X'mas Eve

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Was invited to Amelia's house for dinner during Xmas eve. It was pretty congested on the roads as everyone was heading out.
Outfit and makeup for the day.

Turkey, beef, pie, salad and pasta. Amelia's parents cooks the best Xmas food ever! :D
Nom nom nom <3

Watching How I Met Your Mother while eating.

Sharmayne and Amelia

Went home about 10pm and headed out for another party later on.
Lovely deco and lightings

It was definitely a great night with awesome food and companies :)
Thanks Esther for the photos!

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Ole-Ole Bali @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

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Decided to celebrate Sharmayne's birthday at Ole-Ole Bali in Empire Shopping Gallery. 

(Clockwise from left) Bali Trio, RM42 / Nasi Campur Beef, RM33 / Nasi Cumi, RM29 / Lamb Pasta, RM26.

The Ole-Ole Bali in Empire have a better outdoor ambiance compared to the one in Pyramid but both have equally delicious of food :)

 Bday girl with her present.

We managed to finished all the food. Pretty stuffed after that...

A group of us. 

 Headed up to Lex Cafe after dinner for another celebrating session!

New York Cheese Cake

 In conjunction of Xmas, we also had lucky draws too.

 Amelia's imba present


Ole-Ole Bali at Empire is located at:
LG27, LG Floor, Empire Gallery Shopping Centre,
Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-5022 2629
Opens daily

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Jogoya with Inniters @ Starhill Gallery, KL

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Went to Jogoya a few weeks back with a few bloggers for a get-together and a makan session :)
Girls had half price discount so you can eat all you want!

Sushi, sashimi, oysters and many more food are available at Jogoya. There are even Western and Chinese food.

Took a plate a sashimi and nomz it down :D

Forgotten what dish is this called cause I was busy eating :P



Linguine Cheese Crab

Though I enjoyed my sashimi, the standard of food had obviously dropped from the last time I visited Jogoya :( After the main course we had desserts! I think I ate about 5 scoops of ice cream? :P Haagen Dazs and New Zealand Natural...om nom nom (^.^)V

Wore my Nordic printed top from Bluey Joyce to liven up the Christmas mood :)
Glossy Addiction studded bag and Oh Popsicles! studded shoes.

Oh..almost forgotten about this. I took the KTM to KL and when I was talking to the train station with with my earphones on listening to music...this taxi uncle went and said 'ya..pakai terang-terang' wtf  =.=

Picture with the girls after dinner.

Camwhored with Tikkos, Xing, YY, Jessica and Jackie

YY and Jackie left after dinner and the rest of us walked outside Pavilion area to take a few pics for fun.
Jessica & Xing

Chilled at Starbucks before heading home. Thanks Tikkos for sending me back :)

Group pic!

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Rock The World 10 - Indie Stage@ Bukit Jalil Stadium Carpark

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Besides the Malaysia vs Indonesia football match that happened on 26th Dec, Rock The World 10 was also held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium Carpark! It was my first time at RTW and the organizers, Tune Talk had seperated the stages to Main Stage and Indie Stage.
There were more than 20 bands performing that day!

Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob
Was mostly at the Indie Stage to help out my friends from Once Upon A Time Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob take care of their booth selling T-Shirts and giving away free stickers.

Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob
Buy a BOB shirt! :D

Esty & Jared
Their performance was up at 12.30pm. Too bad that most of the crowd was still stuck outside at the registration counter but nevertheless they put up a great performance :)

EstyAnthony & Jared
Esty - Lead Singer, Anthony and Jared - Guitarists

Wei Chen
Wei Chen - Bassist

Jc - Drummer

Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob
Anthony & Wei Chen

Due to unforeseen circumstances, a road block back to Bukit Jalil after lunch and a wrong turn ended me up in a car ride on the way to Putrajaya and a RM5 toll. Malaysian road signs are SO misleading! Took us about an hour to come back :( Missed out on performances from Car Crash Hearts, An Honest Mistake and Prema Yin.

Lab The Rat
Lab The Rat. First time hearing their songs and I loved it!

Lab The Rat
Soothing voices and melodies.

Lab The Rat
Rosevelt was up at 6.30pm
Rachel :)

Left after Rosevelt's performance to avoid the jam from the football match happening later at night. The traffic is just crazy! And the way people parked their car on the side of the roads...pure madness! Not double parking but triple or quadruple!

It was a fun and tiring day after being there for about 8 hours! Some of them got sunburned. lol.
More pictures are available at my Flickr and Facebook

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