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Abracadabra- Brown Eyed Girls
Currently addicted to this song :)
The music video is pretty good as well.

I've been away to Bali for 8 days. Posts will be up soon. That's until I've finish uploading the pics :)

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Goodbye Year 6

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Goodbye and good luck to all the Year 6 pupils that are leaving us to head off to their new schools in September. Don't forget to check the blog and let us know what you are up to.

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Have a great summer holiday!!!

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It's finally reached the end of term but what a great year it has been. What has been your favourite memory of the year at Rush Green? Why don't you tell us about it on the blog.

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Of Ballerinas, Tutus & Leotards

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DSC_0150 copy
Lizzie had her ballet performance last Sat & Sun. Went with a bunch of them on Sunday. The performance started at 5pm. Never been to a ballet performance before and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it :) not to mention amazed too...

Everyone on stage was just so graceful :D The first session started out with the children. Most of them were from the first grade/amateur level. They were really cute :)
DSC_0020 copy
DSC_0127 copy
There were some real fast and upbeat ones as well.
DSC_0032 copy
DSC_0080 copy
During the 10 minutes intersection. Group picture of those from college.
DSC_0163 copy
Lizzie & Jared.
DSC_0169 copy
After the certificate giving session was done, the second session started. This time with the higher grade ballerinas. It was more organized and the timing was perfect ;)
DSC_0139 copy
DSC_0056 copy
DSC_0052 copy
The last performance! Lizzie was in it as well. Took this shot of her. One of my best but it ain't that clear.
DSC_0303 copy
DSC_0363 copy
Photo session 2 :D
DSC_0378 copy
Lizzie & I
DSC_0368 copy
Headed off to Williams for dinner after we dropped Melia & Rachelle back. Dinner was delish ;d Went to TGV@ Tropicana City to buy tickets for Public Enemies but mana tau, they only sell tickets for the past movies. No new movies available yet =\ So in the end we went back to Sunway. Bought the 11.30pm show for 9 of us. Chilled at Wong Kok while waiting for time to pass.

Ratings: 7/10
The movie is a good one. Although there's no particular plot to it, Johnny Depp's acting just blows us away once again :D

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Ice Age 3 :D

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Dinner at Sushi Zanmai while the guys were lining up for tickets. Chocolate Parfait is love! <3 The queue was so long that when we finish our dinner, the guys came back only without the ticket cuz it was fully booked. Someone merajuk-ed so we girls went to buy tickets. Got the 5th row from the front and missed the first 5 minutes.

The movie was really hilarious. And at some part some bunch of idiots began to laugh like annoying hyenas at random times. Really annoying.

Guys acting cute. More to edwin actually :P
Wanted to go to AC for pool after that but it was really packed. So decided to try Racks. Full as well =\Bumped into Haziq, Shahir & Amir etc. The guys played foos while waiting for the table. But in the end we just went home. Everywhere's packed.

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Of Martinis, Whisky & the Dancefloor

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Werner's @ Jalan Changkat KL were giving out free Martini's until 12am last thurs. Suppose to go there around 9 plus but some were late, so ended up there around 11 plus. Love the apple martini and the others tasted kinda weird.

Melia, Erng Mei & Me
Us girls
Melia, Me, Eva & Erng Mei
Group photo! :P
Chilled at Werner's till 12 plus and then decided to go to Maison along with another bunch of their friends.

Melia promoting Calsberg?
Love my nail colour here :P
Melia? o.O
Kenneth & his gucci =D
Danced & chilled. Had fun :)

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Digital Imaging Assignment

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This is the final assignment for Photography & Digital Imaging assignment I was talking about on the previous posts. I remember the time staying up till 6am in the morning rushing the work cuz I thought I wouldn't finish it on time. Paying for the studio rent, getting approval from lecturer, stressing myself up. Adding shadows and touching up here and there.

It turned out pretty alright :)

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Urbanscapes 2009 (Part ll)

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Continue from the previous post. After walking around, we headed off to the TIC zone. There are loads of food stalls there. They even have lok lok :) The choices of food were definitely better than last years. Palette palette was there was well but the queue was so long that I gave up on wanting to try their food. But it looks absolutely delish ;p

Some stalls selling quirky tess. Love the designs. Mahal jugak.
DSC_0108 copy

DSC_0112 copy

Headed to the X Lawn around 5pm. Managed to catch Pop Shuvit and Yuna. Really awesome performances.

DSC_0125 copy

I was standing this far.
DSC_0129 copy

Yuna! Love her songs :D
DSC_0151 copy

Went to watch the Tugu Drum Circle after Yuna's performance. Though the sky was dark, thank god it didn't rain. :D
Chloe posing at the Mooks booth. We redeemed the Tic+Mooks bag :)
DSC_0170 copy

Colourful balloons. Jaws! Ur in d pic xD
DSC_0173 copy

Accessories by Mimpi.
DSC_0174 copy

Face painting booth.
DSC_0176 copy

Art piece in KLPAC 2nd floor.
DSC_0189 copy

After more scouting at the marketplace. We manage to buy a few items. More like I bought the most ;p Chloe only bought a dress. Bumped into a few familiar faces as well. Settled for dinner with fried kuey teow. Sat along the lakeside while listening to the music playing at the Sunset Disco.
DSC_0216 copy

The songs at the beginning were pretty alright. After that it just went downhill. Prefer the ones at the Zouk's Barsonic tent.
DSC_0220 copy

Another round of shopping during the night cuz that's when the 'sale' began :P Chloe bought her dress for RM20. Bargain!

Left around 9 plus. Chloe's sister came and pick us up and they dropped me off at the KTM station. Waited for some time cuz there wasn't enough ppl yet and it seems that something's wrong with the train that we're in so we switched to another train. Took KTM back to Subang and most of the Urbanscapers went off at KL Sentral. Had to miss Twilight Actiongirl cuz no transport back :(

John picked me up at the KTM Station and headed off to Dahrul Salam, SS15 for yam cha session. After that headed off to The Racks for pool. Saw Haziq, Amir & Shahir there.

This is the painting that I bought from The Fashion Forest stall
My eyes was set to this piece of painting when I first saw it. Like there was some kind of connection. Bought it for RM30 and I only realize that the series for this painting is In search for Dreams and the title is Key to my Dreams. Padahal I'm such a dreamer kan :) <3 Am I crapping?

Bought 2 pair of wayfarers. One black with pink sides from Abstrax Jingga and another white ray ban. Abstrax Jingga gave this really nice and long paper bag. It's really funky as well. For keeps. So it's currently with the painting and the free Urbanscapes postcards on the top of my printer. It's known as my 'little art corner' for now :P

Bought a new purple Forever 21 dress for RM40 as well. :D

This years Urbanscapes is better & bigger compared to last year =) But somehow I prefer last year's Marketplace. Although it was like pasar malam but I enjoyed going through each and every stall whereas this years some stalls seem to gain less attention cuz they're placed behind. And the ticketing booth is overshadowed by the X-Pax booth. lol

Hope next year's one will be even better :)
Thanks again Nuffnang for the tickets!

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Urbanscapes 2009 (Part l)

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27th June is THE day! Urbanscapes 2009 was held again on Saturday at KLPAC, Sentul.

Woke up feeling uber exicited! Second time going to Urbanscapes. Went to last year's one. *here* Thanks to Nuffnang, I managed to win 2 free tickets. =) Swea Phin was there since 12pm and asked her to collect my tickets for me cuz I will be late. Chloe at classes going until 12pm. Waited at Kl Sentral Mcd around 2pm and played Solitaire using my HTC Touch Viva while waiting. It saved me from boredom ;P

After lunch at McD, headed off to the KTM. The train came late cuz it broke down -_- Waited around 45 minutes I suppose? Train train train...used the free shuttle van service provided. Even before the entrance to KLPAC, there was this LONG line of cars like literally looonnggggg. I was like wtf o.O so many people. Even the parkings were fully taken up and the side of the roads were parked with cars as well. Banyak giler kan? =D Probably cuz I went early last year so I didn't suffer the congestion part xD

It was taking a really long time going into KLPAC, so we as in the people in the van decided to walk instead. Semangat Urbanscapes ;P

This part is always filled with people so couldn't take a full shot of it. Hence, the random shots of people.
DSC_0107 copy

What does girls do best? Shopping! ;P Headed over to the Threadzoo, Lah lah Land area to scout for items. The blue studded bag is outstanding =)
DSC_0089 copy

Most of the shots are the stalls and stuffs that are sold in Urbanscapes.
DSC_0090 copy

DSC_0091 copy

Love the block lights from BLOCK ON! If only I could have one in my room kan? But expensive.
DSC_0092 copy

Art work
DSC_0093 copy

Contact lense cases. You don't get to see this around's kinda cute.
DSC_0094 copy

Random shots of people.
DSC_0095 copy

DSC_0096 copy

DSC_0097 copy

DSC_0098 copy

Cute :D
DSC_0105 copy

Necklace from Evangelion. I personally find the necklaces very unique and cute. It's handmade. Costs about 30 bucks. *cries* I wannnttt~
DSC_0100 copy

They even sell dolls and other stuffs!
DSC_0102 copy

After a few rounds of walking at the marketplace area, we couldn't find anything particular that we like. Shopping did not began. Chloe said that this should be a good thing because we get to 'save money'. And I agreed. But we were WRONG. dead wrong.

Went into KLPAC 1st & 2nd floor as well to look around. Many artsy stuff there. Acoustic bands, movies and live performances were there as well. Wanted to watch Sepet but we missed the timing and its kinda hard to stick to one location when there's so many things going on at the same time ya know. =\

Some stuff from the Light Show were there as well.

No camwhore pictures of me n Chloe because we were tired and lack of sleep. Second post will be up soon! :)

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