cape town hot spots!

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Because Beluga, Sevruga, Peppenero's, Trinity, etc. etc. is overrated...

1. Hudson's burger Joint Kloof Street - this place has the best veggie burgers in town. I promise. And if you are really hungry, this is also your best bet for value for money.

2. Cafe Royale and the Waiting room. Yip. This is your place if you want a dining and party combo. Eat something downstairs and then head up to the waiting room for some serious partying.

3. Sgt. Pepper Long Street. This is your best bet for a pre-party snack over the weekend. It's always busy on a Friday and Saturday so go early to get a table on the balcony.

4. Mexican Kitchen on Bloem! For real nachos. Put on your Mexican hat, kick out your shoes and enjoy this relaxed little restaurant.

5. The Assembly. No eating here, but this is the place to be for all party animals. Here you will find Cape Town's most experience party people. Live entertainment every weekend! Be sure to take extra money - they have cover charge on most nights.

6. The Shack on Zonnebloem. This is one of Cape Town's most popular bars. With several different rooms, you are guaranteed to find a diverse bunch of people! The dark interior and loud music creates the perfect atmosphere for late night partying and dancing. Also head to the Shack if you enjoy playing pool.

So cheers to the Mother City! Happy partying!


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this week's inspiration:

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Since it is almost a whole new month (and week), here is some inspirational goodies. Because sometimes we need to look at nice things to remember us why we work hard and also to get excited about. It's almost the month of March -the first month of autumn. This means shorter days and longer nights, colder mornings and beautiful sunsets! Have a happy March!


A beautiful display I found in the window of a Kloof Street shop ^^


Happy March everyone!


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Living Lavazza!

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Look what I got from Lavazza! The brand new 2012 calendar!

Too cool.


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Class 4U's Creative Day

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This term, the pupils in Year 4 have been studying 'The Active Planet' in our IPC work. On Friday 17th  of February, Class 4U created some artwork based on this work.

After finding out about the 'Plaster Casts of Pompeii', the children filled up pairs of tights with newspaper, before using Modroc to create three life-sized sculptures. These were left to dry over half term and over the coming weeks will be painted. Hopefully they will be able to go on display when they are finished!

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Spent my weekend assembling the new wardrobe I bought from IKEA. I need to get rid of some clothes...anyone wants to buy? :) Dad helped to assemble it while I was busy making space for the wardrobe in my room. Now that the bedside table is gone, my alarm clock which is placed further will force me to get out of bed faster instead of constantly hitting the snooze button =P

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and today's fashion wish-list...

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Good Evening,

I though it would be a good idea to share my fashion wish-list at this moment. It is all about party and festival style - to celebrate the last weeks of summer. I found these items and yes, I am truly and utterly in love...

Sigh, now to look for them and buy them! Luckily it is my birthday in a weeks time - time to spoil meself!!


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Project Valentine

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Helped out my friends from Grim Film for their latest project about Valentines Day. After folding origami flowers the day before, we went out for filming the next day. 
 Shall not spoil the video for you so here are some behind the scenes photo! We went to the Salvation Army Home for the Elderly.

Moved to another location after spending time at the old folks home.  

After all the hard work of filming and editing from Grim Film, the video was released on Sunday night. 
Check it out!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! :)

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Early birthday girl!

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It is almost my birthday and just because I have an awsome sister, I got an early present from her!

Here is the prezzie - too cute!

I am excited to wear this!

Thank you big sis!


if you want me to post your photos/artwork/poem...send it to me! If I like it, I will gladly post it. Yay! Contact me:

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Our Sponsored events Friday 10th Feb 2012

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On our last creative day (Friday 10th February) each class chose a different sponsored event to raise money to buy playground equipment. The events ranged from a penalty shot out,danceathon, sponsored silence, wearing pyjamas for the day.

Here are some pictures of us doing our events.

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Wong Fu Productions Live in Malaysia @ Taylor's University

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Thanks to Once Upon a Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob and Inspire.ME for the photographer pass. I got to attend the Wong Fu 4 Lyfe session at 7pm :)

Reached Taylor's at 6pm. The VIP line was this long :O

Roy and Jared from Grim Film!
Watch their 'The Long Distance Relationship' video if you haven't :)

Everyone finally got into the Multipurpose Hall. 1000 people attend this sold out show!
Wanted to get my hands on some of Wong Fu's merchandise but it was sold out as well.

Event started around 7pm and Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob was the opening act. They performed 3 songs - Change, Cupid's Fall and This is The Part.

Jin from was the MC

Beatbox performance from Shawn Lee

Everyone singing the Wong Fu Weekend song

After that it was dance performance by Elecoldxhot and F.I.X

Finally the highlight of the night. Wong Fu!
Philip and Wesley came out and everyone was screaming their heads off.
I think Wes was using a Digital Harinezumi.

Philip doing the Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra dance.

Ted couldn't make it to Malaysia due to personal issues. He prepared a special video showing him having fun in Malaysia like visiting the Petronas Twin Towers, meeting the PM, Batu Caves and wearing a bikini? haha.

Philip and Wes talked about how they started Wong Fu Productions, advise to aspiring filmakers and also showed some of their video. The fans were screaming when Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu, David Choi and more appeared in videos that they were showing. The power of fans. lol.

We also watched Wong Fu Productions new series 'Home is Where the Hans Are' episode 2 and half of episode 3 as it was still a rough edit. I can't wait for more!

Q&A session was funny. Although they stated that they want questions related to the production side, it still didn't stop fans to ask questions like 'Is Wes dating Cathy?', 'Is Phil single?' etc xD

A fan even ask them to introduce themselves in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Photographers and media were invited up on stage to take photos of Wong Fu Productions with their fan. I was standing on the right because the middle was packed, so this photo doesn't look that great as it doesn't justify the amount of people that came.

All the fans!

Managed to bump into some old friends as well!
Jay Dee

It was a surreal experience getting to see Philip and Wes from Wong Fu Productions even though I didn't get a picture or their autograph. Really admire their work and I hope they come back to Malaysia soon with Ted! :)

For more picture of Wong Fu Productions, visit my Facebook Page!

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