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It's time for the 10th Cape Town Fashion week, baby!

When: 25-28 July 2012

Where: CTICC with opening at the City Hall

Theme: Icons

From AFI's website:

 Visit the website for more info:

Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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HOLI Open Air Festival

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Holi Open Air Festival is coming to Cape Town! This is the biggest colour fest in the world (apparently) and it is coming to the Mother City. Location and dates announced soon. Keep checking back with dirtypinkcity.blogspot.com for more updates. Also follow us on twitter @dirty_pink_city for interactions!!

"‘Holi’ is a religious festival of Hinduism - it is celebrated in India to say farewell to the winter and welcome the spring in all its many rich colors. The biggest ritual of Holi: throwing coloured and scented water has traveled the world in recent years and was held in the USA, UK, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Pakistan and Surinam."

No further details yet - Find the Holi event page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/events/255630121224369/?ref=ts

Looks like big fun.



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Info Kontes Seo | Blog Full Version Tempat Segala Informasi

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Info Kontes Seo | Blog Full Version Tempat Segala Informasi

Info Kontes Seo | Blog Full Version Tempat Segala Informasi

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Info Kontes Seo | Kumpulan Cara Mengatasi Hanya Di Cara-Mengatasi.Com

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Info Kontes Seo | Kumpulan Cara Mengatasi Hanya Di Cara-Mengatasi.Com

Info Kontes Seo | Kumpulan Cara Mengatasi Hanya Di Cara-Mengatasi.Com

Pada kesempatan kali ini, SEOSIP BLOG akan membahas sedikit tentang Info Kontes Seo | Kumpulan Cara Mengatasi Hanya Di Cara-Mengatasi.Com.

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Summer in Clinique Beach Party 2012 @ Sunway Lagoon Wave Pool

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*picture credit to Amelia Chantalle
This year, Clinique decided to take things differently by having a beach party and a cover girl search. 2 in 1! Sounds fun? Participants stood a chance on being on the cover of CLEO and COSMOPOLITAN and also have fun in the sun! Auditions were held in the morning and the party starts in the afternoon!

Get yourself cooled down under the hot sun!

Sunblock is definitely a must! Combat from harmful UV rays and avoid getting sunburnt!

Clinique makeover booth. Decided to opt out from this since I was sweating and the hot weather didn't help. But those who did the makeover looked gorgeous!

 The opening performance was by ECX Dance Crew!

JJ & Ean on stage hosting the game session with the public. It was called the Avengers Catwalk. The guys posed like Hulk, Ironman and even Black Widow! keke..it was fun to watch :)

Awesome performances by beatboxer Shawn Lee! Enjoyed the songs performed by Dayang Nurfaizah as well. K Town Clan definitely put on the party mode and hyped up the crowd with their energetic performance of dubstep and LMFAO songs :D

With the pretty Xue Ren!

 Bump into my secondary school friend, Shiang Leit!

 There were also booths for us girls to get some funky hair wraps!

 How bout some airbrush tattoos?

 Getting my hair wrap done and also gotten the airbrush tattoo! I was hoping for the tattoo to be smaller but it was pretty big :O But still nice :)

*picture credit to Clinique Malaysia
Around 3pm they announched the winners of the Clinique Summer Girl Search!
 You'll get to see them on the covers of CLEO & COSMOPOLITAN :)

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Reminder: Oppikoppi/One night in Cape Town

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Big things are coming to South Africa in the next couple of months...From Van Coke Kartel's Winter Tour to Bloc Party at Rocking the Dasies. When did this all happen and where will we get the tjing to attend it ALL!? Well, it is called saving and planning, I guess. Unless you win a couple of tickets on some or other website.

First up and surely two of the biggest events: Oppikoppi 2012 and for those who live far and cannot attend: One Night in Cape Town. For those going to Oppikoppi for the first time: This will be one of those life changing events. Haha, don't believe me? Go see for yourself... A memory in the making that will last forever! Anyway, so be sure to check out the Dirty Pink City Oppikoppi survival guide on this blog!! Everything you need to pack (and a few guidelines). There is also a full post with all other relevant info - tickets and line-up!!

One night in Cape Town is selling out fast. This will be your chance to see Bullet for my Valentine, Seether, Enter Shikari and some local bands like Van Coke Kartel all on one night. It will probably be a little hectic, since it is all on one night and some of us will struggle to open our eyes the next day. See previous post about venue and tickets on DPC.

This is a final reminder, bra's!! Get ya tickets NOW!!

Also look out for Rocking the Daisies in Darling, Bloc Party in Johannesburg, Van Coke Kartel's Winter Tour (all over SA), plus some good things lined-up at Assembly Cape Town and Zula Sound Bar Long Street.

Have fun lovers!


Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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Zula turns 1!!

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 I can't believe it has been a year since Zula Soundbar made their big move from the top of Long Street all the way down. Some say bigger and better. Others say it has a whole new vibe. Whatever you feel about this huge venue, it is one of Cape Town's most popular spots.

For the big birthday party, on the 27th of July, they have a "christmas in July" party planned.



Live Performances from:

The party starts at 20h00 and R50 gets you in!!

PLUS they have some birthday goodies to give away and a few other surprises planned.

This looks like a party that you do not want to give a skip.

You can also grab something to eat in their deli. Find the menu here:  http://zulabar.co.za/pages/2-Menu

So, head to 98 Long Street and make your way to the famous Zula Soundbar for good music and good company! Oh and dress up for the occasion, after all it is TIM BURTON'S christmas in July!!!

If I like, I will post it. Yay!
Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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The look.

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 So this week in Lookbook...Top 5 looks.

 Thilda M. Love this girl's hair and the long-sleeved top with the jean shorts.

 Juliette K. This is just such a sexy look. Cute t-shirt and headband.

 Anouska P. The hair, hat and pants make this outfit so hot.

 Ella C. So simple, but so cute.

Bonnie B. I just love everything about this.


If I like, I will post it. Yay!
Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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Multicultural Week

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We have had lots of fun exploring different countries, such as Mexico, Russia and Spain. We have been able to taste different foods and learn a dance from one of the countires.

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Cielo Dolci @ Paradigm Mall

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 Those of you who have been to Paradigm Mall in PJ, you will definitely notice a quaint gelato shop at the Lower Ground Floor called Cielo Dolci.

It's cute decor and dreamy blue setting is definitely eye catching, not to mention welcoming. Gelato is an Italian ice cream and Cielo Dolci brings you 100% homemade desserts! According to their website, the owners fell in love with Italian desserts during their visit to Italy. They went back there just to learn the skill of making these wonderful desserts and bring back the authentic taste of Italian Dolce Freddo (Italian frozen desserts) to Malaysia. Cielo Dolci is of course 100% Malaysian owned :D

I've been to Cielo Dolci twice and I'm really impressed with their gelato. The owner, Ms. Ang is really friendly as well. They are generous in giving testers and always welcome feedbacks from their customers.

Cielo Dolci's menu.
 It's definitely worth my money getting those yummy desserts. Smooth and heavenly, you can't resist it and always left with wanting more! Maybe next time I shall take away one tub! ;P

Selection of their gelato and sorbetto. 
They have their standard flavours and also come up with new flavours when they can :D 

Check out their range of flavours!

I got to try out one of their new flavours last week which was Chocolate + Chili Padi!
It was weird hearing such flavour for the first time, but worth a try. After tasting the sweetness of the chocolate, the spicy tingling sensation slowly creeps up to your taste buds. Surprisingly both flavours blends well. It might not be everyone's favourite, but you can try :D

 How can you not fall in love with this place?

My small cup of gelato.
Took the durian and green tea + red bean flavour.
I really LOVE their durian gelato. 

Hopefully they can expand soon to more locations so that I can get my daily weekly dose of Cielo Dolci ^^

Cielo Dolci is located at:
Paradigm Mall, Level LG-Lot 50,
1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya.

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Catch Drum Tao in Malaysia this August!

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Heard of Drum Tao?
Established since 1993, Drum Tao mesmerizes their audience with the Japanese drum's intense and powerful beat, creating a new form of art that is modern yet nostalgic. 

Performed in 400 cities in 17 countries like Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, USA and more, Drum Tao is finally making its way to KL with its electric mix of dance and martial arts as the dynamic and innovative Japanese performers beat their Wadaiko Drums!

Drum Tao is definitely a world class entertainment with its 2 hour extravaganza of intricate choreography infused with martial arts and accompanied by music, dynamism and extraordinary synchronization!

Drum Tao's performance blends the ancient traditions of Taiko Drumming and martial arts mastery with innovative and flawlessly choreographed production values of contemporary Japanese excellence.

Be ready to be captivated by an evening of rythm, beats, melody and extraordinary performances!

Drum Tao will be held on 24th - 25th August 2012 at Plenary Hall KCC.
Only a total of 3 shows are available! Don't miss out the chance on catching Drum Tao's extraordinary performance in Malaysia!

Tickets can be purchased at:

Get 15% off your tickets if you purchase if before 20th July!

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Team D

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Here is TEAM D we have just been on the quad bikes. We had an amazing time.

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Team E

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Here is TEAM E we have just been on low ropes. We had to work as a team and help each other get over the low ropes. We had a lot of fun and put our trust into each other.

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Team C

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We were put into teams for all the activities. Here is a picutre of TEAM C after helping each other up over the wall. They all worked together and helped each other up.

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Day 3 Kingswood

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The pool party was really good last night. Children all enjoyed themselves. With the help of Miss Taylor, Joseph managed to swim a width. We were all very pleased with him. We are all very tired today but cant wait until the disco later. Emily Yeo was the winning Fencer in group E.

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Day 3 Kingswood

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The weather is lovely today and we are all enjoying the activities. Mrs Robertson has now joined our team. One group got very wet and muddy on nightline- all got soaked but loved it. One team took part in Archery and Ashlea proved her worth as Robin Hood and shot a gold!! There were crashes galore at go karts but what fun! Zip wire was amazing, Hezzy thoroughly enjoyed his adrenaline rush! The Power climb was fun, Miss Taylor and Mr Jillings also had a go, however Miss Taylor giggled and didnt get very far, Beau almost got to the top. Jack managed to get to the top and hit the button.

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