Traffic Clothing Summer Fashion Show

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To celebrate the up-coming Summer months, DPC is bringing you some brilliant fashion news. To start with, we will attend the Traffic Clothing Summer Fashion Show at Canal Walk!

"Winter is being evicted. It has overstayed its welcome and
it is time for summer and Traffic Clothing to take over. A preview to all that
Traffic Clothing has to offer will be showcased at Canal Walk Centre Court on
the 9th of November. It is sure to be a memorable event and a good
way to prepare for the summer season."

Traffic Clothing is exceptionally trendy and original. It is always exciting to see how they keep their designs as unique and authentic as possible. They definitely have a "street culture" feel to their designs, which suits the modern, city youth very well. For their summer designs, they have some exciting views:

"Key trends for the
upcoming summer season include: bright tropical – nothing says ‘summer’ more
than tropical print and colours; graphic print – don’t just make a statement,
wear a statement; neon – because bright is beautiful; denim – when in doubt
dress denim!"

You do not want to miss out on this evening filled with fashion. A trendy showcase with the "most anticipated theme of the evening, the
garment that speaks femininity - swimwear."

"MC for the evening, Leigh-Anne Williams, Expresso presenter
and Good Hope FM news reader, will introduce these exciting summer themes and
the entertainment throughout the show. Models by 20management will be
transformed into Traffic Clothing goddesses with the help of Kavanagh’s Hair
Studio, Kohl Make-up and Traffic Clothing’s very own fashion guru, Gareth

"Guests will be greeted upon arrival with delicious canapés
served by Café Magnifico and are invited to enjoy a Scheckter’s Organic drink,
while being treated to sensational music in preparation for the display of
clothes for your eyes’ pleasure. Spot prizes are up for grabs (thank you, Nu
Metro Canal Walk!) but only if you bring your business card for the lucky draw!
Its summer and the memories are just waiting to happen!"

Date: 9th November 2012

Venue: Canal Walk, Centre Court

Time: 7pm

RSVP: 1 November to

See you there!


Quotes - Press release

Contact me:

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Dressing Up for Halloween!

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 If you've seen my Instagram updates for the past few days, you would notice me posting pics about my Halloween outfit! My uni had a Halloween event organized, so me n a couple of friends decided to join in the fun by dressing up! Even though the event was kinda boring... but it's the company that counts :)

At first, I was racking my brains on what should I go as...should I buy an outfit or save money to find what's in my closet? I chose the latter one of course. Getting a new outfit was just too expensive. Have to budget :P

After surfing on YouTube for makeup ideas, I decided to go as a Forest Nymph!

Wanted to use MissChievous's look but my friends say it's too scary and recommended another one for me. Would love to try this next time! 

Obviously I'm not great at makeup, so I just followed it roughly.
My Coastal Scent 88 palette came to rescue even though it isn't shimmery. Just did very basic stuff.

Guess how much I spent for my look?
Less than RM20!
RM5 for the flower band on my head for Daiso :P I was considering DIY-ing with wires and fake flowers or buying floral headband in F21 or something but luckily I found it in Daiso. Saved tons of money...haha! It was plastic so I had to use hair pins to pin it to my head. RM6 for fake eyelashes but I forgot to put em on. Not a fan of fake eyelashes becaue I makes my eyelid feel very heavy.

Who/what did you dress up as for Halloween? :)

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Cara Efektif Menambah Nafsu Makan Anak

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Cara Efektif Menambah Nafsu Makan Anak

Alhamdulillah, pada hari ini saya masih diberi kesempatan untuk mengupdate blog kesayangan saya ini, dan setelah kemarin-kemarin hanya mengikuti kontes seo, yaitu tempatnya prediksi bola terakurat, sekarang saya akan share tentang kesehatan yaitu dengan judul Cara Efektif Menambah Nafsu Makan Anak. Oh, ya, sebelum melanjutkan buat yang ingin memutihkan kulit secara alami dan cepat ada baiknya membaca dan mempraktekkan artikel saya yang satu ini Cara Memutihkan Kulit Secara Alami dan Cepat

okey, kembali ke topik.
Hampir semua anak pernah mengalami pengurangan nafsu makannya. Dan keadaan ini memang sangat menjengkelkan buat orang tua untuk memberi makan kepadanya.
apakah anda mengalami hal seperti itu ?
jika benar simak artikel ini sampai selesai.

Cara Efektif Menambah Nafsu Makan Anak Secara Alami

1. Lengkuas/ Laos
* Cara 1:
- Bahan: 1 rimpang lengkuas sebesar ibu jari, 3 buah mengkudu mentah, 0,5 rimpang kencur sebesar ibu jari, 0,5 sendok teh bubuk ketumbar, 1 siung bawang putih, 3 mata buah asam jawa yang masak, 1 potong gula merah, jakeling, jalawe dan jarahab.
- Cara membuat: semua bahan tersebut direbus dengan 2 gelas air sampai mendidih hingga tinggal 1 gelas
- Cara menggunakan: diminum 2 kali sehari 0,5 gelas, pagi dan sore.

* Cara 2:
- Bahan: 1 rimpang umbi lengkuas sebesar ibu jari, 1 rimpang temulawak sebesar ibu jari, 1 pohon tumbuhan meniran dan sedikit adas pulawaras.
- Cara membuat: semua bahan tersebut direbus dengan 3 gelas air sampai mendidih.
- Cara menggunakan: diminum 3 kali sehari.

2. Pepaya
Sediakan daun pepaya yang masih segar seukuran telapak tangan, lalu tambahkan air hangat dan sedikit garam. Kemudian campuran tadi Anda blender dan peras dan saring airnya. Lalu minumkan air tersebut pada Anak Anda, Insya Allah nafsu makan anak Anda akan segera normal kembali.

3. Kesumbang Keling
Cuci bersih 10 g daun kesumba keling, lalu rebus dalam 400 ml air sampai tersisa 250 ml. Setelah dingin, saring hasil rebusan, lalu minum dengan madu secukupnya.

4. Kenikir
Cuci 100 g daun kenikir segar, lalu makan sebagai lalap mentah.

Itulah beberapa Cara Meningkatkatkan nafsu makan anak, bila ada cara yang lain bisa anda tulis dikomentar agar bisa bermanfa'at buat semuanya yang membutuhkan, dan jika ada salah kata saya minta maaf sebesar-besarnya. Cukup sekian yang dapat saya sampaikan semoga bisa bermanfa'at.

Judul : Cara Efektif Menambah Nafsu Makan Anak
Post By : Mas Fendy

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In the spirit of halloweekend!

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To all those who are going to Halloween parties this weekend.... :)

Contact me:

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so you want to be a witch this Halloween?

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Few things come close to the excitement of dressing up for a party. That exhilarating time when you buy or make your costume and try it on for days. You want to make sure it's comfortable, fits the theme and you definitely want to make sure it's not too extreme. Now there is one day in the year when you can go totally over the top - Halloween. No one will care if you wear your glitter wigs, plastic masks, stripper heels, excessive make-up or weird accessories. It's go Halloween or go home!

I came across some super amazing ideas for this year's Halloween. Looky here:

For all the zombie brothers out there ^ This is most likely the easiest costume to pull off. Always popular, always scary. Creativity: Zero.

 Now, make-up can transform you into...just about anything! Get yourself some good stage make-up and paint away. Try different things and see what works for you.

Want to go for something totally different? Well if you are a pop-art fan, why not try a real life version? It might take a little longer to "get in character", but will be totally worth it! (see below)

These are pretty amazing ^^  It's also something that can be made - buy fabric for cheap in Woodstock:

And for all those who want to really scare (and scar):

Don't have time to dress up? At least put on a piece of clothing that fits the theme!

Let's see what you come up with. Where ever you go this weekend, I will see you there all dressed up...

Have fun kids...

Contact me:

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"When witches go riding,

and black cats are seen,

the moon laughs and whispers,

‘tis near Halloween."

Ah yes, Holloween. That one day when you can dress up and feel like an American kid. The day when you can freak out with your friends without having to explain yourself. No, we don't celebrate it like the Americans do and sadly we don't have trick-or-treating, but we do have some awesome Halloween parties lined up and it starts THIS weekend. So get your masks and weird wigs out - it is time to eat, drink and be scary.

First up we have the South African Horrorfest at the Labia Theatre (Orange Street).

A horrorfest like no other in South Africa. Yes, you can expect 27 movies
including feature films, documentaries and short films from all over the
world. Want to see a sneaky preview of Frankenweenie and The Possession? Then you will find it here. A very popular and exciting audience participation viewing of the Rocky Horror
Picture Show, along with big dress-up giveaways. This is a fun festival that will get you in the right, scary mood! Don't miss out - For tickets and line-up, go to

 24 October – 2 November

Next we have The Assembly Holloween Extravaganza! Get yourself dressed up for two nights of
wickedness with Guns N Lazers, Zebra & Giraffe,
The Wedding DJs, Shortstraw, Candice Heyns, Petite Noir and a whole lot more! On Friday doors open at 9pm and on Saturday you can join the madness from 8pm! Win great prizes for best dressed - so what are you waiting for, go buy your tickets here:

26 and 27 October.

And at Zula Bar you can dress up for the Heroes and Villains Halloween Party. A treat of a rock line-up on one floor and electro
beats on the other. On the Hero Stage you will find Fox Comet, Boombox
Troopers and Woodstock Mafia. DJ’s on the Villian Stage
include Fletcher, Damage Inc and St Skeletor. So get yourself there and do dress up. Doors open at 8pm - so join them early and R50 gets you
in. Off course there is loads of prizes and bartabs for best dressed superhero and best super villain
costumes. Visit for more info.

Saturday, 27 October

At the Legendary Mercury Live you can expect to dance yourself silly this weekend. Gotham The Entity and Dark Power will take you from 80's alternative to synthpop and EBM. But why not, it's Holloween after all...Doors
open at 21h00 and R30 gets you in.

Saturday, 27 October

Last but not least: It's The Great Cape Town Zombie Walk. This piece of madness will start at the Sea Point Promenade. Get your zombie on for a great cause.  Where Three Anchor Bay meets Beach Road the dead will gather at 15h00. This walk will support the Lucky Lucy Foundation and the best-dressed
zombie kids will walk away with tattoo vouchers - for real tattoos. For more info, visit:

Saturday, 27 October

Keep an eye on DPC tomorrow for some holloween costume ideas.

Contact me:

Baca Selengkapnya .... tempatnya prediksi bola terakurat

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Alhamdulillah, Saya masih diberi kesempatan untuk mengupdate blog kesayangan saya ini, Dan saya akan menggunakan kesempatan kali ini untuk mengikuti sebuah kontes seo yang diselenggarakan oleh salah satu group facebook yaitu group PBI (Persatuan Blogger Indonesian), keyword yang dipilih adalah ' tempatnya prediksi bola terakurat', dan buat anda yang ingin ikut kontes seo ini juga, silahkan baca artikel saya sebelumnya / lihat di kategori kontes seo. tempatnya prediksi bola terakurat
sepak bola merupakan hal yang sampai sekarang ini hampir disukai oleh semua kalangan, baik laki-laki maupun perempuan semuanya menyukainya tidak seperti olahraga lainnya. Dan buat anda pecinta bola tentunya membutuhkan informasi terbaru tentang dunia bola, karena pasti tidak mau ketinggalan dengan berita-berita yang lagi hot-hotnya.

Sekarang ini blog yang menggunakan tema sepakbola pun juga sangat banyak, maka dari itu anda harus memilih blog yang membahas berita sepakbola yang terpercaya, dan agar anda tidak salah pilih sebaiknya anda memilih Suarasepakbola.Com , kenapa? Karena Suarasepakbola.Com memberikan info tentang Berita Bola Terkini yang terpercaya. tempatnya prediksi bola terakuratSuarasepakbola.Com adalah blog yang dimiliki oleh salah satu blogger terkenal, yaitu Irwan Syah. Di Suarasepakbola.Com insyaAllah anda bisa menemukan apa yang anda inginkan tentang Berita bola, Prediksi Sepakbola / Prediksi Bola atau apalah. Oh, iya di Blog Suarasepakbola.Com ini juga menyajikan Bursa Taruhan loh, pokoknya Suarasepakbola.Com lengkap deh.
Tunggu apa lagi ayo langsung saja pergi ke Suarasepakbola.Com

Hanya itu yang dapat saya sampaikan dalan postingan kali ini yang berjudul tempatnya prediksi bola terakurat, semoga artikel yang saya tulis ini bisa bermanfa'at buat kita semua, khususnya buat para pecinta bola.

Judul : tempatnya prediksi bola terakurat
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Info Kontes Seo Yukinote ~ reviews anime dan manga bahasa Indonesia

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Info Kontes Seo Yukinote ~ reviews anime dan manga bahasa Indonesia


setelah kemarin saya sudah berbagi artikel tentang Lirik Lagu Avenged Sevenfold ( A7x ) - Carry On pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan berbagi artikel tentang Info Kontes Seo Yukinote ~ reviews anime dan manga bahasa Indonesia . Postingan info kontes sebelumnya adalah tentang Info Kontes Seo Commonwealth Life Perusahaan Asuransi Jiwa Terbaik Indonesia, buat yang belum tahu silahkan diklik dan dibaca, dan buat yang mau silahkan mengikutinya.

Oke, kembali ketopik kali ini, dan langsung saja, tidak usah banyak basa-basi lagi. Buat yang berminat mengikuti kontes seo ini silahkan disimak baik-baik.

"Yukinote ~ reviews anime dan manga bahasa Indonesia"

# 3 poin tertinggi
+30 Join This Site
+30 Reviews Alexa
+30 Like fanspage
+30 follower
# 5 poin tertinggi setelah nya.
+20 Join This Site
+20 Reviews Alexa
+20 Like fanspage
+20 follower
# 7 poin tertinggi lagi setelahnya
+10 Join This Site
+10 Reviews Alexa
+10 Like fanspage
+10 follower
# Hadiah Tambahan
Jika kalian mengikuti kontes ini dengan 2 blog, maka masing-masing blog akan langsung dapat +2follow
# Hadiah Khusus
pasang 3 Banner ukuran 400x125 pada Home.
# Hadiah artikel Terbaik
3 artikel termenarik akan memperoleh masing 10k pulsa.

- Pendaftaran 18 Oktober 2012 - 20 November 2012
- Kontes SEO 18 Oktober 2012 - 30 November 2012
- Pengumuman Pemenang 1 Desember 2012

Tidak lupa, Seperti biasanya, untuk syarat, ketentuan dan informasi selengkapnya silahkan KLIK DISINI

Judul : Info Kontes Seo Yukinote ~ reviews anime dan manga bahasa Indonesia
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Lirik Lagu Avenged Sevenfold ( A7x ) - Carry On

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Lirik Lagu Avenged Sevenfold ( A7x ) - Carry On

carry on

Buat Anda yang sedang mencari Lirik Lagu Avenged Sevenfold ( A7x ) terbaru yang berjudul Carry On, ini saya bagikan dan silahkan dibaca, dan kalau perlu dihafalkan. Hehe oke, silahkan disimak.

Lirik Lagu Avenged Sevenfold ( A7x ) - Carry On

Some people live their selfish desire
Some choose to shout when they speak, and they'll be the start
Guarding the flame of those deep in fire
Seeking out those with a voice
One for tomorrow

They say we've lost our minds, we've just gained control

Search endlessly, fight till we're free
Fly past the edge of the sea
No bended knee, no mockery
Somehow we still carry on

Silence your fear, we've got to move higher
Out lock the stars in the sky Guarding us all
Battle the will of those who conspire
Take back the passion to live, vanish the sorrow

Destroys their perfect crime, watch the power fold

Search endlessly, fight till we're free
Fly past the edge of the sea
No bended knee, no mockery
Somehow we still carry on

Search endlessly, fight till we're free
Fly past the edge of the sea
No bended knee, no mockery
Somehow we still carry on
Carry on...

Dan buat yang mau download lagunya Silahkan KLIK DISINI

Judul : Lirik Lagu Avenged Sevenfold ( A7x ) - Carry On
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Get your piece of art...

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Apparently we can expect clouds, rain and wind over the weekend. So, having picnics at the beach is a bit out of the question. So why not get your monthly art dose this weekend - somewhere warm and cosy? Art exhibitions off course.

Donna McKellar - Life as a House

The Gallery at Grande Provence proudly present a solo exhibition of paintings by Donna McKellar. This exhibition looks at urban decay, lack of
maintenance, loss of beauty and strength – all related to human life.

27 October – 3 December

The Gallery, Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate, Franschhoek, Tel: (021) 876 8630 or for more info email:

Elizabeth Gunter: 'Fugitive Lives'

In this exhibition Elizabeth Gunter explores themes of duality within
birth and death and the quiet violence imbued in the notion that the
first step towards one’s death begins with birth.\

Brundyn & Gonsalves, 71 Loop Street. 10 October - 21 November. 18h-22h.

Cape Town's Month of Photography Festival

This month, Cape Town celebrates photography. It is the 5th annual festival and it is really something to see if you are interested in photography. From the site: "The
festival encompasses more than 160 photographers this 5th edition, with
work in series, installation and moving images, accepted to showcase in
this celebration of photography as a medium of personal and artistic
expression, social engagement; political comment and philosophical
Go have a look!

Until 31 October @ 12pm – 9pm

R20 for this amazing festival!

Castle of Good Hope, Corner Darling & Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, Tel: 071 3112963

Transformations Photography Exhibition

It is the Cape Town Month of Photography and to add to this celebration internationally acclaimed photographer Araminta de Clermont’s three-part
“Transformations: Before Life, Life After and A New Life” 
explores the relationship
between outward appearance and inner metamorphosis.

Until 25 November 10am-4pm

This is mahala!

Casa labia, 192 Main Road, Muizenberg, Tel: (021) 788 6068

Noel Ashton
Noordhoek artist Noel Ashton celebrates is 'a year in nature' paintings. This exhibition showcases the reconnecting and offers a
unique perspective of the extraordinary natural world around us. A beautiful exhibition that is well worth a visit.

Until 27 October

The Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street, Cape Town. Visit: visit

Go have some art and a delicious glass of the finest red :)


Contact me:

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Kumpulan Game ( Permainan ) N-Gage Terlengkap

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Kumpulan Game ( Permainan ) N-Gage Terlengkap

game n-gage

Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan membagikan kumpulan game hp n gage , jadi buat yang bingung cari link downloadnya sekarang tidak usah bingung lagi, silahkan download disini, gratis.

Ok langsung saja berikut ini adalah kumpulan game n-Gage yang saya dapat dari berbagai sumber.
silahkan dipilih-pilih dulu, barang kali ada yang cocok.

1. Civilization(7,6mb).zip
2. Alien front BETA(5,7mb) .zip
3. Splinter cell caos theori (24mb).zip
4. Spiderman.2(21mb).zip
5. MotoGP(6,5mb).zip
6. Sonic(3mb).zip
7. Sango fighters(11,3mb).zip
8. Nokia snow
9. Mile high pinball(8,4mb) .zip
10. Rayman3(5,2mb).zip
11. Anothworld.(1.1mb).zip
12. Barakel falen angel(6mb) .zip
13. MLB slam(2mb).zip
14. V-tennis(8,8mb).zip
15. The roots gates of chaos (27,5mb).zip
16. Pathway to glory lkusa islands(52mb).zip
17. Operation shadow (12,2mb).zip
18. System_rush(20mb).zip
19. Bomberman hudson (9,9mb).zip
20. Rifts(24,2mb).zip
21. Elder scrolls travles shadowkey(11,9mb).zip
22. Marcel dsailly pro soccer (8mb).zip
23. Tiger woods (13,8mb).zip
24. Pandemonium (7,4mb).zip
25. The Sims Bustin'Out (13,5mb).zip
26. Romanes of three kingdom(10,9mb).zip
27. NCAA_Football (3,3mb).zip
28. Pocket kingdom (10,6mb).zip
29. Red faction(7,2mb).zip
30. Glimmerati(49,5mb).zip
31. SSX out of bounds (21,9mb).zip
32. PuzzleBooble (2,4mb).zip
33. Ashen(13,3mb).zip
34. The One(19mb).zip
35. Payload(16mb).zip
36. Crash nitro kart (5,7mb).zip
37. Xanadu_NEXT (10,3mb).zip
38. Tomb_raider(7,2mb).zip
39. King of fighters (16,8mb).zip
40. Tonyhawk skatter (14,7mb).zip
41. HinterWars(10,4mb).zip
42. Ghost Recon (12,4mb).zip
43. Sega Rally(5,4mb).zip
44. FIFA 2008(12,9mb).zip
45. Call of Duty(21,1mb).zip
46. Splinter cell team stealth Action(6,4mb).zip
47. Atari master pieces vol1(21mb).zip
48. Worms world party arena enable(20,8mb).zip
49. Collin mc Rally (29,9mb).zip
50. Asphalt urbanGT2(20,1mb) .zip
51. Capcom_catan(6,7mb).zip
52. Atari master pieces vol 2(20,8mb).zip
53. X-MAN_2(25,2mb).zip
54. WWE_Aftershock(11,2mb) .zip
55. The_One(18,5mb).zip
56. 7Days_full(19mb).sis
57. Heigh_sieze(23,6mb).zip

dan buat pengguna hp s60v2 dan belum bisa main game game tersebut, tenang ada caranya, tapi dipostingan selanjutnya, jadi sering - sering mampir ke blog ini ya?

Semoga bermanfa'at
Apabila ada link rusak mohon lapor di comment

Judul : Kumpulan Game ( Permainan ) N-Gage TerlengkapPost By : Mas Fendy

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Info Kontes Seo Commonwealth Life Perusahaan Asuransi Jiwa Terbaik Indonesia

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Info Kontes Seo Commonwealth Life Perusahaan Asuransi Jiwa Terbaik Indonesia

semakin hari semakin banyak pula kontes-kontes yang ada, dan tentunya dengan hadiah yang menghiurkan, dan setelah postingan sebelumnya tentang Kontes Review blog Aneh Tapi Nyata pada kesempatan kali ini saya membagikan info kontes seo dengan keyword Commonwealth Life Perusahaan Asuransi Jiwa Terbaik Indonesia. Dan buat yang benar-benar mau ikut silahkan disimak dengan seksama.

"Commonwealth Life Perusahaan Asuransi Jiwa Terbaik Indonesia"

Pemenang 1 : Rp 10.000.000,-
Pemenang 2 : Rp 7.500.000,-
Pemenang 3 : Rp 5.000.000,-
The Best Blog : Rp 2.000.000,-
Blog urutan 4 - 10 : Rp 500.000,-/masing
Blog urutan 11 - 20 : Rp 300.000,-/masing

- Lomba dimulai tanggal 15 Oktober 2012 - 15 Januari 2013
- Penutupan Pendaftaran tanggal 15 Desember 2012
- Pemenang akan diumumkan pada tanggal 25 Januari 2013
- Penyerahan Hadiah 29 Januari 2013

Dan seperti biasa, untuk syarat, ketentuan, pendaftaran dan informasi selengkapnya silahkan KLIK DISINI

Judul : Info Kontes Seo Commonwealth Life Perusahaan Asuransi Jiwa Terbaik Indonesia
Post By : Mas Fendy

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Kontes Review blog Aneh Tapi Nyata

Posted by Aileen Raymond Monday, October 15, 2012 0 comments
Info Kontes Seo Sesama Blogger Jangan Saling Mencaci

Kemarin kemarin saya sudah share dan sebuah info kontes seo dan sekarang saya akan membagikan info Kontes Review blog Aneh Tapi Nyata. Ingat ini bukan kontes seo, jadi buat anda yang tidak mengerti tentang seo, ini merupakan kesempatan anda untuk menjadi pemenang dalam kontes.

Oke, langsung saja buat yang mau ikut silahkan disimak.


Juara 1 : 100rb
Juara 2 : 50rb
Juara 3 : 25rb
Semua hadiah dalam bentuk pulsa.

waktu pelaksanaan lomba yaitu dari tanggal 23 Oktober 2012 - 23 Desember 2012

Dan untuk syarat, ketentuan dan informasi selengkapnya silahkan KLIK DISINI

Judul : Kontes Review blog Aneh Tapi Nyata
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Cara Mengirim / Transfer Pulsa Kartu As dan Simpati (telkomsel)

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Cara Mengirim / Transfer Pulsa Kartu As dan Simpati (telkomsel)

Transfer Pulsa Telkomsel - Bagi anda yang ingin mentransfer pulsa, dan lagi mencari bagaimana cara mentransfer pulsa?
Silahkan baca baik-baik artikel saya pada kali ini dari atas sampai bawah, karena yang saya bahas pada artikel ini yaitu Cara Mentransfer pulsa telkomsel, baik itu kartu As maupun Simpati.

Okey, buat yang membutuhkan silahkan simak baik-baik.
Dan lakukan hal seperti dibawah ini ini .
- Ketik : *858*nomor tujuan*nilai transfer#
- tekan OK atau Call
- Dan ikuti petunjuk selanjutnya.

Jika masih bingung ini saya contohkan, misalnya anda ingin mentransfer pulsa Rp.10.000 ke nomor 085291489299 . Jadinya begini
*858*085291489299*10# lalu tekan OK atau Call

Tapi ingat ada syarat dan ketentuannya, dan syarat dan ketentuan itu adalah sebagai berikut :
- Hanya kesesama pengguna produk Telkomsel seperti kartu simPATI dan kartu As.
- Di kenakan biaya Rp.800 per 1x transfer.
- Minimum pulsa setelah transfer adalah Rp. 10.000.
- Pulsa yang anda transfer terhitung sebagai pulsa transfer bukan usage / penggunaan.
- Pengiriman atau transfer pulsa, tidak mempengaruhi masa aktif pulsa dan masa grace period (masa isi ulang).
- Transaksi maksimal kirim pulsa adalah 10 kali perhari.
- Total maksimal pulsa yang dikirim atau di transfer adalah 200ribu perhari.
- Status pengirim harus aktif & penerima juga harus aktif atau berada pada masa isi ulang (grace periode)
- Setiap transaksi transfer pulsa tidak merubah status masa aktif ataupun masa isi ulang (grace period ). Jika penerima dalam status masa isi ulang, pulsa yang ditransefer baru dapat digunakan setelah penerima melakukan isi ulang untuk mengaktifkan kembali kartunya.

Dengan fasilitas ini anda bisa membagi-bagikan pulsa anda keteman-teman anda jika anda lagi banyak pulsa.
Hanya itu yang dapat saya sampaikan dalam artikel Cara Mengirim / Transfer Pulsa Kartu As dan Simpati (telkomsel) ini, dan semoga bermanfa'at buat kita semua.

Judul : Cara Mengirim / Transfer Pulsa Kartu As dan Simpati (telkomsel)
Post By : Mas Fendy

Transfer Pulsa Kartu As Ke Kartu as, Transfer Pulsa Kartu Simpati ke Kartu Simpati, Transfer Pulsa Kartu As Ke simpati, Transfer Pulsa Simpati ke Kartu As, Transfer Pulsa Telkomsel

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Info Lomba Bantu Indonesia

Posted by Aileen Raymond Friday, October 12, 2012 0 comments
Info Lomba Bantu Indonesia

kemarin saya sudah berbagi artikel Toyota SEO Award September-Desember 2012silahkan diklik dan dibaca bagi yang pengen ikutan, dan pada kesempatan kali ini saya juga akan bagikan Info Lomba, Yaitu lomba menulis, buat yang mau ikut silahkan disimak.

1. Sosial (artikel bercerita tentang penting dan mudahnya membantu sesama secara online).
2. Gaya Hidup (artikel bercerita tentang pengalaman membantu sesama).

- Hadiah 1: Rp.5.000.000,-
- Hadiah 2: Rp.3.000.000,-
- Hadiah 3: Rp.1.000.000,-
- Hadiah 4: Rp.750.000,-
- Hadiah 5: Rp.500.000,-
- 200 Peserta Pertama yang Memenuhi Kualifikasi Mendapatkan Kaos Ekslusif

- Pendaftaran 25 Juli 2012 - 22 Oktober 2012
- Pengumuman Pemenang: 05 Nopember 2012

Dan untuk kriteria penilaian dan informasi selengkapnya silahkan KLIK DISINI

Judul : Info Lomba Bantu Indonesia
Post By : Mas Fendy

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Go Rock the River into 2013!

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We all know how annoying it can be to plan a New Year's party. No one wants to drive far or even be on the road during those days. You fear road-blocks and have nightmares of helping your drunk friend out of some random club. But the scariest thought of all: Your friends all go their separate ways and you are left with the option to either join the family or stay at home.

There is a solution to all of the above: A five-day festival near Cape Town where you can relax and party into the new year, an alternative New Years Eve event in a safe and beautiful environment. It's called Rock the River SA 2013 and it is your answer to a stress-free New Years Eve party! Filled with music and other fun activities, this is a festival that you cannot afford to miss. Just imagine: Glorious, sunny days outside, dancing into 2013.

This year festival-goers can look forward to a five day festival - yes, you heard right. This means that there will be more music, more dancing and ultimately more fun! Rock the River will definitely be Cape Town's hottest New Year's eve event. The organisers promise a crazy line-up at a convenient venue - a comfortable drive from Cape Town.

This year's festival will take place from the 28th of December to the 1st of January (make mental note). Festival-goers can look forward to over 200 live acts on three music stages and one electronic stage, all kitted out with some of the best sound and lighting. There will off course be a large food market, braai areas and drink specials. We are especially looking forward to those braai areas - nothing better than a braai in December!

For those who want a little more luxury in their lives, can look forward to the Heart Break Hotel camping area. The rest of you: Bring your tents, sleeping bags and swimsuits - it is going to be crazy!

This is certainly going to be another sell-out success, so buy your tickets as soon as you can, to avoid disappointment!

When is RTR2013: 28th of December to the 1st of January

Sounds amazing, but where is this: Venue to be announced within the next few days!

Where can I buy tickets: At Computicket very soon.

Visit the website for more info and line-up coming soon:



Follow Rock the River and Dirty Pink City for more interactions and news!

Artists! Keen to play at this year's fest? General submissions are now open, so contact:
Main Stage and Comedy/Vaudeville stage: Moon @
Metal and Electro Stages:


Photos by Stop&Watch Photography.

Contact me:

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DPC Summer guide Part 1.

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To celebrate today's beautiful weather in SA (and many more to come), I thought it would be a good idea to give you a small, but helpful, summer guide (part 1)! You're welcome.

Kids, this is mostly focused on Cape Town, because CT is one of the most popular holiday destinations - everyone flock to Western Cape beaches in December. So, if you're here in the next 3 months, go ahead and get yourselves in silly season mood!

Beaches worth a visit: Koelbaai, Muizenberg beach, Gordon's bay and Bikini Beach. Don't know these places? Google: 'Cape Town Maps' and make the effort of knowing your destination. At these beautiful places you can swim, relax or stroll. Cape Town is popular for its beaches, so do make a point of visiting them. Not a beach person? Go have a beer away from the sticky sand and scorching sun. You are still welcome!

You will find some neat camping areas near some of these beaches. Visit: for places to stay.


Fashion for the season: It looks like everywhere you look these days you see neon and mint. It can be pulled off, but remember: It is what looks and feels comfortable. We are fans of rock chicks, metal heads, emo children and hippie boys - It's summer, therefor put on your bikini and go to the beach - nothing to worry about, only fun!

Mint colours will be a big trend this season. Especially in flowy tops, the "high-low" skirt and skinnies.

Denim shorts will forever be a summer fashion trend. But why not dye yours? Take your old shorts and dye them pink or green! They will look brand new.

Get a fun swimsuit. Forget about what is "in fashion", you need something comfortable and colourful! Visit to browse through hundreds of bikini's.

Do buy a nice hat and sunglasses. The Cape Town sun is a killer and it will not have mercy on you. Besides hats and sunnies always look good - no matter the weather!

Places to party: Night owls will love The Shack and Mercury - these two brothers will keep you busy until the early hours of the morning. Play some pool at Shack and have a few shots, then head over to Mercury, next door, for some live action on their stage.

The Shack facebook page: Shack it!

Mercury Live facebook page: Mercury Live and lounge.

The Assembly is your answer to anything live. A big venue with some of the best sound. You might party yourself out of your clothes, money and friends, but it is all worth it. Visit their website for all things Assembly.

Long Street is a favourite amongst some locals and a lot of foreigners, but it can get a bit crowded and wild. Be careful when stepping into this cosmopolitan street. SGT Pepper in Long Street is definitely worth a visit. Friendly staff and amazing pizzas is what you can expect here. But head up to Kloof Street for good food, good music and pretty people. Here you will find a more sophisticated crowd, but be warned: They party just as hard!

Got the munchies? Go to Rafiki's, SGT Pepper or Carlyle's (Vredehoek) for real good pizza. A burger person? Hudson's on Kloof Street or Cafe Mojito in Long Street will fill your stomach with the most delicious gourmet burgers. In the mood for a pub lunch? Perseverance Tavern on Buitenkant Street serve a proper pub meal.


SGT Pepper:


Cafe Mojito:


Perseverance Tavern:

Festivals coming up: Synergy Live, Rock the River SA and Up the Creek. Cape Town is famous for its beautiful festivals. Here you will find a variety of live act and activities all bundled up in 3-5 days! Don't have New Year's plans yet? Go to Rock the River. This year festival-goers can look forward to a 5-day festival packed with crazy entertainment! Keep your eyes on DPC for full press release of Rock the River 2013.

Visit their websites for more info:

Now yes, go plate your hair, buy your strawberries and blow up your beach ball, because this is going to be one mother of a summer: It's the fun season 2013!!


Contact me:

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Toyota SEO Award September-Desember 2012

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Toyota SEO Award September-Desember 2012

Kontes seo merupakan dua kata yang tidak asing lagi ditelinga kita, banyak blogger-blogger yang menyukai kontes seo termasuk saya karena tergiur karena hadiahnya yang kalau bisa menjadi pemengangnya bisa dapat uang, bisa buat beli permen sekarung lah, tapi ada juga beberapa blogger yang tidak menyukai kontes seo entah apa alasannya saya tidak tahu karena sayapun juga belum lama mengenal kontes seo, tapi alhamdulillah sudah pernah menang walaupun hanya satu kali, itupun tidak menggunakan blog ini.

Sekarang ini banyak sekali kontes SEO yang sedang berlangsung dan dalam memberikan hadiahnyapun tidak tanggung-tanggung yaitu sampai berjuta-juta, misalnya kontes Toyota SEO Award 2012, kontes ini masih sangat segar karena pendaftaran kontes ini baru dibuka tanggal 18 September 2012 lalu dan rencananya akan berakhir pada 21 Desember 2012. Hadiah dari kontes inipun sangat menghiurkan yaitu mencapai total Rp.53.000.000, waw sangat-sangat dahsyat jika menang bisa dapat sepeda motor baru tuh.

Sepertinya, kontes Toyota SEO Award 2012 ini tidak benar-benar semuanya tentang SEO karena banyak sekali kriteria-kriteria yang dinilai mulai dari kualitas artikel, originalitas, readership dan terakhir adalah peringkat SERP/SEO. Tidak heran jika hadiah yang dikeluarkan tergolong banyak sekali bahkan sangat banyak.

Dan untuk Yang ingin benar-benar mau ikut silahkan baca peraturannya KLIK DISINI
Buat yang ingin ikut kontes seo yang lain anda bisa baca artikel saya tentang info kontes,
- Info Kontes Seo Sesama Blogger Jangan Saling Mencaci
- Info Kontes Seo tempatnya prediksi bola terakurat
- Info Kontes Seo menggunakan internet secara positif

Judul : Toyota SEO Award September-Desember 2012
Post By : Mas Fendy

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with daisies in our hair...

Posted by Aileen Raymond Wednesday, October 10, 2012 0 comments

Rocking the Daisies... It danced and partied from Thursday to Sunday and in all honesty: It conquered. Some of us are still recovering and the process will probably still last until the end of the week. A 4-day festival that rocked thousands of people into a 7-day long babbelas. A party that smelled of marijuana, looked like a hippie village and rocked like only Rocking the Daisies can!

With 15000+ bodies through the gate, in the camp area and on the dance floor, everyone will agree: It was a monster of a festival (in a good way). It was certainly Cape Town's start to the Rock festival season. This year RTD truly burst at its seams and millions of memories were made!

Yes, some complained about the big crowds (everywhere) and other's said that Bloc Party was a bit disappointing - It didn't bother me. With a festival this big and well-organised, who cares about the rain, long queues or a few sweaty bodies too close to your personal space? The more the merrier. And yes, what a merry fest!

We arrived at Cloof Wine Estate in a truck - also our home for the festival. In all honesty: I was packed like I was going to war: two jackets, beanies, scarfs, blankets, water bottles, food, plastic cups, cutlery and plates, boots, hats, gloves and even a disposable braai! I was ready and I was not going to let anything stop the party. But just after midnight on Friday, my body had enough and I was forced to listen to the second half of BEAST's set from my bed. It was clear: RTD2012 had different plans for me! 

There is no doubt that this is a well-organised festival: From the Camp site, to the different stages: These guys know what they are doing and they do it well. The facilities were even better this year and festies could brush their teeth at proper basins, have a hot shower and I saw cleaners at the toilets every morning. No wonder I saw a few "jersey-daisy" girls walking around with their neatly applied fake lashes, tans and straightened hair. Don't worry girls: We love you too!

The festival was neatly set out, with the main stage being the main attraction. Every time I went there, I found a brilliant atmosphere with excellent artists and the crowd supporting them loudly. The Red Bull tent was another popular feature with people dancing the weekend away. The sound and lighting here was fantastic as always, playing beats throughout the night to a hot, sweaty crowd. I must confess: A few times over the weekend, I went to the Red Bull tent only because I was so cold!

The Nu World Beat Barn and Lemon Tree Theater gave more variety to the festival and it was always filled with happy people enjoying the talent on show. The Nu World Beat Barn was one of my favourites this year. A place where I could go when I wanted to chill out a bit. Some of the artists were incredible and the intimate space created the perfect atmosphere to relax a little. I even watched a movie in the Shnit tent (something I didn't do last year) and I was pretty impressed. The tent is beautiful inside with comfy couches and bean bags. A definite place to relax when your body is saying 'no more'.

Bloc Party was certainly the biggest attraction. Even though I don't know all their songs, I enjoyed some of it. I will always remember the anticipation on Saturday night, just before they walked out onto the stage. I was standing in the middle, almost 4 meters from the stage and the crowd was pushing and screaming and dancing. I could hardly lift my arms. When they appeared (at last) the crowd went crazy. Some said they expected more from them, some said the sound was not that good. What ever your thoughts: They were here and we all saw them live.

My personal favourite act from RTD: ISO (Isochronous). These guys are so professional and their sound almost perfectly well-rounded. I will make a point to see their next act in Cape Town. Crowd favourite: Jeremy Loops.

Although the weather was a bit depressing, the festival was definitely a highlight of my year. To be honest, there was too much to see and do in just one weekend. I missed a lot of acts and activities due to there not being enough time, but there was truly something for everyone this year! Thank you Rocking the Daisies for giving me more rocking memories and an awesome time.

Until next year.


Contact me:

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