Ice Kacang Puppy Love 初恋红豆冰

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Definitely one of the must watch local movie. This movie is produced by Ah Niu 阿牛, which is based on his childhood experience growing up in Penang. With a number of Taiwan based Malaysian stars, this film is a success. They definitely portrayed their character well :D Especially Gary Chaw.

A heart warming film that touched my heart. Reminds me of my hometown, Ipoh. The old coffee shops, taxi stands...even the Guli game that I used to play with my brother.

What I love most about this movie is the abstract shots that is able to portray the feelings or situation of the movie. Minimal dialogue, deep meaning. I love the sceneries as well!
The story tells about childhood friends who grew up together in a small town, and finding joy in things they do and also falling in love. But of course, in every movie there's conflict of love and relationships between the characters.
Ah Niu plays Botak, a shy guy who's unable to express his feeling to his crush, Fighting Fish (Lee Xin Jie). While Lee Xin Jie, plays Fighting Fish who portrays a strong character. Brought up by her single mother, she is upset with her mother for taking her away from her father when she was a child (she doesn't know the reasons).
I'm surprised that this movie wasn't censored as there was kissing, drinking and some suggestive scenes which was repeated xD I guess this shows that the censorship board is getting more lenient now.

I love the quotes and funny scenes in the movie. Some scenes also made me tear. One part of the movie reminded me of Sepet where Botak was cycling his bike and wanted to express his feelings to Fighting Fish as she was leaving town, he got hit by a motorcycle and fell. Too add on, when he reached to the bus station he got knocked down by a bus.

My mom was like 'wahh...hit by bus also din die' LOL

Though the movie is great, I feel the actors are slightly too old for their characters. When Fighting Fish said she wanted to further her studies. I stopped and think. 'Wait, how old is Fighting Fish again?'
Anyway, I shall not divulge much about the movie. Go and watch it if you can! ;)

肥妹的角色真是好笑又可爱!她晚上打扮,给 Botak 看到好像见鬼的样子令我笑到肚子痛! 哦哦~

Rating: 4.5/5

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I received an email from The Click Shop newsletter and guess what! They brought in more stuff from Holga!

Holga 135TIM

This camera here is brilliant in my opinion. It can take half shots just like the Golden Half, but it's definitely better! You can also open both frame to take the usual frame. An also multiple exposure mode etc etc

Next up is the Holga K-200 Fisheye camera!

Damn, this is another exciting camera as the Fisheye lens is detachable. Talk about versatility! Plus the flash is built-in, so there's no hassle of attaching with flash into the hot shoe and it saves space without carrying the flash around! :D

See, all these new stuff is making me excited and it makes me feel a slight regret of buying my Holga 135BC. What happened to my wait for these Holga's to come out first? Apparently I forgot =\ Gahh..and I can't purchase both of the latest Holga cuz it's gonna cost a bomb. But it's so tempting :(

I wonder will Holga ever come up with a combined version of both. Fisheye + Half shots + Normal shot + Built-in-Flash? That would definitely save me lots of money and I'd purchase it immediately.

In the meantime, maybe a poor student like me can only purchase the Fisheye Lens + Viewfinder accessories for my 135BC which costs RM150. But the thing is, if I use the Viewfinder on the hot shoe, I won't be able to use the colour flash. Maybe be adding on another 60 bucks or more..I would be able to get one of those new Holga's T_T

*Image credit: The Click Shop*

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Breaking Chains

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How much longer do you plan to stay in your delusional world and not see that he's turning into a monster?
I give up.

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A paper bag full of jewels

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Came back from the Too Hot 2 Handle Bazaar at Euphoria this afternoon. Went with Swea Phin & Amelia. The weather was pretty hot & humid as usual. Saw a few familiar faces there. Collected with Ladies VIP card which offers great benefits <3 It was pretty dark at the main room so it was hard to see the items that is for sale.Bought more accessories than clothes. Bought an adorable Domokun pin from House of Average. Saw this original turquoise Ray Ban which I fell in love with, but it was RM350...don't have so much moneyyyy :( Amelia bought this really cute mini disco ball for 10 bucks. Lunch at Kim Gary, continue shopping and bought a bag. Balik rumah. Will be missing the Kaskade tonight cuz the girls not free. 200 bucks gone in a day. Sighh..

Aku mau tido skrg! toodles ;)

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