Kita Satu Flash Mob & Kita Satu Exhibition Launch

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13th June, Sunday
In the comfy 28 seater bus heading off to Pavilion for the flash mob about 5pm!

Cayman & I

Chilling at the food court in Pavilion. Papa Beard vanilla cream puff is love!

Chilling at Expressamente Illy after the flash mob

17th June, Thursday
Left college about 8am for the launching of Kita Satu Exhibition. Early morning group photo in the bus :)

Had to go there early for rehearsals because of VIP attendance.
Everyone sang a bday song to me...haha. Thanks guys ;)

Breakfast at Istana Budaya. The food there is really affordable I must say. Kuey Tiao and some veg only cost RM2! After that we went to prepare for the launch as it was almost time.

A group picture after the launch.

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The Bee & Snowflake

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Few weeks ago, my classmates and I went to try out the food at The Bee since it was recently opened in Jaya One. Love the decor and the atmosphere. It's a really nice place to chill :)

A group of us armed with laptops as we had a 3 hour break in between. Wifi at The Bee wasn't working at that time so we had to rely on other networks xD

I ordered the Huevos Rancheros Wrap. Yummy! :)
 Apparently, the burgers there are awesome too! Should try it next during my next visit xD

Went to Snowflake for desserts at night. Never seem to get bored of the bestseller :P

With Sharmayne & Amelia

Pool session at AC after that ;)

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Year 3 Dinosaurs

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During the topic of Dinosaurs the year 3 children made dinosaurs with parts of it that moved. This was part of our DT topic on pneumatics. We really enjoyed making them. Here are a couple of the dinosaurs from 3R and 3S.

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Year 3 Creative Day.

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On Creative day year 3 were designing their own inventions to help them with an everyday problem, for example always waking up late. They worked in groups to come up with an invention that would solve the problem. All the year 3's enjoyed making their inventions. Here are a few pictures of the different inventions.

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Multi-Cultural Week

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This week is Multi-Cultural week at school

Year 3 are learning about China.
Year 4 are learning about India.
Year 5 are learning about Mexico.
Year 6 are learning about South Africa.

It's been an exciting week so far, with Year 3 and 5, departing to their countries from the UK on planes, they even made passports and had to have security checks! There's been food tasting and lots of lovely art work.

We will add some pictures soon.

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KITA The Musical Flash Mob

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KITA The Musical is organized by Musical On Stage Production, Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Integrasi Nasional, Kementerian Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan, Istana Budaya & Xiyue Arts & Culture.

A musical inspired by 1 Malaysia, this story revolves around 3 boys of different races in the early 1970s of Teluk Intan with big dreams and hopes. Along the way we see them going through love, struggles and finally achieving their  dreams. For more read here:

KITA The Musical will be held in Istana Budaya from 17 June to 27 June 2010. Seating is located at different prices and students will get a special price to watch the musical at only RM15!
Besides that, students from IACT College will be having an exhibition displaying their artworks, designs etc on the KITA theme. Do check it out when you're in Istana Budaya besides watching the musical!

The students of Event Management class DMC08, 09, 10 & 11 of IACT College was given the opportunity to do promotional activities for KITA The Musical and we've came of with the idea of a flash mob. Flash mobs are pretty common nowadays but it's all about the fun and hype! :)

We collaborated with CausePlay, a flash mob community to help us out with the flash mob. We went around Klang Valley for the flash mob activities on 6th June and 13th June.

6th June (Sunday)
We started our day meeting everyone at KL Sentral at 8.45am. As usual, most flash mobsters started to come in about 9am. We gave everyone their T-shirts and boarded the bus to our first location which is Times Square!
A fun photo session before the flash mob starts.

The starting of the flash mob. Everyone just stood still, blind folded for about 5 minutes. Some passerby stopped and look at the 'scene' caused by us. As I was going around photographing, an ang moh guy came to me and asked what was all of this about.

Singing Negaraku as the first song. We also sang other songs such as Tepuk Amai Amai, Rasa Sayang etc accompanied by the kompang.

KITA flash mobsters grooving and singing to Jong Jong Inai

First location covered! Everyone feeling excited for the next location :D

Second location - Central Market

Passerby looking on, and Q&A session to win VIP tickets to watch the musical.

3rd location - PKNS Shah Alam

Everyone enjoying their free ice cream courtesy of Ms Su! / Li Her promoting to a passerby

Lunch time! Everyone went to the park opposite PKNS Shah Alam for lunch. We had nasi goreng kampung and masi goreng cina. The park was a pretty nice place to chill. After lunch, we boarded the bus again and headed back to KL.

Last location - Lot 10

This was an interesting one as we just stood in one line, hands locked at stood still for 10 minutes. Onlookers were curious and I got to talk to a few interesting people about the musical. That was the end of our flash mob for the day! Everyone slept on the bus on the way back.

June 13th (Sunday)
Less people turned up for this session but it did not deter us from performing our best! We met up again in KL Sentral at 10am. This time, we decided to do a freeze for the flash mob.
1st Location - KL Sentral, 11am.

The view from above

This kid was super adorable I tell you! *pinch*

Guess who we met?

A. Samad Said! We used his poem titled 'Hidup Bersama' for the flash mob activities and we get to meet him in person! Talk about coincidence! Everyone was equally starstruck to get to meet him :) We gave him a pair of tickets to watch the musical!
We love our 28 seater bus! So spacious and comfy ;P / Next destination - Tropicana City Mall!

More random poses. The crowd at Tropicana City Mall was a fun one. Everyone was so excited about it.

Standing still.

Q&A session to win VIP tickets!
Next stop - Masjid Jamek LRT station.

4th location - Pavilion, KL

Everyone was having fun doing their own freeze posses and it turned out pretty cool.

Students from IACT College & mobsters from CausePlay

More fun-tastic poses ;D

Some foreigners thought we were doing a protest. lol

After the session, some of us went to Expressamente Illy to chill. Awesome place :)

Last stop - Sunway Pyramid

We did the flash mob at the Republic entrance area. CausePlayers left because the bus was only booked til 6pm and our flashmob was only scheduled at 7pm.

More prize giving session!

Group picture!

Everyone was exhausted after a whole day of flash mob activity but no doubt, we had tons of fun! :)

Tickets to KITA The Musical can be purchased at Istana Budaya Box oOfice, online at Axcess or selected Axcess outlets!

If you're purchasing the tickets at Axcess outlets or Istana Budaya Box Office, do download  and print the e-flyer to enjoy a 10% discount! 

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