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aingindra - Informasi Harga Blackberry Dan Cara Membuat Blog

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Selamat Ulang tahun buat, semoga semakin berjaya, semakin maju, dan dapat memberikan informasi-informasi bermanfaat.

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DPC will be @ Rock the River until 1/1/2013

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Contact me:

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3R's Creative Day

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On our second Creative Day, 3R made gingerbread biscuits and gingerbread garlands to get us in the Christmas spirit!

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Year 3 have been busy creating their Family Learning Projects.  The first one was about the Ancient Egyptians.  All of the teachers and children at school have been very impressed by the quality of the projects-they look fantastic and are packed with information about this fascinating time in world history.  Have a look at some of the projects created by 3R.

Miss Smith

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Kwong Sang House 廣生洋服 and Behind 50 @ Penang

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Kwong Sang House
After our lok lok dinner at Pulau Tikus, our tummy couldn't handle anymore food. Stephy suggested to check out Kwong Sang House :)

Downstairs was packed so we headed upstairs

Cute decorations on the outside wall and also their dinner set!
Their interior upstairs is really nice :D

Bookshelves filled with books for you to read

Old albums

Vintage decorations and old school items on display.

That night, we only ordered drinks are we were too full. Saw people having pasta and pizza which looked good and made a mental note to come by here next time for their food. The lady boss took our order. The service was great and friendly :) It left a great impression on us because of the friendly service.

However on our third day in Penang, most of the cafes were closed. We ended up in Kwong Sang House for lunch. However, the service had almost an 180 degrees turn from our first visit. There were two teenagers attending to customers that afternoon. Service was slow. Took a long time for the menu to reach us. Waited almost 5-10 minutes to call them every single time. I would understand if they stated that 'sorry we are busy, could you please hold for a moment', but there was no such courtesy. They practically just ignored us most of the time. The guy was mostly blur. The girl was quite rude. We actually ordered white wine but in the end red wine came -.- We said that we ordered white wine and we gave up at the lack of answer given by the waitress.

Nonetheless, here's pictures of our set lunch!
 Grilled Chicken
 Chicken Ham Carbonara
 Spaghetti Bolognese
 Pasta Pugliese
Red Wine

This place has good food unfortunately the mood can be spoiled by the service. When the bosses are here, service is fantastic. However, left unsupervised by inexperience waiters, it can just spoil your whole dining experience. 

Kwong Sang House 廣生洋服
36, Leith Street,
10220, Penang.
For reservations: 0125565509 / 0124939230
Business hours
12PM-2.30PM and 6PM-11PM
(closed on Thursdays)

Behind 50
We also went to Behind 50, another cafe which is owned by the same owner. We went there for drinks and snacks at midnight after our movie. And to our horror, the same pair of teenagers were there serving. Me and my girlfriends mood immediately went downhill =.= There were 3 of us initially. It was packed, so we sat on the high chairs. After that, a few of our friends and their friends joined us. Since the place was packed, I decided to ask the waitress for some solutions.

It went along something like this....
Me: Do you have any extra chairs?
Waitress: No.
Me: ...said something which I forgot...
Waitress: This is all we have. (stating as a matter of fact)
Me: .....nevermind
Waitress: walks away

Of course I could see the place is packed. I was just hoping for you to maybe ask customers who are occupying a table to move to the high chairs if they are willing. Or said we have to wait for a while if we want. But no, it's practically if you want stay here or go to another cafe situation. The feeling of welcome was not there :( We stood there for a few minutes deciding we should finish our drinks and head to another place with bigger space. Then, the lady boss/partner/manager (don't know which) came out and things definitely got better!

She kindly asked the pair of customers who are willing to change tables with us and secured us with more chairs as customers from the other table left. She was friendly, had a smile on her face and was patient while taking our orders. Our mood got better after that.

Behind 50
Muntri Street, 10200,
George Town, Penang.
For reservations: 0125565509 / 0124939230
Business hours
6PM - 1AM
(closed on Thursdays)

Overall, the food, environment and atmosphere in Kwong Sang House and Behind 50 is good. Most blogs I came by have great reviews about the food too. But for me, the service definitely needs to be improved. I even saw some people leaving tips on Foursquare saying that they experienced rude service as well. I would definitely visit this places again for their food and when the bosses are there!

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Kafe Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

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*picture credits to Amelia*
Right after waking up from our nap, we headed over to Komtar Walk for the Penang Road Chendul in the afternoon. According to Stephy it is the same one as the Penang Road, and this one serves food, plus we get to sit :) It was raining while we were seated so we slowly enjoyed our food ^^

Front: Durian Chendul - Back: Original Chendul
Being a durian lover, I absolutely loved the durian chendul. Bits of durian were in there and it boosted the taste of the chendul. But my friends said it was too sweet for them. Nevertheless, I got to eat most of it :P LOL. The original chendul is nice too!

This was mediocre. Not enough oomph in the sauce!

Asam Laksa
This is the best asam laksa I've came across in Penang so far. Nom nom nom! Very rich in taste and flavour :D Savoured every single bit of it.

Service can be quite slow due to the limited amount of staff. But there is always a joy waiting for good food ;)

Kafe Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul (Komtar Walk):
21, Komtar Walk,
Jalan Penang 10000,
Georgetown, Penang.
Mon - Fri: 10.30AM - 7PM
Sat - Sun: 10AM - 7.30PM
Check out their website for more of their outlets!

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the night before Christmas

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It's the night before Christmas, kids!

Contact me:

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Penang 2012

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So after my handing up my final assignment on a Friday last month, me and my two friends headed over to Penang the very next day! I think we only got less than four hours of sleep and then started our journey at 6AM. We stopped by Ipoh for dim sum and then headed off to Penang. I don't know how they drove, but stopping in Ipoh and heading to Penang with a total of four hours...must be pretty fast. LOL.

The very first thing when we checked into our room was to sleep! Yes...SLEEP! We were still very exhausted from all the late nights and stress from our final assignments. So we spent a few hours getting some well needed rest. We stayed at Bayan Baru which is quite a distance from the city so the accomodation was pretty cheap. It's not a hotel, more like a homestay/backpack kind of thing. For 4 days 3 nights, we paid RM60 per person! Woke up in the afternoon and headed off for cendol and asam laksa ^^

IMG_1338 copy
Dinner was lok lok at Pulau Tikus! Love their special sauces, especially the Tom Yam :D
Went to check out some of the cafes in Penang after our dinner. Will blog about those in another post ^^
Spent our night planning the itinerary for the next few days! But in the end we skipped a few places such as Gurney because we overslept :P

On the second day, we headed over to Kek Lok Si after breakfast! I haven't been to Penang for more than 10 years. Lots of things have changed, or mostly because I don't remember...

*picture credits to Amelia*

Me and Stephy holding onto our wishes! For family, health, luck, results and what not xD
Very important for us because it was right after our finals ^^

IMG_1351 copy
Went up to the new Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy Pavilion right above Kek Lok Si. The statue of Kuan Yin was about 30.2m tall :O We should have drove up. The waiting time was pretty long at the escalator.

IMG_1353 copy

Me, Amelia and Stephy

IMG_1359 copy
There is also this lovely structure that is facing the mountains at the garden.

IMG_1355 copy
View from the top!

IMG_1365 copy
After our visit, we headed off to Khoon Hiang Cafe at Dato Keramat for lunch

IMG_1368 copy
Char Kuey Tiao

IMG_1366 copy
Their Lo Bak was nice :D

*picture credits to Amelia*

Met up with Jun Fook!

IMG_1371 copy
After lunch we headed to Armeninan Street to take a look at their wall painting. Only managed to see a few as it was drizzling. And many people were queing up for photos, so we just took a pic of the wall painting. haha

IMG_1372 copy
Old houses

IMG_1374 copy
Wanted to check out this temple but it was raining. So, we ended up at Amelie Cafe.

IMG_1381 copy
Headed over to Chew Jetty to explore the place!

IMG_1382 copy
IMG_1383 copy
IMG_1385 copy
This is the one of the places where they shot 'Ice Kacang Puppy Love' movie

IMG_1388 copy
IMG_1389 copy
IMG_1390 copy
Hanged around the jetty to enjoy the breeze and we headed off to dinner!

IMG_1427 copy
Roti Samurai at Abu Mamak! Weird! But have a try xD

IMG_1429 copy
For our 3rd day, we stopped by Continental Bakery for some breads. It's a pretty popular place and the breads are cheap too! My grandma loved the breads I brought back ^^

IMG_1428 copy
Trying some of their famous cream puff. It was alright for me.

*picture credits to Amelia*

Most of the cafes we wanted to check out we closed. So we ended up getting frustrated walking and driving to closed places. MoonTree47 was opened too, but unfortunately, they didn't serve food that day D: The place was lovely nonetheless, would come back next time. The owner was kind to give us some suggestions for meals but unfortunately they were closed too :/ So we headed back to Kwong Sang House for lunch.

IMG_1437 copy
Headed to Jalan Burma to visit the Sleeping Buddha Temple.

IMG_1438 copy
IMG_1440 copy
IMG_1451 copy
Its was pretty hot that afternoon, so we quenched our thirst with fresh coconut water which is sold just outside the temple :) The coconut ice cream was nice too!

*picture credits to Amelia*

Headed to the Batu Ferringhi beach to chill in the evening with a bottle of wine :P
Later that night, we went to the cinema to watch Cold War and Behind 50 after that for late night snacks.

*picture credits to Amelia*

On our last day, we slept in and checked out from our accomodation at 12pm. Had sandwiches for brunch, bought some cookies, tau sar pneah etc and then dropped by Yeng Keng Cafe & Bar as one of Amelia's friend was having lunch there. We drove past this place on the previous day and thought that it looked nice. Yeng Keng Cafe & Bar serves a mixture of Hainanese and Western cuisine. Their hotel decoration is traditional with a mixture of modern designs. Quite pricey too!

The waiting time at Him Heang for their tau sar pneah was quite long so I didn't manage to get it. I used to love it whenever my dad brings it back from Penang when I was young. I bought the ones from Ghee Hiang instead.

That's about it on my Penang adventures! Will definitely be back next time for more sight seeing! Didn't get much of a relaxing holiday as we wanted because we were busy doing touristy stuff :P Had a great time nonetheless ;) A few other blog post will be up soon on some of the cafes that I've visited :D

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