Colours For The Cold

Posted by Aileen Raymond Thursday, April 26, 2012 0 comments

Seriously, what's up with the shops always having tons of brown, grey and black colours for the winter? People get depressed in winter, there's no need to make it even more dull. Yes, I am a big fan of black and yes, I am a big fan of brown and grey, but one colourful item with an outfit will not do any harm! I did some shopping on Asos and and here some of the gorgeous items I chose:

 I love this so much ^^^

 Pretty red jacket, but I would pair it with a black top underneath and long, high-waisted pants ofcourse!

 Love these shoes ^ I would pair with a dress and leggings/stockings

 Cutest shoes ever! ^^

Sling hand bag. Would wear with jeans and brown jersey.

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Keep in your handbag for winter...

Posted by Aileen Raymond Wednesday, April 25, 2012 0 comments

With the winter on our heels, it is time for us to take out all things warm and comfy, right? Now this is not really my favourite season, but I love the fashion that goes along with it.

As I was lying in bed this morning (yes, I am working from home today) I realized that I suddenly have a duvet and a blanket on my bed. Outside it is raining (lovely April showers) and my fan is standing alone in the far corner of my room. This means that I will have to open that cupboard of mine and pack away the all things short sleeved and maybe hit the shops for a few warmer items.

But first things first: The handbag. I've noticed that my handbag is packed with sunglasses and sunscreen. If winter is going to start early this year, a girl needs to be prepared. So this is what I'm stocking for the cold:

Hand/Body/Face lotion, because we all know that winter can dry your skin out. I personally love Nivea. It is one of those trusted products that never disappoints and that is all you need if it is an emergency.

A nice, big scarf. One that you can just count on to keep you warm and look fantastic at the same time. If it can fit in your handbag, that's a bonus!

 Colourful beanies. These are easy to keep in your bag. It comes in SO useful when the wind suddenly starts to blow and your pretty hair is a mess :-)

Nail polish: Because your nails also feel the cold and they chip and look nasty! I suggest dark colours like black and blood red or even a dark purple.

Blood red lipstick. Especially for the evenings when you have a glass of red wine with your boyfriend in a cosy place with a fireplace. Pretty...

 A little conditioner (even a sample will do). Tresemme is cool, because they have the small, travel ones.This comes in handy when your hair is dried out and looks terrible from the cold and wind. Just take a tiny drop, mix between your hand and run your fingers through your hair. There, fixed.

Winter is here, baby!


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OppiKoppI - getting there...

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So it's roughly 1 month to go to the annual South
African mother-of-all-fests...It's that time of the year, to save up, get your equipment ready and look forward to Oppikoppi 2012

It seems that this year Oppikoppi will be bigger and better than any year, with 7 stages, upgraded camp-sites and more festies (expecting 18000-20000).

So when is it? 9/10/11 August 2012

Exactly what? 3 Day Music Festival called Oppikoppi - SA's BIGGEST music fest!

But where? OppiKoppi Farm, West-Northam, Limpopo Province

What's new? 7 stages this year - THAT'S what's new!


2lani The Warrior
340ml ( Dub saved my life)
Aidan Martin
Albert Frost & Livy Jeanne
Babaganoush (Balkanology)
Babylon Circus
Big Space (Red Bull studio)
Black Cat Bones
Black Handed Kites
Blotchy (Red Bull studio)
Bombay Show Pig
Brendon Shields
Bullet for my Valentine
Catlike Thieves
Crystal Park
Dance, you're on Fire
Das Kapital (Red Bull studio)
Desmond & the Tutus
Die Menere
Die See
Die tuin Dwergies
Diggin4Dodge (Red Bull studio)
DJ Danger Ingozi (Balkanology)
DJ Kangaroo
DUB RUI (Dub saved my life)
Eagles of death metal
Enter Shikari
Ewok& Blue Gene
Feddie Van Dango
Flash Republic
Fletcher (Red Bull studio)
Floyd Lavine (Red Bull studio)
Fruits & veggies
Gert Vlok Nel
Gevoel van Veiligheid
Hopa Banda (Balkanology)
Jack Parow
Janie & the Beard
Jeremy Loops
Joshua Grierson
Josie Field
Karen Zoid
Kate Borthwick
Kid Fonque ( Red Bull studio)
Killer Robot presents RAM
King SkaSA ( Dub saved my life)
Kite Rider
Les Doigts de l'Homme (Balkanology)
Lilly Million
Lonehill Estate
Ma'original (Balkanology)
Matthew van der Want
Mix n Blend ( Red Bull studio)
Mole'cule ( Dub saved my life)
Monique Pascall & T-Minus
Mr Sakitumi & Grrrl (Red Bull studio)
MX Doppe
Nakhane Toure
Newtown Knife Gang
Nick Grater
Pascal & Pearce
Peachy Keen
Phizicist ( Red Bull studio)
Planet Joy
Raiko (Red Bull studio)
RebelClef (Red Bull studio)
RudeOne (Red Bull studio)
Satori (Dub saved my life)
Shotgun Tori
Southern Gypsey Queen
Tattoo Level 9 (Dub saved my life)
Taxi Violence
Terrence Pearce ( Red Bull studio)
The Anti Retro Vinyls
The Brother Moves On
The Frown
The Graeme Watkins Project
The Gravity regulators feat. Levi Pon The Mic (Dub saved my life)
The Kiffness
The Muffinz
The Sheppards
The Stella's
The Sunday Punchers
Thierry Arnold (Dub saved my life)
Tidal Waves
Toby2shoes (Balkanology)
Toya Delazy
Tribal Echo band
Twelv & Thesis ( Red Bull studio)
Unhappy Hour Djs
Unsound System
Valiant Swart
Veranda Panda (Red Bull studio)
Vusi Mahlasela

Tickets: R750 Ticketbreak


Kreef Hotel bookings now open! Expect hot showers, clean toilets, full-time security, buffet breakfast , cellphone charging service,
luggage porters and private bar!

To book:

On like DonkeyKONG!


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booties for the cold

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Look what I got myself for the winter! I love them. I love how they look a little rough and worn. I think it would go perfect with a skinny (ripped at the knees) jean or a skirt and stockings. Yay! Can't wait to wear them.


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April showers

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We had a cold Easter feels as if winter is already here! I still have a cupboard full of summery clothes and I still where my sunglasses every morning! Haha.

April is a great month. This is a time where you can look back on the sunny season and remember the good times. It is also the month to clear your room/flat/house and settle in for the rainy season.

Here is some inspiration for the month of April. Not anything winter yet, just a few images to make me smile and to remind me to enjoy April to the fullest.






It is not always the BEST things in life that inspire and motivate us, but it is the little things and the beautiful moments.

Happy ApRiL


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Update on Chicks

Posted by Aileen Raymond Saturday, April 7, 2012 0 comments
Here are some pictures of the chicks after the first week in their new home!

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Han Woo Ri Korea BBQ Restaurant @ USJ

Posted by Aileen Raymond Thursday, April 5, 2012 0 comments

My family and I usually frequent Daorae in USJ Taipan and we decided to check out Han Woo Ri which is just a block away :)

They have an extensive variety of side dishes! So much that I think you can get full by just eating the side dishes...haha. We ordered the set menu :D

Soju and grilled meat! The table was too small to fit all the dishes, so the staff BBQ the meat at the other table. They ran out of Makgeolli (rice wine) :(

Steamed egg

Korean Pancake

Personally I prefer the food at Daorae but the service at Han Woo Ri is excellent! Will definitely visit again to try out more of their dishes :)

Han Woo Ri is located at:
1D & 2D, Jalan USJ 10/1J, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Phone: 03-8023 3357

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