Keretaminiku.Com Produsen Kereta Mini Mainan di Indonesia

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Keretaminiku.Com Produsen Kereta Mini Mainan di Indonesia

Keretaminiku.Com Produsen Kereta Mini Mainan di Indonesia

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Keretaminiku.Com Produsen Kereta Mini Mainan di Indonesia

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Petite Millie @ One Utama

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If you want to try something different after shopping in 1 Utama, head over to Petite Millie for dinner :)
Tried out this place during Father's Day and I was really happy with it. It's a place that serves French cuisine :)

The bright interior. I ordered this drink because of it's funky name "Leprechaun's Brew". Not fantastic because it tasted more like ice cocoa :P


Portobello Salad
Comes with Comte Cheese, bell pepper relish and more :)

Avocado and Crab Tarte Flambee
If you're expecting your normal cheesy pizza then no..this if different. A thin dough is baked and topped with crab meat and avocado. It's really tasty :)

Emilla's Tagliatelle al Duck Ragu
Apart from the Duck Confit at Delicious, this is another duck spaghetti that I found to like. The sauce is really good!

Country Side Mill's Lamb Cutlets
The waiter recommended this and they didn't disappoint! 

It was my birthday as well so they gave me a complimentary dessert.

Overall, this place is worth going to. The price is reasonable and their staff are friendly too :)

Petite Millie is located at:
Lot G 146, Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre.
Tel: 03 7732 0395

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Rocking the Daisies. Definitely one of the best festivals I've ever been to. Well-organized, diverse and ABSOLUTELY fun is how I can describe it. And this year it is going to be bigger and better! With a few months away, it looks like the organizers are hard at work, to bring us something extraordinary...

From their website:

"The build-up to the 7th edition of Rocking the Daisies
starts now! Over the next 5 months all you need know will be added to
the new website as and when is it ready. Each year there are changes,
new additions and farewells, but one thing is for sure… it only gets

The most notable change is that we will be opening the camping on
Thursday evening for all those keen party animals and there will be
campsite entertainment to boot. Stage times have changed with an earlier
start on Friday and an earlier close on Sunday."

 Photos from Daisies 2011.

When? 4-7 October 2012

Where? Darling, Western Cape, South Africa.

Line-up? Still to be confirmed...


Main Stage

New World Beat Barn

Lemon Tree Theater

Electro Stage

Beach Bar

Shnit Cinema

Rugby on Big Screen

Daisy Den


With the Early Bird tickets already sold out, you can now get your full weekend tickets at the following prices:


Early Bird (Thursday - Sunday) - SOLD OUT -
Thursday - Sunday - R520 R600
Friday - Sunday - R520 R600
Saturday - Sunday - R480 R550
Sunday - R70 R70
Cycle to Daisies - R350 -
Campervan (excl. festival ticket) - R100 -
Walking the Daisies (FREE) - - -
Bus to Daisies - TBC -
Daisy Train (JHB - CPT) - TBC -

 It is still a while, so start saving up!!

See you there...

E. <3

want me to post your photos/artwork? Contact me:

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Posted by Aileen Raymond Sunday, June 24, 2012 0 comments belanja online grosir eceran murah dan aman belanja online grosir eceran murah dan aman

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Origins GinZing Eye Cream

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With all the late nights pulling through assignments, investing in an eye cream is definitely needed! After hearing my friend rave about the Origins GinZing Eye Cream and also checking out online reviews, I finally gotten it as my first ever eye cream! Its purpose is to brighten the eye area and also make it less puffy! 

When I used it for the first time, I really love it as it makes the puffy areas under my eyes go away. Even though I get less than 8 hours of sleep, my eyes felt more awake after patting it around the eye area...which must be due to the caffeine content. The texture is light and easily absorbed. Plus, it has some kind of highlight/tint to make the eyes look brighter and provide a sheer coverage over the dark circles.

But after using it for a long run, twice a day for about 1 month, oil seeds start to appear around my eye area. Oh well, this eye cream is too rich for me. I started cutting down the usage to once a day and then once in 2 days but it didn't help much so I decided to stop using it after a while. I only use it when I need to get rid of the puffiness or when my eyes is still feeling sleepy x) It also didn't help much with my eyebags since I'm practically born with eye bags (it's true...)

Overall, this eye cream lived up its expectation for it's depuff and refreshing purpose. Other than that, I didn't notice much change on my dark circles. I guess it only works when you apply it due to the brightening tint. Bought it for about RM140 if I am not mistaken. 

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Hey everyone I'm back! I know I have been MIA on blogsphere again for more than a month. The past few months was really stressful with all the deadlines for assignments and exams. It's my final year but somehow I feel less motivated than before...WHY?  I have a lot of similar subjects that I've taken during my diploma years that appeared in this semester. Around 2-3 subs like creative writing and it felt like a repetition D: Compared to degree...I actually miss my Diploma days because it's more fun and carefree? haha.. For degree it's much more hands own project but more research. Havard referencing is a pain in the ass :/

Nevertheless, the final semester will start on August and I will finish my degree course at the end of the year. Can't wait :D

Since Instagram for Android came up, I've been more active there :P
Add me up if you want to..username: lichuen

Lots of outdated blog post to write just to share..I haven't even blog about my trip to Cambodia last year. My social life was pretty much on hold as well. Fail much? Sigh...too many things to juggle at once and since now I'm free, I have more time to blog and go out :) 

Thank goodness I get a chance to go on a holiday later in July. My initial plan was going to Redang but seems that no one is interested at the moment and my parents won't let me go alone D: So Singapore it is! At least I get to have a short break away from KL. My stress levels were reaching a breaking point so this trip is a MUST!

More pics from my Instagram

Some stress reliever during my semester was watching dramas..

Queen InHyun's Man
If you like watching kdrama...this one is a MUST watch. It's a romance drama and the plot is really well planned. I didn't watch other kdrama that was ongoing at that time cuz I felt this was the best. Fashion King was like -.- gave up after 2 episodes... Haven't watch Rooftop Prince yet..maybe next time when I have nothing to watch. I shall catch it.

House of Harmony and Vengeance
HK drama...I usually prefer watching period dramas. This was alright..nothing to shout about. But although sometimes I feel that this drama was throwing random situation to add to the plot.

Well, this is all for a short rant post for the time being. I will be back posting more food reviews and beauty stuff :)

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Watcha wanna do?

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It is Wednesday, that means two more days before the weekend. And to make you even more excited, here is my list of cool things to do this weekend.

That Circus Show at Zula Bar

Friday evening Zula Sound Bar in Cape Town will be hosting their regular circus of a party featuring
dancers, top musicians, a belly-dancer, burlesque and other cirque performers. Doors open at 10pm and
tickets cost R30 per person.

Winter Wine Festival Durbanville

The 8th Winter Wine Festival at High Street
Shopping Village in Durbanville takes place from Thursday, 21 June to
Saturday, 23 June and offers visitors a selection of wines to taste and
buy, hand-made food items and fresh produce, two food courts, live music
and free access to the wine theatre presented by The Cape Wine Academy.
Cost: R80 online | R90 at the door


Showing at the Barnyard Theatre in Tygervalley, this action-packed show
combines gravity-defying circus acts with the top rock music of the last
six decades like ACDC, U2 and Prince. This weekend sees the musical’s
run come to an end, so be sure to get in there before it’s too late on
Friday or Saturday evening at 8pm (R120 per person) or Sunday at 2pm (R80 per person).

Neighbourgoods Market  373-375 Albert Road Woodstock:
The Neighbourgoods Market is a real treat, stocking over 100 speciality traders including fine food,
wine and local farmers. There are plenty of breads, cheeses, sweet treats and
wines for you to sample here. This is one of the best markets in Town. Be sure to go there this weekend, for excellent food!


Head down to Dragon
Power Studios on Saturday evening to witness muay Thai champions Jarred ‘Rotweiler’ Rothwell and
Ceeh ‘Croco Croco’ Khuboni take each other on in the ring. There will also be a few other fighters battling it out in the ring. Other entertainment, including drummer
dancers and marimba bands, will also be on offer. Ticket prices range
between R70 (under 13-year-old standing) and R350 (front row).

For any free event listing, please email


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No gaga...

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I'm NOT a fan of Lady Gaga. I will not leave a room when they play her songs, but I will never buy her albums. There is just something about her, that's a bit irritating to me. A bit too sparkly. Too weird looking. Too famous for her own good.

Anyway, so the Gag is coming to South Africa and everywhere I look I see her name. I would've loved it if, for a change, Big Concerts could bring some true rock n roll to SA. Some band who will rock the country good. But alas...  

For the amount of one ticket to go the see Gaga, I can possibly go to at least 3 local gigs and buy some drinks! Or I can go to One Night in Cape Town, which looks pretty damn excellent:

See Seether, Enter Shikari, Bullet For My Valentine, Eagles of Death
Metal, KONGOS and a few more international acts still to be
announced! At Grand West Casino.

Gates will open at 2pm.

Golden Circle – R450

General Standing – R400

Seated – R380

Disabled – R400

No Gaga for me. Thank you.


If I like, I will post it. Yay!
Contact me:

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 Scary Stuff in Colombia...

If I like, I will post it. Yay!
Contact me:

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Saturday 16 June is Youth Day. The one day that we can really celebrate being youngsters. To remind us that it is COOL to have your own state of MIND and that we have the world in front of us to be whoever we want to be.

Also the day to remember the Soweto Uprising where roughly 176 people died. THAT is the past though...

Now that all of that is history, we can look forward and celebrate! Cause we are young and free and we can be whatever we want to be....

we are young

so let's set the world on fire 

we can burn brighter 

than the sun



 If I like, I will post it. Yay!
Contact me:

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Pulsa Elektrik Murah Semarang

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Pulsa Elektrik Murah Semarang

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isi ma dayz..

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It is only June now - suppose to be the first month of winter and it is freeeezzzing already! I struggle to find more clothes in my room to put on when I go out - and it is not even raining yet!! Every time I find myself moving closer to the heater... I think my cat is enjoying the weather though - All curled up in his thick, winter fur...

It's also strange that with the weather our "weekend activities" change. I find myself renting dvd's and eating popcorn, making soup, painting, writing, going out for hot chocolate and wanting to drive to different places. So this weekend we went for breakfast at Cafe Sofia in Camp's Bay and it was sooo good sitting inside watching the beautiful, winter beach. I then decided that it was a good idea to take off my shoes and walk on the beach for a while. It was so refreshing breathing in the cold air. Then I bumped my toe on a rock and wanted to go home.

We also went to Observatory. We had something to drink at the Obz Cafe - which is too pretty by the way. We also had a tiny lunch at TrenchTown. These places will definitely see me more this winter. It is more cosy than the busy (and these days SCARY) Long Street and expensive Kloof.

I am not winter's biggest fan, but I enjoy wearing scarfs and hats and coats with boots. Winter also brings me more creativity (yay!) and longer hours in the bed (whoop)!

Happy winterzzz....

want me to post your photos/artwork/poem?...send it to me! If I like, I will post it. Yay!
Contact me:

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This week's two best looks on

Lina T.

Alana R.

Pretty girls.


Contact me:

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how to survive oppikoppi...

Posted by Aileen Raymond Thursday, June 7, 2012 0 comments

"For everyone who has ever felt full of
circles and/ or had their pure youngry hearts pulling to a rock ‘n roll
solution; and for everyone who has ever felt like dynamite without quite
knowing why: we think we bring you good news: SWEET THING: the 18th
annual permutation of our super-friendly tune get together gone wrong.
And right. This will be good for you.

We all know what a mission it can be to pack for a festival. Especially if it is a 3-4 day fest. What if you forget your toothbrush or clean underwear!? Or worse toilet-paper (what a mission to beg a piece from someone else)!! With Oppikoppi around the corner, I thought we can all do with some festival preparation.

The first day and night you are still okay, but by 12 o' clock the next day, we all want something clean to wipe the dirt off our faces and maybe something fresh to put on.

By the third day we are all so muf that anything remotely clean will do.

So what to pack?

I've put together a list of anything you might need to pull you through and help you survive the bush (in no specific order):

tent with tent-pens, plastic cups, plastic bottle, plastic bag for trash, toilet paper x2, toothbrush and toothpaste, travel-friendly shampoo (and) conditioner, soap, mouth-wash, wet-wipes (good for hands, face and all other places), contraceptives, underwear, sandals, boots or other closed shoes, warm jacket, swimwear, towels x 2, shorts and t-shirts or tank tops, blanket or sleeping-bag or both, small cushion, bottle opener, sunglasses, wallet, cash, small bag to carry stuff around, torch, cooler bag for drinks and food, pain pills, Sun-screen, hats, travel-friendly bottle of cream for instant refreshment on face/knees/elbows, water in water-bottle, head bands and/or a scarf to keep hair out of your face when dancing, ID and festival ticket!

Do NOT bring:

animals, any valuables, glass, fireworks, an under age person.


Phone and charger, instrument, camera, food (there will always be food stalls), foldable chair, earplugs (for when you really need to sleep.

So, now you are all packed up, but also remember:

Mark your valuable stuff with a black marker (at least your name and contact number).

Make sure you pack any medication if you need to take it daily.

Make sure you do not drive to the festival already intoxicated (roadblocks!! plus it's dangerous and scary)

Do not pack too many clothes!

Do not pack too little clothes (remember you WILL get dirty and wet)!

Remember to look at the line-up and times, you do not want to miss your favourite bands.

Remember to support your favourite, local acts!!!

Other important rules for the bushveld:

1) Your mate's tent is not a toilet. EVER.

2) Your mate's tent is not your tent when he/she wants to sleep.

3) Your mate's girlfriend is not your girlfriend even if she looks like yours...

4) Do not take what is not yours! I promise someone will do the same to you and you will loose in the end!

5) Please, at least have some sort of hygiene when sharing a tent with a friend or girlfriend.

6) Do not use your tent as a sort of rubbish bin. You will regret it on the last night!

7) Use sun-screen.

8) Keep money for the last night and next morning.

9) Try to not loose your tent.

10) Try to get at least some sleep during the festival.

11) Dance.

And then...bushveld secrets:

1) An umbrella is not a bad idea - works well for rain and sun :-)

2) Hide a toilet-roll for that last day at the back of your bag. Trust me. 

3) Take some snacks like peanuts, Vitasnacks and bananas - these will give you lots of much needed energy - This helped me through the last 3 festivals I've been to.

4) Learn that Essential is the best hangover cure. Ever. 

5) If you take any valuables (camera or phone), try to get a small lock for your tent - just don't lose the key!!

6) Make friends with your neighbours. You never know when you might need a little favour.... 

OppiKoppi 18 Sweet\Thing is made possible in association with Jos̩ Cuervo, MK, Standard Bank and Vice Рsweet!

Photos courtesy of Annie Klopper, Mycitybynight and 

Lookout for the dirty-pink-city Oppikoppi ticket comp in the month of June/July. Start sharing and following!! Whoop...

Any more info, visit:

Have fun.


If I like, I will post it. Yay!
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