Butterfly Project Christmas Party @ Sekeping Sin Chew Kee

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 photo DSC_1539.jpg
On the 21st of December, the Butterfly Project held a potluck Christmas party at Sekeping Sin Chew Kee which is located near Swiss Garden Hotel. Luckily I had waze to guide me through the area as I have only been nearby once. Unforfunately, it was raining heavily that evening so I did not take many outdoor shots as I've hope as the place is really nice. From the outside, you won't notice that it is actually a retreat place until you look closely at the signboard. 

 photo DSC_1534.jpg
The Butterfly team had also put in effort to decorate the place nicely and make it cosy and feeling festive for the Christmas party. Placed under the tree are Christmas gifts for us attendees! The products inside are from Bisou Bon Bon which is lovely :D

 photo DSC_1545.jpg
Road signs in Sekeping Sin Chew Kee

 photo DSC_1537.jpg
An upstairs loft which is really cosy :D

 photo DSC_1540.jpg
Outside view from the balcony.
It was nice to sit outside during the light rain as it is very cooling, until you start getting attacked by mosquitos...then it's time to head inside xD

 photo DSC_1576.jpg
Since it's potluck style, many of us bloggers brought food! Imagine the amount of food brought over as there was more than 40 people who attended the event. We had so much food ranging from appetizers, side dishes, salads, mains and desserts! We were spoilt with all the choices of food and until the end of event there was still leftovers.

 photo DSC_1579.jpg

 photo DSC_1550.jpg
Sushi platter :D

 photo DSC_1586.jpg
123 Cheese photobooth was also there for the night for us bloggers to take memorable photos :D Everyone had fun taking pictures and making use of the props.

It was a great night catching up with old friends and meeting new ones as I have been quite inactive for a while. Nice to meet new bloggers :D

Before I forget, we had a gift exchange session during the party and I received Too Faced Jingle All The Way Palette from Shivani which is absolutely gorgeous! This is a unique palette as it is a pop-out palette with an iPhone 5 casing. How I wish I own a iPhone 5 now because the cover is just too pretty. I can't wait to try out the makeup palette too :D

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Urban Art with Hex and JD Fisk

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Vest:Shirt:Jeans:: J Crew
Scarf: English Laundry
Shoes: JD Fisk
Backpack: Hex
Watch: Panerai

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Harvey Specter Impeccable Dressing | Fashion Inspiration of Harvey Specter

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Whether you watch the it TV show"suits" or not, you must have heard about Harvey specter, The hot shot lawyer with the sharp wit and sharper sense of style. known for his pinstripe suits, power accessories and sleek hairs, we can all learn something from his impeccable dressing.

The Harvey specter syndrome.

The maxiam 'dress for the job you want, not the job you have' could not be more relevant for the hit show suits. The lead character is a successful lawyer Harvey specter ( played by Gabriel macht) who dominates in and out of he boardroom due to his attention grabbing suits and powerful accessories. Due to the characteristic three piece suits and  charismatic styling, He has been hailed as a contemporary style icon who revives the Gordon Gecko look from the wall street days. The same fashion inspiration can be seen as being referenced over and over in various fashion shows, from Armani to Tom Ford, providing that this is one look which exudes class and timelessness.
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Christmas at XES!

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 photo DSC_1920.jpg
XES brand prides itself for developing perfect and affordable footwear for family everyday use. Founded under Shellys Marketing Sdn Bhd on the year of 2002, they have successfully reach all corners within Peninsular Malaysia with more than 80 outlets branched out across shopping and retail complexes including Jusco, Giant, Tesco, Carrerfour and various celebrated malls. 

 photo DSC_1921.jpg
Thanks to Sabrina, the PR Manager of Shellys Marketing for the invitation to the XES Christmas Blogger Party at XES Premium in KL Festival City Mall!

 photo DSC_1855-side.jpg
Christmas decorations for the festive occasion!

 photo DSC_1859-down.jpg
XES has collections of ladies’, men’s and children’s shoes that widely appeals to the masses for its style, comfort and value for money factor. There are 2 different shoe concepts developed by XES. XES Studio caters to the lower-medium income group whereas XES Premium provides for the medium-high income demographic. Different shoe concept caters to varying circumstances which include but not limited to casual, semi-casual, formal and sports under the house brands of XES. XES also carries selected distinguished shoe brands such as Scholl, Lee Cooper, Winnie ThePooh and Disney, Bum Equipment, Scorpion and Neckermann.

 photo DSC_1894.jpg
Trendy men shoes for everyday wear.

 photo DSC_1867.jpg
Check out the colourful and cute flats available at XES!

 photo DSC_1900.jpg
Sabrina officiating the event with a short speech.

 photo DSC_1877-checker.jpg
Besides shoes, XES also offers a variety of trendy bags for the ladies at an affordable price!

 photo DSC_1861-checker.jpg
XES aspires to become the household name in trendy family shoes store and to be marketed as the top specialty shoe retail brand that develops more comfortable shoes for all walks of life.

 photo DSC_1916.jpg
A surprise was given where the bloggers are given two Christmas presents of their own choice to bring home. It was definitely the highlight of the day where all bloggers get to choose XES shoes or bag. After choosing two items of our choice, the friendly XES staff proceeds to wrap our presents nicely :D

 photo DSC_1913.jpg
With Mocchi & Chency, posing happily with our Christmas presents from XES :D

 photo DSC_1853-down.jpg
Besides that, delicious pastries, dessert and drinks from Delifrance and Occubite Muffins & Coffee throughout the event.

 photo DSC_1929.jpg
This is the first heels that I have chosen. Love the unique colour as well as the design!

 photo DSC_1935.jpg
2nd heels that I have chosen for a more classic style. I think it would be great for dinner events :D

Thank you so much XES for the awesome Christmas present!

 photo DSC_1928.jpg
A list of XES outlets in Malaysia.

For more information, visit XES Shoes:
Facebook Page

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Funny Chinchilla | Interesting New Pictures

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 Funny Chinchilla
 Funny Chinchilla
 Funny Chinchilla
 Funny Chinchilla
 Funny Chinchilla
 Funny Chinchilla

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Interactive 3D Murals "Artsphere 20/8ty" @ The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan

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 photo DSC_1597.jpg
The Atmosphere, located in Seri Kembangan is a joint venture between Eksons Corporation Berhad and Tempo Properties Sdn Bhd. It is an award-winning integrated commercial development, a hub for the arts, culture, nature, lifestyle and community that is ideal for specialty stores, showrooms, boutiques, bistros, cafes, restaurants and banks. The Atmosphere has won 2 awards; the Asia Pacific Awards-Best Mixed-use Development Malaysia and the Asia Pacific Property Awards –Best Mixed-Use Development Asia Pacific.

 photo DSC_1801.jpg
What's interesting about The Atmosphere is that with the theme 'Artsphere 20/8ty', they invited 20 artists to paint 80 pieces of mural artworks to bring life to the place and give it an artistic environment. This makes The Atmosphere the single location with the highest collection of mural art in Malaysia where onlookers get to interact with the 3D masterpieces.

 photo DSC_1716.jpg
In conjunction with the launch, many activities were on last week such as christmas carols, mimes, stilt walkers, juggler, street dancers, clowns and street magic. There was also a flash mob to start off the launch activity!

 photo IMG_9118.jpg
(L-R) Ms. Haze Long (Founder of Arts Misfits), Tan Sri Datuk Amar (Dr) Haji Abdul Aziz Bin Dato Haji Husain (Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director of the Eksons Corporation Berhad)Mr Khoo Boo Hian (CEO of Tempo Properties) Mr Tan Meng Seng (Executive Director of Tempo Holdings) launching Artsphere 20/8ty!

 photo IMG_9159.jpg
Some of the artist that are present at the event

 photo DSC_1608.jpg
Map of the 80 murals that are in the vicinity! I spent the whole day walking around and only manage to find around 70+ murals. Missing a few~

 photo DSC_1732.jpg
Do take note of these stickers! Stand on that position as it will allow you to take the mural in the correct method where you can see the 3D effects :D

 photo DSC_1808.jpg
Signature mural by Haze Long

 photo DSC_1605.jpg
I'm riding on a vespa!

 photo DSC_1628.jpg
Tea party anyone?

 photo DSC_1637.jpg
Waiting for the train...

 photo DSC_1655.jpg
Being controlled by the puppet master?
With fellow bloggers: JQ, Hilda & Yuh Jiun

 photo DSC_1657.jpg
What to do when you're bored? Play snakes & ladders at the huge space!

 photo DSC_1667.jpg
Does it look like the building is lifted by the tree?

 photo DSC_1641.jpg

 photo DSC_1624.jpg
The white rabbit says "You're late! Hurry and iump into Wonderland!"

 photo DSC_1687.jpg
Sciene Lab

 photo DSC_1699.jpg
Shooting off some pixar monsters

 photo DSC_1738.jpg

 photo DSC_1741.jpg
Oh no...Alice is sinking into a 'Pool of Tears'

 photo DSC_1755.jpg
Getting something cuddly for myself!

 photo DSC_1771.jpg
Uh oh...so many holes in the ground!

 photo DSC_1775.jpg
Getting my ticket from the giraffe :D

 photo DSC_1784.jpg
Trying to save my ice kacang from spilling. Clumsy me!

 photo DSC_1780copy.jpg
Oh no! Roti canai is going to fall on me...

 photo DSC_1764.jpg
Cloud 9 Lift by Anokayer

 photo DSC_1694.jpg
This is how I sleep :P

 photo DSC_1810.jpg
The geese and the golden eggs by Lim Anuar

 photo DSC_1759.jpg
Evil robot destroying the city!

 photo DSC_1767.jpg
Elephant down! What is that cheeky little mouse doing?

 photo DSC_1760.jpg
With so many murals around The Atmosphere, it is definitely the place to be with your friends and family to have fun with the 3D murals! I had fun searching for the murals and also working on some funny poses. Still didn't manage to cover all of the murals though! Wouldn't want to flood the blog post with too many pictures as it would be never ending. You can check out all of the pictures at my Facebook Page :D

 photo IMG_9046.jpg
Don't forget to join Artsphere 20/80ty's "Strike A Pose" photo contest with your desired mural art where you stand a chance to win prizes with a total worth of RM15,000 by just submitting you creative photo and caption on Artsphere 20/8ty-Official Facebook Photo Contest! There are two categories in the photo contest where there is two rounds of competition which is the "Most Liked Photo" and "Most Creative Photo" The contests ends on 16th February 2014, so hurry up and visit The Atmosphere for a fun filled day with the 3D murals!

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