun pusat.

Bencana Banjir di Jakarta puncaknya terjadi pada hari Kamis kemarin tanggal 17-01-2013 yang diguyur hujan deras terus menerus dari pagi hingga malam dan membuat sungai-sungai meluap di Jabotabek, Air mengenangi tepat di jantung Ibo kota, termasuk di Istana kepresidenan, Bundaran HI, dan masih banyak lagi lokasi lainnya terendam banjir. Dan siarankan langsung di beberapa Stasiun Tv tanah air.

Seluruh aparat petugas gabungan yang ada telah dikerahkan semua untuk membantu dan mengevakuasi korban banjir. dari Presiden Gubernur DKI, selebritis, dan petinggi negara lainnya telah terjun langsung di lokasi dan memberi bantuan untuk korban banjir.

Bencana banjir yang menimpah Bumi Jakarja mencapi kerugian milayaran rupiah bahkan mungkin triliunan, menyebabkan aktivitas perekoniam di pusat terhenti total.

Dari sudut pandang Islam suatu bencana tak akan menimpah suatu negeri dan kaum, jika kaum yang berada dalam negeri itu tetap menjalankan perintah Allah dan Menjaga keseimbang Lingkung Alam dimana mereka hidup dan mencari nafkah.

Jika diperhatikan dari sisi LOGIS datangnya banjir maka tidak lain adalah Lingkung Alam disekitar Jakarta yang tidak terawat dan terjaga sebagaimana mestinya oleh masyarakatnya sendiri, tumpukan sampah-sampah di sungai sudah pasti pemicu utama, kedua banyaknya warga yang membangun rumah tetap dipinggir sungai yang memperkecil jalur sungai, ketiga berkurangnya jumlah pohon yang menyerap air, dan tentunya juga infrastruktur jakarta sendiri tetapi yang terakhir ini percuma diperbaharui terus kalau sampah masih tetap tak ada solusi dan terjaganya ekosistem lingkum Alam.

Sudah sangat jelas tidak terawatnya Lingkungan Alam yang jadi pemicu Banjir, pada hal untuk tahun 2013 ini curah intensitas hujan hanya 100mm dibanding banjir besar jakarta tahun 2007 yang mencapai 300mm.

Itu secara Logisnya, namun bencana tak bisa dihindari, nah bagaimana dari sudut pandang Islam, didalam Alquran mengenai Banjir Jakarta 2013, puncak kejadian musibah banjir jakarta terjadi pada kamis tgl 17-01-2013. Nah disini Bang Wan coba mengaitkan waktu kejadian dengan Ayat Al- Quran, Subhanallah sangat mengejutkan.

17-01-2013 kita coba mengambil tanggal dan bulannya, maka surah yang dituju otomatis adalah Al-Qur'an Surah 17 ayat 1 (Q.S. Al-Isra' 17:01) dan coba kita memakai double angka 17 yaitu (Q.S. Al-Isra 17:17)

(Q.S. 17:01) "Maha Suci Allah, yang telah memperjalankan hambaNya pada suatu malam dari Al Masjidil Haram ke Al Masjidil Aqsha yang telah Kami berkahi sekelilingnya agar Kami perlihatkan kepadanya sebagian dari tanda-tanda (kebesaran) Kami. Sesungguhnya Dia adalah Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Melihat".

Tafsiran isi kandungan ayat 17:01: Allah SWT menyatakan ke Maha Sucian Asma-Nya dengan firman-Nya, agar manusia mengakui kesucian-Nya dari sifat-sifat yang tidak layak dan meyakini sifat-sifat ke Agungan-Nya yang tiada taranya dan sebagai pernyataan pula tentang sifat-sifat yang kebesaran-Nya telah memperjalankan hamba-Nya pada waktu malam, dengan perjalanan yang sangat cepat. Allah SWT memulai firman-Nya dengan dalam ayat ini, dan di Beberapa ayat yang lain sebagai pertanda bahwa ayat itu mengandung Peristiwa luar biasa yang hanya dapat terlaksana karena iradat dan kekuasaan-Nya , Subhanallah

(Q.S. 17:17) "Dan berapa banyaknya kaum sesudah Nuh telah kami binasakan. Dan cukuplah Rabbmu Maha Mengetahui lagi Maha Melihat dosa hamba-hamba-Nya" .

Tafsir isi kandungan ayat 17:17: Allah SWT menenggelamkan dengan Banjir besar bagi kaum dizaman nabi Nuh yang tak percaya kepada-Nya sehinggah turunlah Banjir yang dahsyat menenggelamkan kaum kaum yang tak percaya pada nabi Nuh atas kekuasan Allah SWT. Dan sesudah zaman nabi Nuh pun banyak kaum kaum yang juga binasa dari suatu bencana banjir yang Allah turunkan kepada mereka yang tak mempercayai dan memiliki keraguan atas kekuasaan Allah SWT. subhanallah

Entah ini hanya sebuah kebetulan atau apa yang jelas ini merupakan bentuk peringatan dari Sang Pencipta Alam Semesta. Jadi dapat tarik sebuah kesimpulan bahwa Allah SWT menurunkan bencana pada suatu kaum bukan tanpa sebab, dibalik semua ini ada banyak hikmah yang dapat kita petik, bahwa Allah SWT mengingatkan manusia agar tak lupa pada-Nya sebagai Sang pencipta Alam semesta bumi, langit dan seluruh isinya dan agar manusia tetap menjaga keseimbangan lingkungan alam yang telah ada, jika manusia menjaga alam maka alam akan menjaga manusia.

Semoga dibalik banjir jakarta yang menimpah saudara-saudara kita disana, kita dapat memetik Hikmah yang ada, dan lebih mendekatkan diri pada Alah SWT.

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Monday 21st January - School Open

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Rush Green Junior School will be open tomorrow as normal. Please check back here tomorrow in case the situation changes over night.

Please make sure children wear warm clothes and sensible footwear.

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Get ready for the ULTIMATE Campus Invasion Tour!

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Escape the ordinary on the Campus Invasion Tour, chilled by Smirnoff Ice and powered by Red Bull Mobile!

Smirnoff Ice and Red Bull Mobile in association with MK, Axe, Ticketbreak and Hilltop Live present the 2013 Campus Invasion Tour with the best bands and DJs you want to see and hear.

Escaping the mundane, the Campus Invasion Tour ranks among students as the best party to kick-start the new campus year and last year's tour saw a combined attendance of well over 60 000 music fans. The Campus Invasion Tour in 2013 is set to be even bigger and better!

The 2013 Campus Invasion Tour prepares students for campus party life and provides an escape from the ordinary with performances by Van Coke Kartel, Jack Parow, Zinkplaat, Ryno Velvet, Mi Casa, Toya Delazy, Pascal & Pearce and more! The line-up is tailor-made to suit students tastes at the hippest and hottest off-campus student venues around South Africa. 

Discounted pre-sale tickets can be purchased from www.ticketbreak.co.za. Red Bull Mobile is also offering FREE TICKETS for Red Bull MOBILE customers on m.redbullmobile.co.za.

Join the Campus Invasion Tour Facebook page for ticket give-aways and promotional competitions at www.facebook.com/campusinvasion.

Below is the full Campus Invasion Tour dates brought to you by Hilltop Live Productions:

Date: 28 January 2013
Venue: Bourbon Street, ABSA Centre, 94 Steve Biko Street, Die Bult
Time:  18:00
Tickets: R40 at www.ticketbreak.co.za
Line-up: Jack Parow, Ryno Velvet and Zinkplaat.

Date: 30 January 2013
Venue: Barba's Cafe, 16 Second Avenue, Westdene
Time: 18:00
Tickets: R30 at www.ticketbreak.co.za
Line-up: Toya Delazy and Rob Forbes.

Date: 1 February 2013
Venue: Klein Libertas Theatre, Bergzicht Plaza, Du Toit Street
Time: 17:00
Pre-sale Tickets: R60 at www.ticketbreak.co.za
Gates Tickets: R70
Line-up: Jack Parow, Van Coke Kartel, Sons of Settlers, Pascal & Pearce and Spoegwolf.

Cape Town
Date: 8 February 2013
Venue: Greenmarket Square
Time: 17:00
Pre-sale Tickets: R70 at www.ticketbreak.co.za
Gates Tickets: R80
Line-up: Mi Casa, Toya Delazy and Pascal & Pearce.

Hatfield, Pretoria
Date: 9 February 2013
Venue: Hatfield Carnival, Hatfield Square Precinct, Burnett Street
Time: 12:00
Pre-sale Tickets: R50 at www.ticketbreak.co.za
Gates Tickets: R60
Line-up: Die Heuwels Fantasties, Jack Parow, Ross Jack, Shadowclub, Southern Gypsey Queen, Toya Delazy, Winterstasie, Newton's 2nd Law, Mi Casa, Pascal & Pearce and more.

Date: 15 February 2013
Venue: Prime Club, 63 New Street
Time 18:00
Pre-sale Tickets: R80 at www.ticketbreak.co.za
Gates Tickets: R100
Line-up: DJ Fresh and DJ Vigi

Newtown, Johannesburg
Date: 16 February 2013
Venue: JoziFest, Town Hall & surrounds, Newtown Cultural Precinct
Time: 12:00
Pre-sale Tickets: R80 at www.ticketbreak.co.za
Gates Tickets: R100
Line-up: Taxi Violence, The Black Cat Bones, ISO, Southern Gypsey Queen, Goodnight Wembley, Shadowclub, King Rat, Reepa, Liver, Twelv & Thesis, Ross Jack and more.

Have fun! 

Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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Download OST hati - hati dengan hati - Derry Sulaiman - Dunia Sementara Akhirat Selamanya

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Download soundtrack hati - hati dengan hati - Derry Sulaiman - Dunia Sementara Akhirat Selamanya


Hati - hati dengan hati, sebuah judul dari salah satu film sinetron yang ada di indosiar, lagu yang digunakan sebagai soundtrack film tersebut dinyanyikan oleh Derry Sulaiman dan dengan judul Dunia Sementara Akhirat Selamanya. Dan buat anda yang sedang mencari lagu ini jangan bingung lagi karena saya akan membagikannya.

Download ost hati - hati dengan hati - Derry Sulaiman - Dunia Sementara Akhirat Selamanya (DSAS)

Sebelumnya ini saya juga membagikan lirik lagunya, silahkan disimak, kalau perlu dicatat. ;)

Lirik Lagu Dunia Sementara Akhirat Selamanya ( hati - hati dengan hati indosiar) - Derry Sulaiman

Wahai Manusia..
Jangan Engkau Tertipu Daya
Oleh Dunia Yang Fana
Sebagai Tempat Ujian Bagi Kita

Dunia Sementara
Akhirat Selama-Lamanya

Orang Kaya Mati
Orang Miskin Mati
Raja-Raja Mati
Rakyat Biasa Mati

Semua Pergi Menghadap Ilahi
Dunia Yang Dicari
Tak Ada Yang Berarti

Takkan Dibawa Mati

Derry Sulaiman ft. Ray (Nineball), Sunnu (Matta) , Arr Wok (Matta) Drum: Reza (Noah), BaSs : Danar (Casanova) Mastering: Indraq

DOWNLOAD Dunia Sementara Akhirat Selamanya by Derry Sulaiman & Friends

Judul : Download soundtrack hati - hati dengan hati - Derry Sulaiman - Dunia Sementara Akhirat Selamanya
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::Suit Up::

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     I rarely get to wear a suit, but I've recently had the opportunity for New Year's and an interview.  Suiting up for a party is a whole lot different than professionally.  I’ll focus on how to suit up professionally in this post with a few do’s and don’ts. 

     An interview is no place to show off your fashion sense.  The focus should be on professionalism and showing that you can fit in but at the same time stand out and bring something to the table.  For these reasons, the best colors are white, blue, and black.  

     The big key to a suit is that it has to look as though it was fitted for no one else but you.  No matter the brand or price point, most suits have to be tailored.  IT'S THE FIT, NOT THE BRAND.

Men style fashion blog

     The shoulders should not go past your natural shoulder line.  Modern fits use high arm holes.  This does two things: 
(1) elongate the torso and (2) define your silhouette more.
     The shirt sleeve should fall where your wrists dent in.  The coat sleeve should be about 1/2" to 1" shorter than the shirt.

Men style fashion blog

     At the interview, I saw one person button every single button.  Never button the last button, no matter if it is a two button or three button suit.  Letting it flow creates the "V" silhouette.  
     At the New Year's party, I'm not sure if the guy didn't know or didn't notice, but he left the stitching that held the back vents together.  Always take the stitching off the vents.   

     Remember, an interview is no place to flaunt your fashion sense.  Think simple, yet powerful.  You want to show that you understand professionalism, but can still think outside the box.
     Stick to black or dark blue suits.  Stay away from flat black, you're not going to a funeral.

Men style fashion blog

     For the tie, I went with a dark grey.  I didn't go with black because I'd look like the Blues Brothers.

     Invest in a quality folio.  You want a place to keep your resume if needed.  

     For a modern fit, tell your tailor you want little to no break in your hem.  You don't want your pants bunching up at the bottom, nor do you want them hiding your shoes.  It looks clumsy and unfinished.  

     Caring about your look shows you will care about your work.

Suit: Alfani
Shirt: Ben Sherman
Tie: J Crew
Shoes: Boss by Hugo Boss
Bag: Jack Spade
Folio: Coach
Tie Bar: The Tie Bar

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Di Film NYI BLORONG Nikita Mirzani Gabung Bersama Depe ?

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Di Film NYI BLORONG Nikita Mirzani Gabung Bersama Depe


Ternyata tidak hanya Dewi Persik yang akan meramaikan film Nyi Blorong (Titisan Ratu Pantai Selatan Dewi Ular). Salah satu bintang panas yang dikabarkan akan meramaikan film tersebut adalah Nikita Mirzani .

Namun setelah dikonfirmasi, Nikita masih belum yakin karena dirinya baru menerima draft kontrak yang ditawarkan oleh Mitra Pictures selaku pihak Rumah produksi. Apalagi Nikita menyatakan dirinya adalah teman Julia Perez.

"Aku lebih pro ke Jupe dan waktu preskon kemarin itu aku baru di-calling. Jadi belum tahu kontraknya seperti apa," cerita Nikita Mirzani baru-baru ini.

Dengan masuknya Nikita yang notabene teman Jupe, apa ya kira-kira pendapat Dewi Persik yang memiliki masalah hukum dengan Jupe.

"Datang ke sini baru dikasih tahu kalau aku main sama Nikita Mirzani . Aku nggak mau potong rezeki orang ya, harus profesional," ujar Depe.

Mudah-mudahan kasus yang menimpa Jupe dan Depe tidak akan terulang lewat Nikita dan Depe ya Criters, dan mereka bisa benar-benar profesional.

Nyi Blorong (Titisan Ratu Pantai Selatan Dewi Ular) adalah film horor terbaru Depe. Film tersebut akan menceritakan tentang kisah hidup seorang wanita bernama Larasati. Wanita ini lahir di dalam sebuah Gua Blorong dengan dibantu oleh ular raksasa. Karakter Larasati nantinya akan diperankan oleh Dewi Perssik .

Judul : Di Film NYI BLORONG Nikita Mirzani Gabung Bersama Depe ?
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May the Lilo be with you - UTC

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Up the Creek Music Festival 31 January – 3 February, Breederiver, Swellendam.


                          Lilo Anything that Floats Competition

For those of you creative, mad, fun people heading off to Up the Creek Music Festival, remember to start building your floating masterpieces for the Lilo Anything that Floats competition. If it floats and its cool, bring it to Up the Creek!  Boats, lilos, inflatables, swirling zoos, colourful crates and balloon-driven-boudoirs - anything is welcome. Let your imagination go wild in creating the ultimate winning water feature.

Lilo is making a splash at this year’s Up The Creek music festival. Literally! They`ll make sure you have a ball. Literally! They`ll keep you afloat on the river too. Literally! Lilo will be handing out lilo’s (jip, double take that) and beach balls at the festival. So you and your friends can float, play catch and make a splash. They are also running a super fun competition where you can stand a chance to win 2 full weekend tickets + a VIP paddle pool filled with drinks to be parked right in front of the Rolling Stone stage on the Friday afternoon.

All you have to do is go to their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lilo-Web-Design/120968357954081?ref=ts&fref=ts like it, enter the competition and you could find yourself as happy as a human duck in the river at Up The Creek.

Lilo will also be judging the Anything That Floats competition, so make sure that you’re floats are spectacular and no, sorry guys, there is no secret bank account for bribing the judges. Your floating creation will just have to stand out.

The competition kicks off on the Saturday morning of Up the Creek Festival at the river. There are three categories that you can enter for:

Best Float:
This prize goes to the most original, super fantastic float. The float that has us gasping in delight because of its sheer brilliance, the float that steals the hearts of onlookers and photographers alike, the float that will make many people say “now why didn’t I think of that!”  Win “Best Float” and you’ll get a bunch of great stuff including R3 000.00 in cash, a hamper from Lilo, two tickets to Up the Creek 2014 and two tickets to a Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concert of your choice.

The Most Romantic Float:
Love is in the water! If you have the most romantic float we`ll treat you and your loved one to a romantic dinner at Up the Creek. A dedicated butler will serve you a spit roast made by famed farmer Andries, while you relax by a beautifully decorated table. You will also win two tickets to Up the Creek 2014 and two tickets to a Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concert of your choice.

The Float with the Mostest:
How many people can you pack onto your float? A lot we hope. Because if you can get more bodies on your float than anyone else, you`ll get a free Titanic cocktail for every person standing on your float for a least one minute.

Lilo is a creative web design & digital marketing agency that turns great ideas into creative digital solutions. They do everything that is web. You name it, they do it. Apart from having some of the best developers in town they also have the best Wii tennis players on the block. So if you want to keep your boat afloat give them a call (021 424 2797) or go to www.lilo.co.za

The complete line up for the UP THE CREEK weekend includes: Karen Zoid, ISO, YOAV, Jeremy Loops, BEAST,  Dave Ferguson, Goodnight Wembley, Machineri, Tailor, Tombstone Pete, Piet Botha & Liz, Peachy Keen, Lucy Kruger, The Mysticcs, No One`s Arc, Black Cat Bones, Nomadic Orchestra, Grassy Spark, Dirty Bounce, December Streets, Woodstock Mafia, Trenton & the Radicals, Saint Fearless, Desmond & The Tutus, Taxi and Friends, Janie and the Beard, Shotgun Tori, Akkedis, Nik Rabinowitz, Peter Mitchell and DJ Dirtroad.

Tickets at www.ticketbreak.co.za or on our FB page: 
Thursday – Sunday:  Presales: R600.00 – Gate: R650.00
Friday – Sunday:       Presales: R550.00 – Gate: R600.00
Saturday – Sunday:  Presales: R450.00 – Gate: R500.00
Kids 13 years and younger: free entry.

Heartbreak Motel:

If you want to rock out in a little more comfort, then the Heartbreak Motel is for you. There are various options of pre-pitched tents, hot showers, clean toilets, buffet breakfast and other luxuries. For more info and bookings go to: http://www.heartbreakmotel.co.za/

For more info and interactions, go have a look here:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UpTheCreek.MusicFestival
Twitter:     @Upthe_Creek.
Website:   www.upthecreek.co.za
Up the Creek 2013 would like to thank our sponsors: 4th Street, MK, Rolling Stone SA, Bos Iced Tea, Lilo, Red Bull and Mitchell’s Brewery.

Enjoy! May the lilo be with you!


Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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Look at our Reading Garden!

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Year 3 have a brand new reading garden at school.  It's a space for us to enjoy reading with our friends and to look through all the lovely new books that have been bought for our school.

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