What's the deal?

Posted by Aileen Raymond Thursday, May 30, 2013 0 comments

So what exactly is the deal with some clubs running empty on a Friday or Saturday night? I mean yes, if there's nothing going on, by all means, go look for greener pastures, but these guys actually have live events going on! Live bands playing to crowds of 10 and 20 people! What exactly is going on in Cape Town and why are we not supporting like we should?

Yes, the times and scenes are changing. No longer do you really get "specialty clubs". Clubs and bars that stick to a certain genre and play only a certain type of music at least 80% of the time. Gandalf's use to be mostly a metal club, but those days are gone. Recently I went to a club to go watch two metal bands play to contribute to build a local skate park. Now, let's get one thing straight: The bands were booked, the venue was set and the door wide open. The question is: Where were you?

I have heard over and over how people complain about metal not growing to its full potential in Cape Town. There's no doubt that metal is a difficult genre to accommodate in a city where trance and rock rule the scene. But do we really not want it to be relevant at all?

If you complain that you don't hear any metal on local radio stations at all and clubs don't hold their doors open to metal bands, than who's to blame? Them for not supporting anything other than rock or pop or us who cannot create a decent following for them to actually use?

Do we not then support every single possible event that contribute to the keeping alive of metal in the city? Yes, you do listen to your favourite metal bands in the comfort of your candle lit room, but certainly you want the scene to grow locally? You want new bands to listen to and most certainly you want a club or two where you can go see them on the occasional night out?

So, to pay R50 to see two great metal bands on one night - I mean is it really too expensive? Off course there is a lot you can do with R50, like buy a pack of Texan plain or that beautiful, black cutex you want. I mean, these bands need support - They need their fans to step up and fight for the music.

I have since spoken to a few people who told me this: Yes, the metal scene is alive and well in certain ways - the annual Metal Fest held in Stellenbosch and most certainly on the internet where you can watch and listen to (mostly international) metal bands. But we are all sceptical: is it enough? Is this really all that a young, upcoming metal band can look forward to? You decide for yourself.

And skaters of Cape Town, this is for you: You can buy your expensive deck and skate shoes, but you can't pull R50 out of your pocket and support local skating? Seriously. Why bitch and moan about skate parks being too crowded or you having to drive far to get to one, when you cannot help support to build a new one at your doorstep?  

So, here's the thing: Either you pull a finger and support your local bands and causes, or you can go put a plug in your trap and keep it shut.

Thank you. 

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