All American Rejects

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Here's my overdue post on the All American Rejects concert by Digi Music Live during Halloween!
Got my tickets the first few weeks it was out. crazy right? But I forgot to mention it to my concert kakis until later. How absent minded =\

The journey started at 5pm with me & Rachelle following Jin Joe's car. Went with Chen, Jared, Inessa, Jon...basically their gang of friends :)
But we got separated when the event started. Moved up front to join Lizzie as she was there early.

DSCF0545 copy

The event started late, like 7.30pm instead of 6pm?
Really bad time management as we stood there and the songs on the screen were repeating for the 1000000th time which was really annoying. I wished they could play some other music. After performance by Pop Shuvit, Disagree and One Buck Short, we stood there waiting again for AAR to come out and it started drizzling. Jay Dee & Ching were perfoming with KLDC along with Disagree :D

Waited about 2 hours before AAR finally came up on stage to play at 10pm. Honestly, I was damn tired & pissed cuz they were taking so long. People around started booing n shouting. Plus it's stuffy, cramp and some people fainted. Thank god for the drizzle and the air was better. Digi could have moved the concert time to 9pm or something!
Though they rocked the stage and made the wait kinda worthwhile, I still prefer their performance at MTV World Stage. Took a massive amount of pictures.

DSCF0351 copy
Tyson flashing his tits with his sheer white top :P

DSCF0409 copyDSCF0527 copyDSCF0563 copy

More of Tyson Ritter

DSCF0342 copy

Mike Kennerty, the guitarist :)

DSCF0487 copy

'Bring on the glitter, Mr Ritter' - Cute sign!

List of songs they played:

1. Move Along 
2. Falling Apart
3. Dirty Little Secret
4. Swing Swing
5. My Paper Heart
6. I Wanna
7. Mona Lisa (When The World Comes Down)
8. Real World
9. It Ends Tonight
10. Damn Girl
11. The Last Song

12. The Wind Blows
13. Gives You Hell

Called Melia during My Paper Heart for her to sing along xD

DSCF0485 copy

Nick Wheeler

DSCF0478 copy

The 'obscene' scene where the fans went berserk! 

DSCF0471 copy

The stage ;)

DSCF0567 copy

Lizzie, Rachelle & me :)

Tyson & Nick showing some love with their pout ;D

After some time, people started pushing to the front and some Mat Rempit wannabes keep on pushing as well. Arguments and all happened. According to Rachelle some of them looked high. Scary.

Other than those nuisance, everything was good. People's stuff went missing including Jon's. Headed back to Suku for dinner cum supper. I survived a concert without dinner :P 

For more pics you can go to my Flickr or Facebook 

Baca Selengkapnya ....


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Photo credits to Super Punch

Found this adorable picture while I was surfing around the net looking for print ads :)

Yes I know I've..
been abandoning my blog
not updating this blog

I'm Sorry!

Gotta head back to my assignment now. Will update soon...?

Baca Selengkapnya ....
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