2011 to be remembered!

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Now if you were there or you just wish you had been you will know that the show was completely sold out! People were standing in the balconies and coming to the front door asking to be let in! Whatta night! With fashion labels like Ted Baker, Cult, New Look and Penneys to name but a few the crowd went crazy as our beautiful models strutted their stuff on the catwalk.

Also on the night the Student Designer award was given To Umit Kutluk with his design inspired by the Oscar Wilde poem "We are made one with what we touch and see" and modelled by Anna Flynn. Thank you to our judges Bairbre Power, Maria Fusco, Angela Scanlon, Sian
Jacobs and Kamal Ibrahim, hope you all enjoyed yourselves!
Umit Kutluk and his winning design

Before we knew it the show was over and it was time for thank you's. Then without further notice it was on to the after party in Krystle where we all patted ourselves on the back and said well done on a brilliant show.Our three amazing show directors

Our fabulous committee

***For more photos go to Alfa Romeo Ireland on facebook where you can still enter the competition to go to any Italian city of your choice!

For even more photos go to Richie | Photography on facebook for behind the scenes photos and after party photos.

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Please help us collect as many Tesco vouchers as you can. We hope to beat last years total of 30,000 so that we can purchase new computer equipment for our ICT suite.

Vouchers can be handed in at the office.

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The show is tomorrow!

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The show is finally coming tomorrow and we cannot believe it. To think back to September when we were still in sign ups....

.....to now on the 28th of March, the eve of the Fashion Show! Seems like so long ago when we were still in brainstorming sessions about what the theme would be. There has been so many events over the year from our beautiful photoshoot in Henrietta street which launched the show...
...from our Charity event gig for Home of Hope in Karma Bar.

Now tomorrow the show is coming to Vicar Street a sold out success!!

Our fabulous committee have come up with a show to remember from the amazing style team who worked so hard to get an amazing wardrobe of clothes to suit the theme, to our events team who worked hard on the after party and all the nice little details to make it seem even more of a VIP event, to our model coordinators who worked tirelessly to make sure models attended every week to rehearsals and attended all different things and then of course the area close to my own heart PR who worked so hard on making guest lists and getting our programme together and of course lets not forget the amazing goody bags, which trust me you will love!!!

Then our three directors Katie, Maria and Steven who have worked tirelessly everyday to get presentations done, look after organizing, getting new sponsors, maintaining relationships with old ones and so much more!! Spending so much time down in the society offices of Aungier street they have put so much time and effort in it makes us all the more excited to see the show!

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Gym, Tan, Laundry...without the gym and laundry

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Tanning day today, all the models and some lucky committee got to go get their tan in The Tanning Shop in Fade Street and what a fab location, so close. A lovely place with a lovely atmosphere, cushy seats downstairs making it perfect for group tannings to sit around and chat about medium to darks and what are sticky feet?? Having gotten the spray tan done myself I can now report that its fabulous and it has recieved many a compliment. Thanks again guys for having us!!

Here's their link if you want to contact them

Can you believe the show is tomorrow?!?

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Oh I do like to be by the seaside.....

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On Thursday the 24th everyone on the fashion committee woke up and let out a sigh of relief, the sun was shining with blue skies! The eight models and committee all packed up and went for a lovely day by the beach. All the models got their pictures taken for the photo call which the next day not only made it into the Irish Independent and the Irish Times but also made the FRONT page of the Irish Examiner!! And by looking at the photos below you can tell why our gorgeous girls got in!

Umit Kutluk, Aoife Conroy and Mona Atkinson's design
Modelled by Anna Flynn, Vita Shevnyuk and Elisabeth Moloney

Stephanie Kenny and Mona Atkinson's design
Modelled by Candy Inoma and Elisabeth Moloney

Yvette Byrne and Anne Carey's design
Modelled by Isabella Castillo and Rachel Keane

Jenny Massey and Amy McAlindan's design
Modelled by Jennifer Murray and Jessica Pritzel

Our eight girls

Can you believe only 2 more nights of sleep til the show!? Don't forget to get your tickets tomorrow!!

Lookie here for the online version of the Independent to see the article

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Spin 103.8

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Spin 103.8 are our media sponsors again this year. On Thursday 24th March DIT Aungier Street saw Spin 103.8 come by for a live broadcast, from 9.45 t0 12.45 Nikki Hayes played music and reminded everyone of DIT Fashion Show sponsored by Alfa Romeo. Listen out on all shows as they are offering free sets of tickets as a competition on their station.

Some of our committee and Nikki Hayes

Our two show directors and the spinis

Nikki Hayes doing her show

Check out the link to their gallery from pictures from the day.

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Trip to Italy?! yes please

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Last few tickets are available for the DIT Fashion show on Tuesday!

Of course you all know it will be in Vicar Street, Doors open around 7, and there will be fabulous goody bags as well as a fantastic show for all!

If you have not entered our compitition this year, here is the link to the Alfa Romeo Ireland facebook page, all you have to do is LIKE it and enter the comp!


Not to shabby eh?!

see you all at the show ;)

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The Art Team

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If you're wondering how our models look after their locks, we're letting you in on our secret!
The Art Team is a Dublin hair salon located on Lemon Lane at the side of Awear and BT2. We are thrilled to be partnered with them again this year.

This past Wednesday was the Student Design Semi final. Hair was done by the Art Team and a huge thanks to them! The hair styles were all so creative and suited towards each designers vision. Check out their creations below..

We cant wait to see what they come up with on the night!

Have you got you Tickets yet?

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Student Design Semi Final

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Last night in The Morrison Hotel 17 became 8 in our student design semi final fashion show.
The final eight student design pieces will be show on the catwalk Tuesday in the DIT Fashion Show sponsored by Alfa Romeo.

The top 17 designers were from colleges all over the country. We were all seriously impressed with their take on our theme this year, "Romeo & Guiliettea - A Bad Romance".

We had the pleasure of having Make Up Forever and The Art Team involved in this semi final fashion show, they of course did marvellous job!

Now drum roll everyone, the eight designers going onto the final are:
1. Mona Atkinson from NCAD whose outfit was modelled by Rachel Kenny. Mona's design is an attempt to convey the essence of Sid and Nancy's romance and the essence of the punk movement. She used a vibrant shade of cerise pink to represent the bold, unapologetic nature of punk and utilised leather and chunky metal zips to give everything a hard edge.

2. Yvette Byrne from Griffith College whose outfit is modelled by Isabella Castillo. Yvette's design is inspired by the Duchess of Devonshire and made using modern versions of 18th century style fabrics, both Brocade, French hand beaded lace and satin suede. Yvette says, "The look is beautiful to the eye but the beauty of the outfit is a disguise to the restraints for the wearer. The corset-like high waist represents the restraint of fashion at the time, while the many panels describe her complicated dramatic life."

3. Anne Carey from NCAD whose design is based on roses - a classic symbol of love - and modelled by Rachel Keane. The dress is made of red silk fabrics which, according to Anne, reflect the delicate, remarkable nature of love while the hand sewn roses replicate the source and echo the beauty of romance.

4. Aoife Conroy is from NCAD and her outfit is modelled by Vita Shevnyuk. Aoife was inspired by the Lady Gaga music video 'Bad Romance'. She created a dress using power net mesh, crinoline, Cather, binding and shuttlecocks. Aoife wanted a design that mirrored the music video and contrasted the feminine silhouette with sharp, structured details, but had a quirky twist due to the fabrics used.

5. Stephanie Kenny LSAD whose outfit is modelled by Candy Inoma. Stephanie's look took inspiration from the passionate love story of King Henry the 8th and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Stephanie used the physical appearance of Anne Boleyn as a thread throughout the undergarment. Her long black hair, jewelled black eyes and long neck are all elements emphasised within this look. Inspired by the voluminous silhouette of the 16th century, she has created a modern and contemporary look.

6. Umit Kutluk from Grafton Academy whose design is inspired by Oscar Wilde's poem "We are made one with what we touch and see" and modelled by Anna Flynn. Umit says "I have used red beading to evoke the image of connecting blood veins to the heart and the fabric is natural silk chiffon, so this connects with nature which is a string theme in the poem."

7. Jenny Massey is from Grafton Academy whose outfit is modelled by Jennifer Murray. Jenny's dress has a bandage style wrapping with parts of the panels breaking out into wing-like features to represent their freedom. She included volumes of folded fabric to give a hidden feeling and padlocks to keep the bursting hidden realm locked away.

8. Amy McAlinden is from Grafton Academy whose design "For the birds" is modelled by Jessica Pritzel. Her outfit is heavily embellished and the jacket has been embroidered with elastic to create a feathered effect, then hand beaded to achieve the exciting and detailed finish and the dress underneath has also been embellished by hand. "The silhouette of the dress imitates that of a bird, my chosen theme" according to Amy.
Look out for on Facebook for plenty more pictures from this amazing night!

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Sucker Punch Premiere Screening @ 1 Utama

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 When I saw the trailer for Sucker Punch, I wasn't expecting much from it. A bunch of hot girls with kick ass scenes?

Thanks to Tony for inviting and also Nuffnang :)

 The tickets given out were pretty cool! It's a 6 paged fold up with Sucker Punch graphics on it :)

*picture credits to Henry*
A bunch of us had dinner at Zanmai before the movie
Henry, Carmen, Kian Fai, Elwyn, Me, Tony, Jayren, Baoly, Xing and Bernard.

 A picture with Carmen.

Bernard getting all hyped up for the movie!

*picture credits to Carmen*
Group pic during ticket collection. Not everyone was there as others were still eating :)

Honestly, after the movie I had no words to describe this show. The cinematography style is very Sin City or 300 like esp with the colour tones. Basically the story is about her and the friends trying to escape and gain freedom...girl power stuff. Guys would love the shows because there is HOT CHICKS. duh! When Babydoll dances, she'll go to her fantasy world where the scenes are very surreal like in a 3D game. Those fantasy battle scenes are missions they go on to get the items to help them escape. 

I rate this 5/10.
Because I was half confused and the storyline was meh...

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posters, tickets and videos oh my!

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Less then 2 weeks to go now to the show and lots of busy work done in preparation! Have you got your tickets yet? Available at all DIT campuses and from tickets.ie. Unless you haven't seen it from the website, Facebook etc. here's the poster for this years show! Featuring the beautiful Aifric Elian Rice.

It gives all the details of this years events but if you want even more information check out our facebook for details of buying tickets and the actual event itself which can all be found from our fan page.

The wonderful blog Style Siren wrote a piece on some of this years Designers which can be found below in our Links Love! Do take a look at what was written. Our Semi Final for the student designers takes place on the 23rd of March in the Morrison Hotel. Its an invite only event on a first come first served basis so if you want to attend just send your name to ditfashionshowblog@gmail.com.

Also two amazing videos were created for us this week, one by a student from DIT and also one by Pritzel Photography. Below are the links to the YouTube pages but here's the actual videos.

Also ticket sales launch in campuses from Monday so make sure to get your ticket early! Next week there'll be more then one blog so definitely something to look forward to! Hope you all have a fashionable weekend!

Links we're loving!
Check out this amazing video of rehearsals from the eyes of photographer Karen Pritzel featuring the photos of our models here.

And here's the link to our own youtube page! Subscribe!

The Style Siren wrote a fabulous piece on our Student Designers featuring some of them here.

Follow DITfashionshow on Twitter

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