Movie Marathon

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Okay, another outdated post.

I've been pretty much ditching my blog lately.
Sorry =\
Assignments and deadlines are pretty near.
Not to mention going out more often these days...

Last week been spent swimming, pool @ AC, numerous yam cha session & more!

Here's the list of movies that I've watched for the pass few weeks.

Watched with the Lee brothers and gang.

Ratings: 9.5/10

Read the book long time ago. The movie was no doubt awesome.
But they didn't show the reason behind all the killings.

Watched with the parents.

Ratings: 9/10

Was hoping for the movie to proceed longer though.
He lost his memories & forgot about the woman he loved *bummer*

Watched with Lee brothers, Zhe & Amelia

Ratings: 7/10

The whole cinema only had like 7 people. =.=
Funny show.
Had some random parts like you're suppose to sing along to the karaoke. =\

Loads of hidden meanings.
Loved the part where they voted who to sacrifice. Dreams or reality?

Often we sacrifice our dreams because reality tend to let us realize what is more important.
But both can be achieved at the same time as well.
Life's complicated.
Deal with it.

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MMU Music For Gaza

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E.g was performing for MMU on the 5th of May.
Went with Chen, Naz & Melia
Headed over there around 11 plus as their band was performing around that time.
The crowd response was poor.
Much of a failed event.

The Cyberjaya MMU uni is so huge!
Can get lost easily. =\
Even the guards, staffs and students do not know where the Multi Purpose Hall
is when we asked them =.=

After a few turns, out of luck we found the sign board saying that the MPH is near.
Parked and went into the hall.

Took some pictures and went off after their performance.

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IACT Open Day

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Our college had Open Day on the 25th of April.
This time the open day is different as it's held in Jaya One
The college will be moving there in August.

Not many people turned up as expected but most people consisted of the students.
Th weather was extremely hot. Hanged out at Old Town Kopitiam cuz the stage was there.
Performances by E.g, Under Head Lights, One Buck Short etc.

The performances were quite good.
Students artwork were displayed as well.

My photos displayed out for the 2-Aid exhibition. :)

Stayed till 9pm.
Wanted to head to Monash Music Fest at first, but we were too tired and sweaty.
Went home and KO.

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6S Homework - The Holiday Show

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In our lessons next week we are going to be discussing good places to go on holiday and what makes a great holiday destination.

I would like you to bring in travel brochures and photographs of different holiday destinations.

Housepoints will be given out to those bringing in information!

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Welcome to all our new Bloggers!!

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Welcome to all the new Rush Green Bloggers. It's great to see new comments to our posts.

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6S Homework

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Here is an activity I though you might find useful. Let me know what you think.

Food Chains

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Neenish, RM5, Banana Pie

Another new e-boutique!
Purple is one of my fav colour. This caught my eye when I saw it!
Chandelier earrings sold at very affordable prices.
I would get one if I were you ;)

Coldest, RM49, Shopaholics Unite!

The chic jacket come in brown and red! I think it's thick cotton.

Colder, RM49, Shopaholics Unite!

Fell in love with both colours as I set my eyes on them.
It's so versatile! Cold lecture halls, movies etc!
Damn I wish I can buy both ;P

Sailor Mini Dress, RM39, Kiss kiss bang bang
Unlike the usual ones which the bottom half is blue, this is in grey!

Floral Romper, RM45, Purple Peppermint

Imported goodies! This romper is perfect for spring and summer.
Plus the hot weather is really getting onto my nerves.

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