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Tickets for the show are available in all Student Union shops on all the DIT campus's NOW. they will also be available on in the next few days, link to come.

when? March 24th, 2010.

where? Vicar Street, Dublin.

How much? €20 for students and €25 for adults. Don't forget now, its for charity and the ticket will get you into the huge after party we are planning as well as the show.
Two tickets in one really!!

see you all the at the
kindly sponsored by Alfa Romeo!!!

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announcing... ALFA ROMEO

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This year we are thrilled to announce that Alfa Romeo will be sponsoring the DIT fashion show. We will be working with them for the next moth to make show the 2010 show is one of the biggest and best! For those of you following our blog you will be the first to know that we are running a competition with Alfa Romeo, those DIT students that enter will win trip for two to Milan, not bad at all! More information on how to enter to come guys and girls.

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Student Design Awards in Palace!

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here are the 8 finalists that will be in the show on March 24th

On Thursday Night, the 25th, the top 15 student designs were chosen to come to Palace on Camden Street to showcase their creations. With the theme of Rock Revolution they had there work cut out for them. only 8 got through to the actual show which is now on the 24th of March. Here are some pics from the night!

some of the judges looking at the designs

Hells provided pizza as always!

Our lovely committee (minus ena, katie &jennie)

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Photo Launch

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Suzie, Tania & Elisabeth rocking out!

Hi everyone, wednesdays photo launch was a huge success! We ended up with photos in The Irish Times, The Star, and The Metro to name a few. I have some behind the scenes photos included in this blog to give you a peek of the madness of that morning!

Hope you like it!

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Charlotte's trip to the Kennedy Space Centre

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Year 3 Trip

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Year 3 have been learning about Dinosaurs in their IPC lessons. On Creative day year 3 went to the National History Museum to look at the Dinosaurs. We all had a really good day looking at all the bones and fossils and finding out new information. Have a look at some of the pictures Miss Taylor took to help us remember the trip.

Miss Taylor

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Style Team

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Hi everyone, its Katie and Jennie here. We're the Heads of Style Team for this years fashion show. Just over two weeks to go now and theres a million and one things to do! Luckily we have an amazing team who have had some great suggestions and been a really big support to us.

This year we're taking inspiration for our Rock Revolution theme from many different celebrities and designers. People such as Kate Moss, Rihanna and Alice Dellal really incorporate rock into their everyday style while still using current trends. This is something we will be aiming to do with this fashion show.

We have a really busy week ahead, meeting with different shops, checking out what clothes we would like to use in the fashion show and getting ready for our photoshoot on Wednesday. We'll let you know how it all goes!

Dont forget the Student Design competition continues this thursday in Palace so best of luck to all the designers and their designers!

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Clubs at Rush Green Junior School

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Thankyou for voting for clubs you would like at school. If you said other, could you let us know your ideas?

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Creative Day

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Don't forget that Friday is Creative Day. We would love to see and hear what you have all been doing.

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How to keep your teeth healthy!

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To keep your teeth healthy, you need to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes. Only use your mouthwash after meals so you don't wash away the goodness of the toothpaste. Don't eat your sweets between meals, you can eat them after dinner so when you brush your teeth at night it will get rid of all the sugar. Make sure you do this everyday and you will have a perfect smile and perfect teeth.

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Space Shuttle Take Off!

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Today 6S watched the live take off of the space shuttle Endeavour. One of our classmates was hopefully there to see it in person!

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Hey everyone! Happy New Year! late only wish kan? It's feb already =\ I've been abandoning my blog for some time now. Not that anyone reads it anyway :) Tons of posts that I feel like blogging about but I lack motivation :P

Another reason is because my laptop was reformatted last year so I'm being lazy to transfer pics from the external drive. 

Started my internship on the 11th of Jan. In the same company as Melia aka Pao Princess but we're in a diff team. I'm pretty busy at the moment. Prob will blog about the outdated posts during April when my internship ends!

Blogging mojo pls come back!!!

Off to do my internship report now~

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