3 months...

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It's been 3 months already since we've been together. Perhaps a little longer? We've been through ups and downs & the thought of us parting is just unimaginable. Is this the end? Or is this just the beginning?

Complaining was partially what I did when I got to be with you. Perhaps you were a little too complicated to understand. But as time goes by, I understood you better. Things started to get easier with you around me. With you constantly by my side, I was constantly reminded of the things I would forget easily. It was so convenient & perhaps I had taken countless advantages of you. I sayang you so much ♥


Say hello to my HTC Touch Viva darlings ;)

Being a technology savvy person, smartphones are very useful for daily basis. Checking emails, keeping in touch with friends, taking photographs etc, all of that is provided with Viva. For instant information, you can just Google and get your answers straight.

Games applications saves you from boring lecture classes at time *coughs* Reminders for birthdays, important meetings, etc. When there's so many things are on our mind we tend to forget important details along the line, which at times can cause us serious trouble. *meeting at 9am & you've just woke up. how bad can this be? go figure yourself.*

Twitter :)
HTC Viva
When my notebook is not with me or it was sent off for repairs like recently, Viva is really handy when you need to surf the net to check on emails & stuff like that. It does help ALOT because my brother will be hogging the PC and I'll be stuck with nothing. Thanks to Viva, I get to check my emails frequently & of course Twitter plus Facebook using the wifi at home :P

And of course having many memorable moments, capturing pictures & videos are important as well!

ii copy
Having my favourite cup of Hot Chocolate. yummy :D
IMAGE_024 copy
Going out for pampering sessions with Viva :)
IMAGE_033 copy
Since some places bans camera to be taken inside the premises, Viva came in handy as I was able to record down videos & pictures together!

At the MTV World Stage. The camera functions well during daylight.
IMAG0010 copy
IMAG0007 copy
Getting soaked in the rain!
IMAG0008 copy
Here's a short video that I manage to capture during MTV :) Really wish I was there again. Performances was awesome.

Foooood! Delicious food must be taken! Sharing is caring! I don't care if I'm making you hungry :P
DSCF9930 copy
For more information you can check out the Facebook group *here*

Apparently there's some questions to answer. So here goes!

What do you think about your Viva so far?
To be honest I think there can be improvements done to this phone. There are good and bad sides of this phone. The good thing about this phone is that you can access to the internet 24/7. It's like a mini laptop or pc, you can surf the net using the HTC Opera web browser. The max tab you can open is 3 to make sure that the phone doesn't lag much. I don't need to bring along my heavy laptop to college that often anymore. I just bring out my Viva and quick researches can be done in a jiffy :) Microsoft Word & Notes in Office Mobile helps me keep my important notes or thoughts that I've typed into.

The bad side is that the phone gets laggy. We have to constantly restart the phone at alternate days to keep it running smoothly. I don't remember smartphones like Blackberry needing to be restart. My dad doesn't even do that to his Blackberry. Apparently if you insert a 4GB SD card in it..it slows down as well. Maybe I should get a 2GB one. Oh, and I'm kinda bummed cuz we can't use our own ringtones for the alarm clock. Stuck with ones in the Viva, which is not really useful because sounds kinda crappy to me.

One incident with this phone is that when I was restarting my phone, the Touch Flo application went beserk. The screen was black and I only could use my phone manually going through the start button. I think I couldn't even send out an SMS or call someone at that time. Luckily I had an extra phone with me. So I left my Viva off for a few days hoping it'll get better, but it didn't. In the end, I went to Settings and cleared the whole storage then only the Touch Flo application came back.

Overall, I'm content with Viva because it's so easy to use compared to the others! It is a basic smartphone with easy to use features. I can't imagine using other smartphones because some of them are really complicated. This one is so easy & convenient :D

What's your favourite feature?
My favourite feature would be the contacts page. I get to put a list of the 12 important people as my main contact and their pictures too! With that I need not scroll down the whole contacts list, searching each and every one before getting to those I want to contact.

The other favourite feature of mine would be the keypad. You get to chose many types of keypad from phone keypad, compact qwerty, full qwerty & keyboard. I use the Full Qwerty keypad. It's my fav :)

I use my thumbs to type all the time instead of using the stylus. I find the stylus really annoying at times because it slows down my typing. Stylus comes in handy when playing games :P

I can't live without my Viva because?

It's really handy and convenient! It's not as huge and chunky compared to other phones. I get to save bag space with Viva because it's slim! Its user friendly and easy to use application is also a great catch!

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It took forever!

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Finally my laptop has been fixed! Thank god. Vista's been giving me tons of probs after reformatting it. Crap program! Cant wait for the new Windows 7 next year... In the mean time, I'm using back XP. Kinda miss some application on Vista but heck with it, as long my comp works fine now. Lets hope it doesn't get cranky later on.

Loads of post to update on the Bali trip, HTC Viva, MTV World Stage, farewells, birthdays etc. Couldn't work on the posts previously as the Vista program with kinda messed up and didn't dare to work on Photoshop. Luckily everything was in the external hard disk. Sooo... stay tuned for more ;)

Loads of love :D

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MTV World Stage

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MTV World Stage was awesomeeee!
All the performances were great!

I'm sure u guys know whose eyes this belong to ;)
More to come! Stay tuned :D

p.s- My laptop is giving problems again! grr...pls pray hard it's not hard disk problem if not I gotta pay 1k for repair. =.=

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Flores Island (Day 3)

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Reformatted the laptop and had to surrender it for the weekend. After that had some problem with the speaker. Had to get it fixed again. It's finally working now. But i guess after 1 year or more something will be wrong with the hard disk. Oh well...
Back to Flores Island :)

Breakfast was lovely! Wholemeal bread, ham and sausages. On my whole stay in Flores Island, I got to taste German style meals. Loving it!

The sail boat
DSCF9456 copy
After breakfast about an hour or so, headed off the the sea. Anchored in the middle of the sea, was about 10ft deep or more. The guys went diving. We were snorkeling around.. saw quite a number of fishes, but the corals were not that great cuz they bombed the corals for fishes. How sad rite..such pretty corals goes to waste because of selfish purposes =\
The girls :)
DSC_0048 copy
Had bread n ham for lunch. Then jumped into the sea again. After sometime decided to head back to the island.
DSC_0081 copy
Sunset :) The sun goes down so fast that you only have like 10 minutes or less to capture to moment. This is one of the few shots I got on that day.
DSC_0124 copy
Went over to the other resort for dinner. They had some traditional performances as well. The food was good :)

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Journey to Flores Island

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DSCF9446 copy
DSC_0034 copy
DSC_0025 copy
DSC_0040 copy
Set off to Flores Island on day 2! Another 2 and a half hours domestic flight. As usual, stonned in the airport waiting for our flight's turn. Reached Flores about 4pm. Wilfred came and pick us up and off we went to his private resort. Since it was late, cant go out snorkeling. Another german family was there as well with their two daughters. Both are younger than me. They are so cute!

Dinner was served at 8pm. Fresh sashimi (the best I ever had!), steak and bbq fish! yum yum~ On top of that, had wine as well. Perfect touch ;D Not to mention the sky was filled with stars... really breath taking. After some conversations, decided to head to bed early. Still wasn't used to the sky being extra dark..made me even sleepier.

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A for Apple, B for Bali =)

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Holidays at the beach are my absolute favourite! It came true on the 18th of July :D Was in Indonesia with the parents for a total of 8 days! 4 days in Bali and 4 days in Flores Island =)

Woke up at 6am to get ready...not much a morning person really. Flight's at 10am. Taxi. Breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam. I find the staffs there really slow...tons of staff but u just cant seem to find them when you need something. They just dissapear =.=

DSCF9417 copy
Route to the LCCT is so boring....nothing but a straight road ahead. Fell alseep :P
Went onto the plane and took off!
DSC_0002 copy
The flight took approximately 2 hours and a half. Fell asleep again xP Told you I'm not much of a morning person! Ate maggi mee on the plane.
Before reaching Bali =) This is why I love window seats.
DSC_0005 copy

Officially reached Bali around 2 plus! Checked in hotel about 3 plus. Stayed in Vilarisi Hotel. In between Legian & Kuta. Is kinda hard to find local food here cuz everything is catered for foreigners. So most of them serve western food. Head off to Pepito Cafe for lunch! Had German sausages. yum yum~

After that, we explored Kuta area (town). Walked for hours and didn't buy much. The clothes there are very much basic wear. Shopping wise I love Bangkok! The best place ever!!!
DSCF9426 copy
Horsey :)
DSCF9435 copy
I love walking in Bali! You can walk for hours! The weather there is so cooling. About 27C everyday..love it there. Back in Malaysia, walking for 5 minutes and you'll be sweating like a pig already =\

While walking back to the hotel, there were loads of restaurant and pubs along the road. Randomly picked Papa's Cafe for a drink because of the interior design which pulled us. Papa's Cafe has a nice ambience. The lighting changes ;)
DSC_0019 copy
Mommy dearest :)
DSC_0008 copy
Musician with a chef outfit.
DSC_0012 copy
Had my Mojito and it tastes real good :D
DSC_0016 copy
It gets dark real fast and 7pm is like 10pm already...still not used to it although been there for a week. Makes u feel like sleeping earlier as well xD In Malaysia 7pm is still bright! Shops closes at 9pm so the only ones open are restaurants, pubs and clubs till late night.
Went back to the hotel at 10pm and watched TV before going to bed. Sounds pretty lifeless lerh... but holiday with the parents is different with friends. And I can't wander around alone cuz i'm a gurl. Unsafe =.=

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