Year 6 River Topic: Go With the Flow

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Year 6 have been learning about rivers as part of their IPC topic called 'Go With the Flow'.

During Creative Day 6S made models of a course of a river.

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Food of the Day #2

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Mille Crepe

Original Mille Crepe @ The Big Mouth Cafe

I only loved the original mille crepe. The other food wasn't that nice to shout about, just normal. Ordered strawberry milkshake but it was practically tasteless and it tasted much better when I ask them to add more strawberry and milk.

Located at:
24-1, Jalan USJ 9/5N,
47620 Subang Jaya,

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deadmau5 Live in KL - Full Outdoor LED Concert @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

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Sorry I took so long to post this up. Was caught up with video assignment which made me all stressed out.
Here are the pics from deadmau5's concert at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach!

deadmau5 Live in KL
#1 - Reached Lagoon at 7.30pm and the crowd wasn't that big yet but the front was filled up already :)

DJ Patrick Oliver
#2 - Getting pumped up by the opening acts of DJ Patrick Oliver and TV Rock before deadmau5

deadmau5 Live in KL
#3 -  With the friends, Amelia and Hui Xian

deadmau5 Live in KL
#4 - After hours of waiting and people chanting 'deadmau5! deadmau5!'
Finally he appeared! :D

deadmau5 Live in KL

deadmau5 Live in KL
#6 - Moved to the back after a while due to the pushing and the heat. The crowd at the back was much more relaxed but equally fun :)

deadmau5 Live in KL

deadmau5 Live in KL
#8 - I love this pic! ^^

deadmau5 Live in KL

deadmau5 Live in KL
#10 - Me and Melia

deadmau5 Live in KL

deadmau5 Live in KL

deadmau5 Live in KL

deadmau5 Live in KL

deadmau5 Live in KL
#15 - Met up with Carmen after the concert

deadmau5 Live in KL

deadmau5 was awesome but I wished the show could go on longer. The LED display was definitely impressive. One and a half hour isn't enough with all the awesome tracks he has! I want more mau5!

deadmau5's new track where he played it towards the end of the show. LOVE IT!

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SAT's Week

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A message to wish Year 6 the best of luck for SAT's Week. Make sure you get lots of sleep this week and eat a good breakfast so that you are awake for your tests!!

Year 6 teachers

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[Teaser] deadmau5 Live in KL @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

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14/5 - Full post updated! Check it out here :)

Are you ready?
deadmau5 Live in KL
After standing, dancing and getting squished like a sardine for 4 hours yesterday night, deadmau5 live in KL has officially ended. Below is a video that I took using my digicam and edited with different clips combined together of the overall event. Though the quality is not that great, it's made just for you to relive the moment :)


Stay tuned for more updates on deadmau5 live in KL on my blog!
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3R's Fashion Show

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In year 3 our new IPC topic is FASHION. We are going to learn about fashionable or popular art, music and clothing. It should be lots of fun! To start our topic, we had a class fashion show. We wore our favourite clothes and wrote a description of the outfit that our partner was wearing. Then we strutted our stuff down the runway!

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