A pair of Havaianas? Yes, please!

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Havaianas is a well known flip flop brand originating from Brazil.  The first pair of Havaianas was made in 1962, which was inspired by the Zori, the typical Japanese sandal.  Since then, Havaianas never stopped producing flip flops that set a new wave of trend with their variety of designs.

I have been hearing a lot of good reviews regarding the Havaianas flip fop but never gotten to buying them yet. I love their colourful flip flops which seem to brighten up my mood whenever I visit the store because it is really eye catching and pretty. Their quirky and colourful ads is eye catching, which is a very good marketing strategy to promote the brand :D

Without wasting time, I will jump into the reasons why I would like to own my very first pair of Havaianas as I have been dying to get one since forever!

1) Comfortable
Even though it is just a pair of flip flops, Havaianas is very comfortable to wear and does not hurt the feet when walking long distance. A friend on mine constantly raves about how comfortable Havaianas is as she have been wearing them daily and also during her travels where her feet does not get tired easily. I don't usually wear flip flops as they spoil easily but Havaianas is a brand that is high in quality and comfort which is why I would love to have one!

2) Breathability
Compared to shoes and pumps, Havaianas flip flop allows the feet to breath. Wearing covered shoes often traps the feet in a closed area which can cause odour due to sweat as the weather in Malaysia is quite humid. Plus, bacteria and sweat often gets left behind in shoes and in the end, you'll have to throw the shoe away due to the permanent odour. With Havaianas, it keeps the skin healthy by allowing it to breath and minimizing odour. 

3) Design
I love how Havaianas always have new design that keeps up with the trend and at the same time creating new trends. So far, Havaianas is the flip flop brand that stands out to me as they always have amazing designs that are never boring. Every time I visit Havaianas store, it makes me want to purchase tons of their flip flop as the designs are really pretty and unique.  Unfortunately,  I can't do that. If not, I would be walking with a new pair of Havaianas everyday xD

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The Butterfly Project's Spa Party!

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The Butterfly Project is having another exciting project coming up this June! It's called the Spa Party and hearing this news made me super excited for what's to come! Look at all the awesome collaborators for this project!

I am sure you have seen me mentioning The Butterfly Project on my blog and social media platform. They are a community consisting of independent beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Having joined a few of Butterfly Project's events, I must say everything is so much fun! It has been a great journey so far, getting to meet new bloggers and also attending lovely events.

Posh! Nail Spa offers manicure and pedicure service , nail extensions and enhancements, as well as waxing and eyelash extensions. I rarely go for mani and pedi session because I am quite a 'rough/clumsy' person where my painted nails often gets damaged accidentally. Still, I would love to have an amazing nail experience with Posh! Nail Spa.  Idea Food Solution provides catering services of yummy canap├ęs, food and many more! How awesome it is to have your tummy filled while getting pampered at the same time?! 

Fotobox is a digital photobooth service provider! Normal photobooth camera are not so high in quality but Fotobox camera is up to 14.4 megapixels with auto exposure and built-in smart flash. With such amazing technology, I can't wait to take loads of fun pictures with all the bloggers during the spa party! Tres Chic The Party Planner is an event company. Based on their portfolio, I can't wait to see the amazing setup for the spa party! Everything is going to look lovely :D

The Body Shop and Johnson & Johnson  are also part of the collaborators which I am excited about! I used the body butter last time and loved it! Heard a lot of great stuff about their brushes too! In fact, I bought one eye shadow brush during The Body Shop's sale and it is really nice. Have been using Johnson and Johnson products for a long time when I was a kid. Love their baby powder, lotion and shampoo. I just only found out that brands like Neutrogena, Clean & Clear and Listerine are manufactured or owned by Johnson & Johnson!

Adding on to the many collaborators are Pink N Proper, Timeless Truth , Only Beauty and Havaianas, it adds in to the excitement and I hope that the date for the event is tomorrow already! Time travel? haha...

Bringing in fashionable outfits from the UK, I am anticipating on the things Pink N Proper are preparing for the spa party! After reviewing the mask from Timeless Truth, I fell in love with that brand for their effectiveness. Can't wait to get my skin pampered by TT Masks! Only Beauty is a beauty portal that gives out free samples and has reviews on products. Looking forward to what they will bring to the Spa Party! And lastly, Havaianas, a Brazillian flip-flop brand that offers comfortable and stylist flip-flops!

After introducing all the collaborators for the Spa Party, here are the three reasons why I want to join the party so badly!

The first reason is that ever since I started working, my activities has been greatly reduced and mostly revolve around work, sleep and thinking about work. Joining this spa party will help me break out from the mundane cycle of my current situation. Not to say that my job is boring. I like where I am now, but I need a quick escape to pamper and refresh my body and mind! With this spa party, I would feel rejuvenated and more energetic!

Secondly, is that every girl loves to be pampered! I get to have a relaxing weekend pampering session with a variety of products, service and activities. I hope that my dull and tired looking skin will get to look healthier with the all the pamper and care I get at the Spa Party. It will be a amazing girls day out with the other bloggers, where I can let my hair down and forget about work stress for a day! I look forward to meeting new bloggers and catching up with all the lovely bloggers I have met previously.

Lastly, it is because my birthday falls in the month of June! Can I attend this spa party as my birthday present? Haha...  June would be a very hectic month as well, and I wish that this Spa Party could be a great opportunity for me to have my well deserved break and have an awesome time with fellow bloggers.

*fingers crossed*

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Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu | No HP Nabilah JKT48 Asli

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Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu | No HP Nabilah JKT48 Asli


Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu | No HP Nabilah JKT48 Asli | SEO SIP - Pada kesempatan kali ini admin SEOSIP akan membagikan sebuah artikel dengan judul "Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu | No HP Nabilah JKT48 Asli". Ya, Nabilah ratna ayu atau yang sering dipanggil dengan sebutan ayu chin, yang merupakan salah satu personil jkt48 yang paling muda, yang juga merupakan personil yang paling cantik dari pada yang lainnya (pendapat saya sobat).

Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu | No HP Nabilah JKT48 Asli

Nabilah Jkt48 ini dijuluki ayu chin karena wajahnya yang benar-benar ayu sob ( ayu (bahasa jawa) = cantik (bahasa indo) ). Gak percaya ? Sungguh terlalu lah kalau gak percaya Nabilah jkt48 itu cantik, dan jika anda benar-benar tidak percaya kalau nabilah jkt48 itu cantik silahkan melihat Kumpulan Foto-foto Nabilah Ratna Ayu | Foto Nabilah JKT48 (Ayu-Chin) untuk membuktikan kalau Nabilah Jkt48 itu memang cantik.

Selain Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu | No HP Nabilah JKT48 Asli anda juga bisa membaca artiikel berikut :
- Nomor HP Iqbal Coboy Junior ( CJR )
- Nomor HP Morgan SM*SH (SMASH) Asli
- Nomor Hp Anisa Chibi - CherryBelle Asli

Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu | No HP Nabilah JKT48 Asli

lanjut ke topik, yaitu Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu | No HP Nabilah JKT48 Asli, sebenarnya tujuan saya membuat artikel ini hanya untuk bertanya kepada sobat-sobat semua, adakah diantara kalian semua yang mempunyai Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu / No HP Nabilah JKT48 yang Asli ??

Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu | No HP Nabilah JKT48 Asli

Kalau ada yang punya, saya minta dong ? :D dan tolong dibagi dikolom komentar, agar yang mencari-cari Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu | No HP Nabilah JKT48 Asli bisa mendapatkan nya juga, yang punya bagi yah... ;)

Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu | No HP Nabilah JKT48 Asli

hanya itu yang dapat saya sampaikan, semoga bisa bermanfaat.

Judul : Nomor HP Nabilah Ratna Ayu | No HP Nabilah JKT48 Asli
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Win a trip to IBIZA!

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Largest online treasure hunt to win

 all expenses paid trip to Ibiza

Flights!  Accommodation! A full weekend pass to the hottest parties! You name it Olmeca Tequila, the premium tequila brand with an authentic Mexican heritage and the ultimate party goer’s favourite tequila have bottled an awesome prize for 5 lucky bloggers and 1 of their winners to Ibiza in September 2013.

The island of Ibiza entices adventure and exploration and what better way to claim your passport to Ibiza than a contemporary island style treasure hunt. Successfully complete a series of challenges online and uncover 5 bottles from the Olmeca Tequila range and be entered into the competition to stand a chance win.

What can the winners expect as their feet hit the Mediterranean shores of Ibiza? Besides its’ beauty, nothing less than checking in to some of the islands most celebrated hotels, fine dining and of course being the party capital of the world, a night at Space Ibiza one of the islands most noted clubs and a renowned temple of electronic dance music.

After a day filled with jet skiing, a banana bus trip, massages and getting their skin sun-kissed, on Saturday the 8th of September, winners will see electro-house DJ and one of the world’s most formidable producers, Martin Solveig as well as French duo Cassius, headline a packed Pacha Club bringing an undisputable star wattage and electro-house experience to the trip.

Want in on the action? Visit Olmeca Tequila SA facebook page to enter. Or bangersandnash.com, dontparty.co.za, mahala.co.za, mycitybynight.co.za, we-are-awesome.com !!

Enjoy Responsibly. Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18.

Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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What's the deal?

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So what exactly is the deal with some clubs running empty on a Friday or Saturday night? I mean yes, if there's nothing going on, by all means, go look for greener pastures, but these guys actually have live events going on! Live bands playing to crowds of 10 and 20 people! What exactly is going on in Cape Town and why are we not supporting like we should?

Yes, the times and scenes are changing. No longer do you really get "specialty clubs". Clubs and bars that stick to a certain genre and play only a certain type of music at least 80% of the time. Gandalf's use to be mostly a metal club, but those days are gone. Recently I went to a club to go watch two metal bands play to contribute to build a local skate park. Now, let's get one thing straight: The bands were booked, the venue was set and the door wide open. The question is: Where were you?

I have heard over and over how people complain about metal not growing to its full potential in Cape Town. There's no doubt that metal is a difficult genre to accommodate in a city where trance and rock rule the scene. But do we really not want it to be relevant at all?

If you complain that you don't hear any metal on local radio stations at all and clubs don't hold their doors open to metal bands, than who's to blame? Them for not supporting anything other than rock or pop or us who cannot create a decent following for them to actually use?

Do we not then support every single possible event that contribute to the keeping alive of metal in the city? Yes, you do listen to your favourite metal bands in the comfort of your candle lit room, but certainly you want the scene to grow locally? You want new bands to listen to and most certainly you want a club or two where you can go see them on the occasional night out?

So, to pay R50 to see two great metal bands on one night - I mean is it really too expensive? Off course there is a lot you can do with R50, like buy a pack of Texan plain or that beautiful, black cutex you want. I mean, these bands need support - They need their fans to step up and fight for the music.

I have since spoken to a few people who told me this: Yes, the metal scene is alive and well in certain ways - the annual Metal Fest held in Stellenbosch and most certainly on the internet where you can watch and listen to (mostly international) metal bands. But we are all sceptical: is it enough? Is this really all that a young, upcoming metal band can look forward to? You decide for yourself.

And skaters of Cape Town, this is for you: You can buy your expensive deck and skate shoes, but you can't pull R50 out of your pocket and support local skating? Seriously. Why bitch and moan about skate parks being too crowded or you having to drive far to get to one, when you cannot help support to build a new one at your doorstep?  

So, here's the thing: Either you pull a finger and support your local bands and causes, or you can go put a plug in your trap and keep it shut.

Thank you. 

Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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MIVVA Beauty Box May Edition Review

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Thank you Michelle from MIVVA for sponsoring the May Beauty Box for review :) Was happy to find the MIVVA Box arriving safely with bubble wrap securing the box. Felt very excited when I saw the package on my desk and I couldn't wait to tear open the box too see what's inside when I received it.

Cute MIVVA sticker securing the contents neatly. Another layer to uncover before the excitement begins!

The first thought I had when I opened the box was 'Why so many papers?' lol... Nonetheless, it is mostly product information along with special promotions for brands in the May edition MIVVA Box :) 

Check out the Mary Chia voucher for complimentary 4-In-1 Body Detoxification Therapy! It is a combination of thermal vibrations with air pressure application, followed by a body wrap and sauna to aid the body metabolize excess body fat and reduce water retention for a more trim and defined physique. The 1 hour session is worth RM400.

A cute Mother's Day Card which I get to fill in all the fun memories me and my mom had together! Basically, this month's MIVVA Box is in conjunction with the celebration of Mother's Day which falls in the month of May. It's really convenient as I gave my mom the products from MIVVA as part of the her Mother's Day present! Plus, I get to use some of the products as well. hehe...we get to try the same products to pamper our body and skin :)

A mini floral teacup. Love how small the teacup is, really adorable but it you can't drink much tea from it xD 

Aupres Ultimate White Extra Intensive Spot Serum, RM150 (30ml). Contains multiple whitening ingredients to inhibit persistent dark spots and improves skin dullness while preventing melanin production, leaving skin looking brighter and more radiant. I love this sample because it pumps out the product instead of me having to pour it out which can be quite difficult sometimes because of the small bottle. It has a slight fragrance to it too.

Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask, RM95 (80g).  Provides immediate hydration across all areas of concern, restoring the skin's dewy and supple complexion. Love sleeping masks as they keep my skin well hydrated when I am sleeping in the air conditioned room. Tried it once and it left my skin moisturized all night but there is a layer of shine when I woke up. Didn't experience this when I use another brand but I will definitely finish up the sample and see if it works well.

Inside the Aupres pouch also contained an invitation for a 10 minute facial massage and also a 3 piece sample upon consultation. Can't wait to try out the facial :D

Garden of Eden Jojo E Serum, RM39.90 (15ml)
Jojo E contains 100% natural concentrates than strengthen the skin's firmness and elasticity against stretch marks and hydrate very dry & itchy skin. Jojo E's Triple Action Formula consists of 3000iu Natural Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil to provide effective antioxidant protection to the skin's collagen against free radicals. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) from Jojoba Oil, Safflower Oil and Grape Seed Oil provide essential nutrients for healthy skin cell renewal and repair.

Besides that, it can also be massaged into the scalp to be left overnight before shampooing to prevent hair fall. Sharing this with my mom as I occasionally use this on the dry patches of my leg, it is not oily at all!

Somang Danahan RGII Premium EX Deep Wrinkle Line Cream, RM349.90 (35ml)
A double functional cream for whitening and deep wrinkles. Especially for areas like expression line, forehead to in between brows. The cream features a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which acts as peptide to fill in deep wrinkles and strengthen the skin's barrier. This product is definitely useful for my mom. Gave it to her but I don't think she used it yet. 

O'slee Rosehip Hydra-White Cleansing Power, RM49.90 (55g). A micro-form cleansing powder which contains coconut and cinnamon botanic extracts. Its deep cleansing function can remove blackheads and cuticles without drying the skin. It has pH value of 5.5, to minimize skin irritation. I find this cleansing powder really useful especially when I am out traveling. Don't need to carry so much liquid products. It lathers up really quickly and keeps my skin feeling really clean :D

Nature's Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub, RM76 (250ml). A rich blend of unique natural exfoliating agents and vital antioxidants with added Gingko Biloba anad Chamomile extracts leaves skin renewed, smooth and healthy. This is definitely my favourite product in the MIVVA box. As I am quite a fan of body scrubs, I love the smell of this product and it definitely does its job. The lovely scrub aroma also lingers on the body for a while after bathing,

Claire Organics Handmade Soap, RM16-22 (100g)
Handmade soaps have been on my wishlist for a while now but I haven't gotten to purchasing them yet as I still have not used up my facial cleanser. MIVVA Box arrived just in time for me to try out one! Handmade soaps are made from fresh and natural high-quality ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter, olive oil, oatmeal or goat's milk. It does not irritate or flare up the skin easily as well as in the long run. I find it really unique that handmade soaps need to go through a curing period about 3-4 weeks before it is ready to use! Claire Organics has different range of handmade soaps with different purpose which are:
  • Mulberry Yogurt Soap: Whitening and anti-aging
  • Aloe Vera Shea Butter Soap: Antioxidant, damage repairing and gentle cleansing
  • Guinness Stout Soap with Organic Raw Honey: Revitalising and anti-acne
  • Rose Hips Soap with Osmanthus: Nourishing and gentle cleansing
  • Evening Primrose Soap with Golden Jojoba: Anti-aging and rejuvenating
  • Calendula Soy Milk Baby Soap: Nourishing baby care for eczema and gentle protection

The one I gotten was Mulberry Yogurt Soap. Not much on the whitening part as my face is quite fair already, wouldn't want to look like a ghost. lol... Would try it for the anti-aging properties :D Sharing this with my mom too! I am also very much intrigued by the Guinness Stout Soap. Looks promising.

Thanks again to MIVVA for sponsoring the May edition beauty box!

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Family Feast Friday

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On the Friday of Learning Around The World Week, we had our Family Feast!  All of the children had an opportunity to visit the feast and try something new!  So many of them made brave choices from hummus and olives to jerk chicken and yam!  It was an exciting morning and we must say a very big thankyou to all parents who contributed something from their culture.

Miss Smith

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Learning Around The World Week

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From Monday to Thursday, the children were learing around four different areas of the world: Africa, Europe, South America and China.  The children covered topics such as the aimals encountered on an African Safari, the landmarks of China, the flags of Europe and they made Mexican salsa!  Everyday a workshop took place related to our chosen areas of the world:  African drumming, story telling of European myths, South American dancing and traditional Chinese dancing.  If you managed to make it along to one of the performances, I hope you enjoyed seeing what the children had been learning.  Please have a look at a selection of photos taken over the week.

Miss Smith

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