For those who adores leopard printed ballerina flats!

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Head over to Threadmark!
Wild Thang, RM49

These shoes are brought in from the UK.
And guess what? It's going for RM49 only!
What a great bargain! omg!

I looveee the prints so much that I wanted to get one immediately!
Unfortunately, it's not available for my size. ='(
Oh well, for those whom shoe size are UK 7 and UK8.
GO get one!

ps- Melia, I know you would love this too! ;)

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Spring Trend 2009

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Trends from various fashion week and below are my personal favourites.
Credits to for the pictures.

Pieces from Moschino & Stella McCartney are the ones that stood out most.

Charles Anatase! *hearts*
Biker chic & ballerina glam..

Jumpsuits, harem pants and biker jackets are still popping up on the runways.
Would be seeing them for sometime?

p.s- Editing all d pics is definitely tiring but its fun! =P

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No Plain Days

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*all pictures are credited to No Plain Days*

I stumbled across this site from Diary Of An E-Shopaholic and boy,
I fell in love with it at first sight!

Practically everything I saw on this e-boutique screamed 'Buy me! buy me!'
One of the upcoming new e-boutiques, this site got my 101% attention.
The photography style, poise and backgrounds certainly stood out.

High-Waisted Puffy Skirt, RM49

Definitely worth buying! Hides your tummy too ;)

Losta Button Shirt, RM48

Ahh, the ever so famous Boyfriend shirt.
Don't be taken aback by the number of buttons on it.
Most of them are stitched on, there are only a few standard ones.
Gotta admit it's adorable, no?

Wickedly-Demure Tube Dress with Pockets, RM68

One of the dresses that I've seen around for quite some time.
Although it's quite pricey, but I just can't get enough of the colour and style!
Perfect for any occasion.

Three-Tone Tank, RM18

My jaw practically dropped when I saw this!
Such pretty top for an awesome deal!
Not to mention it comes with different tones as well. =D
The bag is also sold on the site! *thinking whether I should get one*

Babydoll Lace Dress, RM58

One of those lace dresses which sold out pretty fast some time ago at other sites.
And now they're back!
The oh-so-pretty laces are definitely worth to die for. ;)

What more can I say?
Visit them at


Doing reviews are so much fun.
Maybe I should do this more often? =)

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Hold your breath...

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Photography class was quite fun today.
Get to play around with the DSLR, testing the aperture, lighting etc.
Played around with my digi cam as well since I don't own a DSLR.

Lizzie took one of me as well.
But it's in the college camera =(


Did more writings for writing for diff media class today.
Had to write one about cancer.
It reminded me of my late grandmother. sigh.

After class headed out with Amelia & Tim.
Went to SS15 for dinner at Yee Fatt which Jared suggested to us.
Went to AC for a session of pool after dinner.
Pool sucked badly today.
Lost to Tim who is a better player & had lots of 'kai' shots.

Took them over to Snowflake which is located opposite Asia Cafe for dessert after that.
Which I went the day before which Jared, Sat, Zhe, Jess, Bo, Kevin & his gf.
Their Snowflake bestseller tasted quite good.
They have the 'guai lin ko' inside which I absolutely love, plus the sweet potato n yam.
I shall try other stuff next time.

Flowers for Xian's bday frm Tim.
Pretty ain't it?

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Class Trip to the CLC

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Yesterday 6S visited the CLC at Robert Clack School. They had fun exploring control using COCO.

Class 6S, what did you enjoy about the trip?

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I would love Oreo McFlurry please =)

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The weather for these pass few days has been undesirably hot.
Catching up with Bleach & outings has kept me from updating my blog.
Not to mention I was feeling quite lazy as well =P
And the laptop has a habbit of shutting down itself once in a while. wtf.

Went out with my primary school mates yesterday afternoon.
Headed off to pyramid around 2 plus as Jia Shen came n pick us up.
Went to Parade to pick Young up as well.

We were pretty indecisive on lunch so we headed to Esquire Kitchen.
Ate our lunch and were reminiscing & laughing on the good ol' days during primary school.
How time passes by...
It was fun catching up with everyone after a long time.

Mon Wei's boyf, Bryan came and joined us.
Then everyone started questioning them about the sweetest thing that they've done.
Jia Shen wasn't pardoned as well. His gf was too shy to tell XD
They went off to pak toh after lunch.

Headed to the cinema to check out the movie time.
But we ended up not watching any.
Qian Hui came and join us later.
Headed off to Waffle World to have her late lunch.
Had ice cream for dessert =)

We just sat there and talk for a few hours.

Headed off to the stage area for camwhore session.
The stage was nicely decorated with flowers and a swing.
We're thinking whether the swing would give way if all of us sat on it XD

Us girls. (Damn I look fat here. Screw it.)

This is the usual primary kaki. The person missing in this pic is Jia Shen.
Thank you Bryan for being the camera man =)

Lucky for us after we finished taking the pics,
the guard came and started chasing everyone off the stage.

We wanted to stay for dinner since Swea Phin's class was from 6-8pm
and would wait for her after her class.
But everyone was feeling so tired (the weather maybe?)
So all of us decided to head home instead.

Sigh, most of them are going back to Aussie after their holidays.
Young leaving on the 16th and Tien on the 21st.
Jia Shen's leaving for uni on the 19th...
I'm gonna miss u guys =(

Went swimming at Lakeview during the night.
Felt rejuvenated after a long period of being a couch potato =P

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Carmen's Farewell

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Carmen's leaving for Melbourne next week.
Seems that everyone is going there. Sigh.

Swea Phin planned a mini farewell for her yesterday.
Carmen picked us up around 12 plus and we headed off to Pyramid.
Had our lunch at Subway.
We gossip, talk & talk... catched up with each other.
Mon Wei came and joined us after her work.

Intro-ed them to Crystal DIY for mani/pedi.
All of them did their nails...
Camwhored while waiting.

'Surprisingly we still can talk so much after not seeing each other for so long' - Mon Wei

We bought tickets for Bride Wars at 3.30pm.
This is my 2nd time watching it. LOL!
Was still an awesome show!
We were 10 min late for the show cuz of the nails session. tehee~

Swea Phin, Carmen, Mon Wei & Me.

Me & Carmen.
I love this pic cuz the lighting damn nice! =D

It was great meeting up with all of them esp Carmen & Mon Wei.
Haven't seen them in ages.
Friends since primary school...
Definitely miss those moments.

We'll miss you Carmen =)

Read here as well- Mon Wei's blog

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School Newsletter

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We want your ideas!

What name would you choose for the school newsletter?

Post your ideas on the blog or let your teacher know.

All entries by Monday 9th February please.

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