2010 showpics!

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Eliza Mc Laughlin opening the show in Arnotts clothes

Lorna Byrne being fierce


Lorna and Eliza

here's a pic of the audience, packed out much!?

All pictures taken by the talented Richie Buttle

Thanks to all involved and all for coming of course.

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sold out sucess!!!

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team photo

The show was a huge success (obviously) in Vicar Street on Wednesday!!! we are thrilled to say that the show was sold out and was one of the best yet. After the show, an many hugs and tears we headed to the Purty Kitchen in temple bar.

Apart from Rachel losing her show it was a great great night!!

more pics to come!

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Why stay home this Saturday? Come out and have fun!

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Instead of rotting for about an hour when you switch off the lights during Earth Hour, drop by Sunway Pyramid for some awesome rocking session at the main entrance!

In conjunction of Earth Hour 2010, Leo Club collaborated with Sunway Pyramid to bring you Battle of the Bands which will be held on March 27th, Saturday! Watch your favourite bands battle their hearts out and have an awesome time! Not forgetting giving them your support as well ;)

1. Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob
2. Mouse on Bikes
3. Kaki Dilemma
4. Elite X
5. Button 3
6. Weneedaname
7. One Red Paperclip
8. Wanted Symphony
9. Stalking Shannon
10. Apple Sauce

What are you waiting for?
Facebook page
Earth Hour Malaysia

Won't be able to attend Earth Hour @ Sunway this weekend as I'll be going back to my hometown for Qing Ming =\

Sedihnya, have to miss the opportunity to shoot more band shots.

Anyway, to my friends from Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob - my support is with you all and rock on! ;)
Mesti menang ye :P

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Hello cupcakes!

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Am so glad that finally Blogger have this 'Page' application thing. So I added the About Me and the photography page. Click to read my nonsense ;)

Internship is coming to an end soon. Can't wait to get back to college and meet the classmates again! Before that, I have to finish up the internship report *cries* 

Oh yea, I bought this Holga 135BC last week! :D
It's 2nd hand but it's worth it cuz it comes with the flash and used for about 3 months only!
Shooting it with my first roll of film which is not finish yet.
Can't wait to see how the pictures will turn out to be like! Still got loads to learn as I'm quite inexperience with the Holga yet.

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DIT Foundation Student Design Award Unzipped!

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The lucky winner of this year’s Student Design Award will receive an original piece of bronze sculpture specially created for the DIT Alfa Romeo Fashion Show 2010. The Student Design Award is sponsored by DIT Foundation who commissioned Dublin based sculptor and DIT graduate Jason Crowley to create this great piece!

Jason Crowley working on the piece

The Student Design Award recognises the best fashion designer amongst the eight shortlisted finalists and the winner will be announced at the show in Vicar Street on March 24th.

As a DIT graduate himself, Jason Crowley was thrilled to be asked to create the award. According to Jason, his work was inspired by the theme for this year’s show, ‘Rock Revolution’. “With this in mind I was drawn to the idea of black leather and biker culture, looking to the biker jacket for inspiration, I decided to use the “zipper” as the model on which to extract an arrangement for the award’s design. The zipper was appropriate for a couple of reasons. Firstly, as a sculptor/ metal finisher it appealed to me simply for its metallic nature and formal arrangement. In addition, I felt it was appropriate simply due to its prevalent use throughout the fashion industry,” he said.

As well as sponsoring the Student Design Award, DIT Foundation is the nominated charity for the DIT Alfa Rome Fashion Show. All proceeds raised from this year’s Fashion Show will go to the Foundation, in particular to the Student Assistance Fund, which helps students who are in financial difficulty to complete their studies. For further information on DIT Foundation and the range of projects it supports visit www.ditfoundation.ie

The Student Design Award 2010

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tan tan tan

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Today all the forty-one models along with a few hardworking committee member went to get their tan done at The Muse in Ranelagh! This golden tan is is the new Sun FX Tan! its only €40 for a full body spray tan and €20 for a top up. I can honestly say as a less experienced tanner, this wasn't as scary as i though it was. All the tan-lovers and newbies, an even the boys were pretty impressed with this tan! I'm sure we will all be going back for more!


heres some info for making an appointment:

Book an appointment with Carol today.
Call her on (01) 4911 234.

We are open every day except Sunday. And early morning (eg. 7.30am) or late night (eg. 9pm) bookings are available on request.

Mon/Tues 10am - 6pm
Wed/Thur 10am - 8pm
Fri 10am - 6.30pm
Sat 10am - 4.30pm

We are located on Anna Villa, close to McSorleys in the heart of Ranelagh. Turn right if you’re coming from Ranelagh triangle. On-street parking right outside our door. We are located 2 minutes from Beechwood Luas station.
Fully wheelchair accessible.

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oh lookie here!

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another great blog about the show!

thanks a mill

only a one more busy day to go until showtime!

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blogging away

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Above is a link to the Paula Byrne's blog Style Whisperer!

Thank you, thank you thank you for the great post about us.

the show is 3days away, have you got your ticket yet?!

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student design pics!

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4days to go...

the models rocking out at the bus!

Rachel, Steven and Tania

These photo's were taking the other day! there will me more on the way!
Our lovely models got up bright and early on Thursday (yes the morning after paddy's) and met at DIT Aungier street for a morning of the paparazzi taking pics!! they braved the hangovers and spent hours posing around Dublin's fair city, thanks a mill girls!

more pics...

Joye Sillery's design, modelled by Lorna Byrne

Avril Blakly's design, modelled by Katie Van Buren

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the most music station..

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Spin 103.8 are associate sponsors of the show this year, as always!


As we cruised around in the Alfa Romeo MiTo today, we were delighted to here our very own at on Spin!! so listen out for the chance to win VIP tickets.

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all things DIT Fashion Show

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here's a video with all the info you need to know about the show,
check it out, some of our fabulous committee feature in it!
Don't forget to pick up your tickets in all S.U. shops on DIT campus's as well as on
and we look forward to seeing you all in you're glad rags!

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are you in to win?

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Hey folks, just a reminder about the fabulous competition we are running along side Alfa Romeo! This year one lucky person will have the chance to win a trip for two to Milan (nice!) and the use of the Alfa Romeo MiTo over there.

So not only are you going to be jet setting to one of the world's fashion capitals, but you're going to look pretty slick while cruising around in your MiTo!! And to top it off, we're giving you a bita spending mula - (is that an italien word? i'm going to pretend it is) to make sure you don't skimp on dinners out and of course shopping spree's. Unfortunatly its only available for DIT students and staff. So enter now!


..and here's where i attempt some Italien

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a MiTo MoMeNt

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Here's a few pics of our models and committee taken advantage of the speedy MiTO that Afla Romeo lent us for the show!

Nick, Troy and Connor had a laugh and a half with the MiTo
Catherine and Evelyn

I even got a chance to cruise around in the car! Had a great afternoon driving around in the car, was so comfortable and speedy and apart from stalling a few times...ahem twas a wonderful drive!

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Posting a Comment

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Please remember that when posting a comment onto our School Blog you need to make sure that you are using fullstops and capital letters. Comments that now use text speak will not be published.

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Book Fair

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Thankyou to everyone who came to the Book Fair this year. You helped us to raise over £1000!! This money will help us to replace and buy new and exciting books for our year group libraries.

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Here's an exclusive for all you bloggers out there, the DIT Fashion Show are running a secret sale for one day and one day only!

we have a limited number of tickets to be sold at €15. To avail of this offer go to

click the link to 'secret sale' link and print off the document!!

get em while they're hot!

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As Promised..

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Eilis Boyle, Corinna Gaffey, Garrett Pitcher, Jean Melia & Maria Fusco

Here's a pic of our judging panel this year!Thank you so much to all of the judges for your input and time for our show :)

Eilis Boyle
Eilis is an irish fashion designer from Co. Meath. Here are two links to all the work Eilis has done! i would advise all fashionista's to have a gawk, seriously beautiful stuff here!


Corina Gaffey

I know i've a post on Corina's blog before, but i cannot get enough of it!

Garrett Pitcher

Garrett owns the boutique Indigo and Cloth on South William St. in Dublin's city centre. The shop is an independent fashion store focused on what is considered to be some of the best fashion designers and brands in the world.

Jean Melia
The Winner of last years DIT toyota fashion design competition. After graduating from college, Jean immediately began setting up and working on her own label, showcasing in The Loft in the Powerscourt Center in Dublin. She also began teaching Fashion Design and Pattern Contstruction in workshops in Dublin city center and is also currently working freelance in the Advertising Industry aswell as developing her own business. We are delighted to have her involved in the DIT Fashion Show again this year!

Maria Fusco
in her own words, "I guess I'm a pure fashionista! I love and breathe fashion everyday of my life. I am a fashion designer by trade, having perfected my trade in Paris. I was lucky to meet and work with Karl Lagerfeld and then Thierry Mugler who directed and influenced me on this fashion road. They remain amongst my fashion heros today.... Upon my return to Dublin I fell into retail, opening Baby Bambino and then Ave Maria which became fashion meccas for all serious followers of fashion , for big people and small people. I am a fashion columnist and also work for TV." Maria is currently working with Paolo Borza on his 'Doll' an is the publicist and stylist for the film.

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at long last...

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This is a short video we made from the Student Design Awards. I hope it gives you all a taster of what the show on the 24th of March will be like, enjoy!


hope the link works! I'll try get a video up asap! :)

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shout out!

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We just would like to mention one of our Student Design judges Corina Gaffey who is Fashion Editor of STELLAR & KISS magazine.

here's a link to her style blog for all you fashionista's out there!

Corina Gaffey began working as a freelance stylist more than half a decade ago and was quickly picked up by photographers and national publications for her lively grasp of fashion and design, as well as an ability to subscribe to classic tastes. In 2008, she secured the title of fashion editor at Kiss magazine, before quickly rising to fashion editor of Stellar magazine. She is omnipresent on the Irish fashion and style scene, and manages to constantly reinvent the energy of fashion shoots, presiding over several editorials week in week out.


more info on our other judges to come!

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Hell's devils with one of our models Evelyn

Rebecca and Eliza enjoying some pizza

Here's a secret we have to tell you! Every week at rehearsals Hells pizza has be supplying the models and all the committee with the best pizza in Dublin. Hells is on Camden street, just up the road from DIT Aungier st.
Hells is open from noon -10:30pm and 11pm and delivers all over the city!

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limited edition MiTo!!!

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hello bloggers! just sharing a pic of the gorgeous new limited edition Alfa MiTo for Maserati!! sexy lil number right?! for more info on the MiTo check out

The DIT fashion show along with our sponsor Alfa Romeo are running a competition this year to win a trip to Milan, Fashion Capital of the world for 2 for a weekend, use of a new Alfa MiTo for the weekend and chance to stay in one of the trendiest hotels frequented by Top Supermodels with 500 euros spending money!! more details to come and of course on

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This year's charity...

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All proceeds raised from this year’s Fashion Show will go to the DIT Foundation, in particular to the Student Assistance Fund, which helps students who are in financial difficulty
to complete their studies. Every year we team up with a charity we feel could use our help and we are delighted to be partnered with the DIT Foundation for the 2010 show!

Jim Kelly, CEO of the DIT Foundation, said “I am delighted that the organisers have chosen the DIT Foundation as their charity this year. In the current economic downturn I think everything should be done to assist students who are experiencing financial hardship. We hope to raise as much money as we can from this event and all the proceeds will be funnelled into the ‘Student Assistance Fund’. The DIT Fashion Show is perfect example of how students can work together to produce a first-class event that showcases their skills.

The DIT Foundation is also sponsoring this year’s Student Design Award for the best designer. According to Jim Kelly, “DIT Foundation is proud to be presenting the Student Design Award and we are really looking forward to the show. The talent and creativity of the designs produced by the eight finalists are all of remarkably high calibre and I’m sure the judges will have a difficult job selecting the overall winner.”

The DIT Foundation was established in 2002. Its aim is to advance the Dublin Institute of Technology mission and thereby facilitate an innovative, responsive and caring learning environment for a diverse range and level of programmes to students of all ages and backgrounds.

For information on DIT
Foundation and its activities visit www.ditfoundation.ie

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Rachel & Sarah

just want to introduce
everyone to the very beautiful and hardworking show directors. These girls can be found either hard at work in the S.U. of Aungier Street or waiting for the 145 or 46a on Dawson street most evenings. Not only do the run the Fashion Soc, but they are full-time and very dedicated students!! Both girls took on the show this year after helping out the last couple of years. They run the society and event itself on the 24th of March.
Rachel Lenny is he bubbly blond and Sarah Houlihan is the sassy brunette in the pic...THANKS A MILL FOR ALL THE WORK SO FAR GIRLS!!

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it's all about PINK!

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A huge thank you to Keira and Calum from PINK Hairdressing, last Thursday at the Student Design Awards. The hair was amazing and there is plenty more of their creative looks to come as they will be with us on the night of the show- 24th March!

Pink Hairdressing is the trendy and funky hairdressing brand recently launched by the Grafton Hair Group on Dublin’s exclusive Grafton Street.

PINK is located on Lemon Street, by BT2. Opening Hours: - 9.30am - 6.30pm - 9.30am - 8.00pm Thursday & Friday Contact: 01 671 2255

hannah rocked the french plaits

calum working hard

lovely lorna

Quote the following code 5007 when booking an appointment at the salon and receive a FREE €15.00 “Gorgeous Hair Treatment”.

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The MiTo

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Here's a look at the MiTo, Alfa Romeo's lastest model!
Its a sporty, innotive and compact car

One lucky winner will get the chance to drive away in the MiTo!
(detail to come)

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