Skin Peel Progress + Second Treatment @ Mediviron UOA

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 photo 20140205_110348-side.jpg
A continuation from my previous post on Mediviron UOA, here's an update on my skin condition after getting the skin peel treatment done.

 photo DSC_3075copy.jpg
During the first few days, my skin was dry and the skin felt tighter as it is covered by the layer of dead skin. An example that I would give it that the skin feel tight as though when you are applying a layer of peel off masks. 

The skin under my eye was slightly darker, as it is the old skin which is preparing to peel. It seriously look as though I had sunburn at that particular area though xD There is also slight flaking formed on the corners of my nose during day 3 onwards. 

 photo DSC_3083copy.jpg
As the days pass, the flaking is more apparent and skin will start to peel. Fortunately, the peeling wasn't that bad so I could go out of the house without worry.

After day 3, you can start to put moisturizer to balance your skin moisture level or aloe vera gel to help with the slight redness and peeling. Of course, it is important to put sunblock everyday and reapply when necessary as the skin is very sensitive to the sun at this stage.

I wouldn't advise to put on any foundation or makeup when you skin is peeling or flaking as it will make the dead skin even more apparent. I would just apply on my eye liner, under eye concealer and lipstick ;)

 photo DSC_3094copy.jpg
The darkened area of my skin is finally peeled off!

 photo DSC_3012-2-sidecopy.jpg
After about 2 weeks, results can be seen.

Pimple scars is lighter and some of the pimples are easily removed when pressed. There is still some redness on my skin because I did a scrub using my Olay Pro X the night before. Shouldn't have done that, but the weather was really hot and I felt the my pores were clogged.

 photo BackBA.jpg
Face and body skin is different in terms of thickness, which is why the my back hardly flake or peel at all. What it did was reduced the redness and lightened some of the scars. My mom commented that my back acne got better with the skin peel treatment. I also used the Acne Aid soap which was mentioned in my previous post.

 photo DSC_3273-2.jpg
After 2 weeks, I headed back to Mediviron UOA for my follow up consultation. Unfortunately, Dr. Lashela was on emergency leave so Dr. Jasmine attended to me. She really friendly as well and attended to my queries.

I explained about the improvement I see after the skin peel treatment and also mentioned about my concern about the clogged pores as I felt that my skin reacted to the hot weather and also the sun block that I used. Dr. Jasmine pointed out to me it is most probably related to the ingredients of the sun block that I was using. She advised me to use products which are non-comedogenic, where it will not clogged pores. Products that are non-comedogenic is good for sensitive or acne prone skin as the larger particles in the ingredient will not block the pores.

 photo DSC_3275-2.jpg
A second session of skin peel is done, but this time with a stronger dose as skin peel needs to be done various time to see improvements. It is not a magical one off solution as the result of the TCA peel depends on each individual's skin type and condition.

Even though with a stronger dose, my skin reaction wasn't as red compared to my first time experience as my skin got used to it already. However, the sting was a little more painful on my T-Zone compared to the previous treatment but still bearable. Must be the clogged pores that caused it.

 photo DSC_3274-2.jpg
As usual, cold compressor is placed on the skin to reduce the burning sensation and the sting.

 photo DSC_3276-2.jpg
Dr. Jasmine said there are pigmentation on my back as well, so she applied a mix of glycolic acid and TCA peel to improve the condition of my back acne.

 photo DSC_3292-2.jpg
After arriving home, I can see a layer of white frosting from the TCA peel on my skin due to the stronger dose of TCA peel, which was not visible during my first treatment.

 photo DSC_3451-2.jpg
I remember using the Neutrogena sunblock a couple of years back which worked well on my skin. So, I headed over to the pharmacy and repurchased one. Coincidentally, it said non-comedogenic at the back!

 photo 20140205_113836-2.jpg
For more information, visit Mediviron UOA Clinic's:

Mediviron UOA Clinic is located at
LG 9, Lower Ground Floor,
Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

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The WE ARE ONE Colour Festival is excited to announce
Place in the Sun as the official wine sponsor for South Africa’s
original colour festival series. 

The popular and annual festival has
taken the country by storm, encouraging festival-goers to dress in white
and enjoy a day of top dance music, sun and
an hourly powder-throw countdown. This year, award-winning festival
organiser, Seed Experiences has secured dance legend Felix Da Housecat
to headline the line-up, which promised to be bigger, better and more
colourful in 2014.

It was evident from the start that a synergy exists between WE ARE ONE and
Place in the Sun - a festival inspired by fun, colour and unity
and a wine brand that stands for the bright, the vibrant, the cheerful
and the humorous.

Place in the Sun
is an enticing range of characterful wines that deliver a spirit of
optimism and joy to consumers. The grapes are sourced from the country’s
premier winegrowing regions and certified by FLO-CERT under the Fair
Label Organisation (FLO) Standards that form part
of Fairtrade. The wines in the range are proudly crafted to meticulous
standards, ensuring that they are highly regarded both on the South
African and international markets. They are bold and rich in varietal
character but easy to drink, refreshing and soft
on the palate. 

As a Fairtrade certified wine,
Place In the Sun, part of the Cape Legends stable of fine wines,
is committed to creating wines which
speak to the spirit of social upliftment. The brand buys its grapes at a
premium rate and some of the profits go into a farm workers’ trust.
These funds are used to build schools, fund training opportunities and
create vegetable gardens that encourage and
improve nutrition among the workers and their families.

only does the WE ARE ONE Colour Festival have a new wine sponsor, the
biggest DJ’s, the best venues and the most loyal fans, but also more
news in the pipeline which will set the popular series apart from its
competitors. Grab your tickets for the WE ARE ONE Colour Festivals 2014,
get ready to try exciting new wines and join in the fun of coloured
powder throwing at two  great venues in Cape
Town and Johannesburg.

is yet another successful partnership initiated by One-eyed Jack, the
specialist communications agency working with Seed Experiences.

 Get your tickets NOW:

Tickets are available from Webtickets so get yours now and be part of the brightest and most colourful phenomenon of the year!

Cape Town: 21 March 2014 – The Grand Parade

Johannesburg: 22 March 2014 – Emmarentia Dam

Ticket prices:

Entrance ticket: R190 (no powder)

Entrance ticket (with 5 bags of colour powder): R290


Facebook: WE ARE ONE Cape Town

Facebook: WE ARE ONE Johannesburg



Place in the Sun 


Twitter: @PlaceintheSunSA


Contact me:

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KT Tunstall & Donavon Frankenreiter at PARKLIFE FESTIVAL CAPETOWN 


Management and DStv are excited to announce that
Tunstall & Donavon Frankenreiter

will be performing at the
Botanical Gardens on Thursday, the 20th of March 2014

is no stranger to SA Music
fans and has had countless hits on radio with singles such as
Suddenly I See",
Other Side of the World",
Black Horse & The Cherry
", "Hold
" and "Saving
My Face
". She's released
four albums, achieved 4 million sales, was nominated for the Mercury
Music Prize in 2005, won one Ivor Novello and one Brit Award. She's
best known for her incredible live performance and brings it to SA in

Frankenreiter has built a very loyal SA fanbase through the surf
and indie music scene. As an American musician and surfer, and
long-time friend of Jack Johnson, his debut self-titled album
was released in 2004 on Johnson's Brushfire Records through Universal
Music. He released his 5th Studio album Start Livin' in 2012
and SA fans will be looking forward to hearing him perform songs such
as "It Don't Matter", "Free",
You" and "Shadows".

20 March 2014
,  Cape Town

KT Tunstall &
Donavon Frankenreiter

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens



Under 6yrs old Free)



Frankenreiter, KT Tunstall and Frank Turner to headline


Breakout Management and
in association with 94.7
Highveld Stereo,

are excited to announce the
International headliners and line-up for the next
FESTIVAL in March!

Frankenreiter, KT Tunstall and Frank Turner
be headlining
FESTIVAL on 21 March in Johannesburg, joined by an incredible line-up
of top local acts.

Frankenreiter has built a very loyal SA fanbase through the surf
and indie music scene. As an American musician and surfer, and
long-time friend of Jack Johnson, his debut self-titled album
was released in 2004 on Johnson's Brushfire Records through Universal
Music. He released his 5th Studio album Start Livin' in 2012
and SA fans will be looking forward to hearing him perform songs such
as "It Don't Matter", "Free",
You" and "Shadows".

Video link to "It Don't Matter"-

is no stranger to SA Music
fans and has had countless hits on radio with singles such as
Suddenly I See",
Other Side of the World",
Black Horse & The Cherry
", "Hold
" and "Saving
My Face
". She's released
four albums, achieved 4 million sales, was nominated for the Mercury
Music Prize in 2005, won one Ivor Novello and one Brit Award. She's
best known for her incredible live performance and brings it to SA in
March for PARKLIFE.

Turner fans in SA have been bursting with excitement after news of
him finally coming to SA spread on Social Media last week.

Those who have followed Turner’s career since he went solo in 2005,
won’t be surprised that the recurring theme throughout
Deck Heart
, Frank Turner’s fifth
album, is change... After 1,400 incendiary live shows and four
acclaimed albums, last year saw the musician previously known as a
punk poet become (whisper it) a sort of pop star. From a fake
Glastonbury Tor, Turner performed at the Olympics Opening Ceremony.
He headlined Wembley Arena. He sold more than 100,000 copies of his
fourth album,
England Keep My Bones,
which entered the UK charts at No 12 on its release in 2011

Line-up for Parklife Festival in Johannesburg

Jack Parow, Gangs of Ballet, Al Bairre, The Plastics, ShortStraw, The
Kiffness, Monark, The December Streets, Newtown Knife Gang,
Wrestlerish, Laurie Levine & Josie Field, and with more being
announced via the
Facebook page

21 March 2014


Frankenreiter, Frank Turner, KT Tunstall, Jack Parow, Gangs of
Ballet, Al Bairre, The Plastics, ShortStraw, The Kiffness, Monark,
The December Streets, Newtown Knife Gang, Wrestlerish, Laurie Levine
& Josie Field, and more to be announced!

Marks Park, Judith Rd, Emmarentia, Johannesburg

Gates Open:
9:00 am

Under 6yrs old Free)

AGES 6 - 12: R195


Stay updated and follow PARKLIFE

Twitter at @ParklifeSA


Contact me:

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Heart Rum

– 9 March: Elandskloof, Villiersdorp

family, the wait is almost over…

The THUNDER is BACK! Pack your
bags and tents, bring your friends and join us for an epic weekend of
insanely great music!

Clyro (Scotland),

Foals (UK),
Engage (USA),
and Krooked (Austria) featuring Dynamite MC (UK), Trivium (USA.),
Gangs of Ballet,
na Dans,

Black Cat Bones,
Mr Cat and the Jackal and many more.

organizer Dawid Fourie of RAMtouring says: “This year we have
decided to bring out international headliners for different genres,
so that everyone that attends have something to look forward to
according to their taste in music. Our
headliners are

fans can look forward to

fans can look forward to see
& Krooked

in action. We are also excited about the stellar SA band line up.
It`s going to be a good one!”

at the venue in Villiersdorp open on Thursday at 12h00. Come and get
the best camping spots; and warm up for the weekend with the live
acts on the Stellenbrau stage on Thursday night:

Stage Thursday:

- Heroine

- Brother & Brother

- Basson Laubscher & the Violent Free Piece

- The Dollfins

- Black Lung

- Stoker

the full line up schedule go to: Facebook page: RAMFEST 2014 CAPE
TOWN and click on “see more.”


Heart Rum

and you could win the ultimate

Heart Rum

has created the ultimate activation both online and

with their

wheel. In the build up to RAMfest, fans can take a chance and spin
the Red Heart Rum bottle on the Red Heart Rum SA Facebook page

see where fate lands. Fans could walk away with all the additions to
make their campsite one of a kind with great prizes, or win the once
in a lifetime opportunity to meet the RAMfest headline acts!
Heart Rum

is taking it one step further by bringing their online activation to
the festival in both Johannesburg and Cape Town with a massive wheel
over 2metres high, manned by carnival companions. Players who land on
a dare need to complete a variety of dare’s in order to win, and
ultimately prove to us that they know how to
with Heart


Contact me:

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Vested with John Varvatos Star USA and Scotch & Soda

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john varvatos star usa

scotch and soda denim

men's fashion

parvez taj

Jacket & Vest: John Varvatos Star USA
Denim: Scotch & Soda
Shoes: Too Boot New York
Tie: J Crew
Shirt: Express
Pocket Square: Near North

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Really Cute Animals Sleeping | Interesting Latest Pictures

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 Really Cute Animals Sleeping
 Really Cute Animals Sleeping
 Really Cute Animals Sleeping
 Really Cute Animals Sleeping
 Really Cute Animals Sleeping
Really Cute Animals Sleeping
Really Cute Animals Sleeping

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Puma pop-up store

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PUMA is adding to Cape Town’s creative energy for World Design
Capital 2014 by launching its first PUMA SELECT pop-up store on 6
March 2014, showcasing collaborations with influential creatives,
streetwear labels and fashion houses.

opening night at 137 Bree Street will include live music escaping the
decks of Do Work, the record label of Electronic Dance Music
phenomenon Das Kapital. Artists performing will include Das Kapital
himself, along with Leechi, RVWR and Relative Two. The public can
share in the fun as the opening forms part of the First Thursdays
initiative where art galleries and shops in the central city open
until late on the first Thursday of the month.

by UK-based 3D industrial designer Ben Wilson and retail design
specialist Adam Brinkworth, PUMA SELECT will operate for a year and
feature streetwear and fashion collections by the likes of Alexander
McQueen by PUMA, MMQ (Machts Mit Qualitat) and Miharayashuhiro by

of the standout collaborations exclusive to the pop-up store is the
PUMA x Ronnie Fieg “Disc Blaze Coat Of Arms” – the Queens-born
New Yorker is a globally
sneaker head and the Disc Blaze is Fieg’s twist
one of his all time favourite sneaker silhouettes from the 1990s.

How to get a complimentary beer on the evening:

you inhabit the Twitterverse you can reap the rewards on opening
night – tweet a photograph of PUMA SELECT with the hashtag
#PUMASelectCT and the barman will reward you with a complimentary

join the conversation follow @PUMASouthAfrica and #PUMASelectCT, or
phone PUMA on 021 551 0832 and visit the SELECT blog
or our Facebook page

for more information.

See you there!

Contact me:

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Francois van Coke at Backsberg

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Backsberg invites you to enjoy Francois van Coke at the annual Picnic Concerts Series 2014

Join Backsberg on Sunday the 2nd of March
for live acoustic tunes by South African rocker, Francois van Coke.
Relax in a beautiful vineyard setting, bring your friends and family and
laze on the lawns. Enjoy a beef burger or Karoo lamb wrap, sip on
chilled Backsberg wines and listen to the melodic tunes of some of SA’s
superb local talent.

Francois van Coke
is the lead singer of Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel. During his
ten year career as lead singer of these Afrikaans rock bands, he has
released 6 full length albums, 3 Ep’s and collaborated with likes of
Jack Parow, Die Antwoord and Die Heuwels Fantasties. He has received 3
SAMA awards and multiple MK Awards.

The full line-up includes:

02 March – Francois van Coke
09 March – Bed on Bricks
16 March – Mr Cat and the Jackal

Pre-sale tickets for the concerts are available from
for R100. Tickets are also available at the gate for R120 or R60 with a
valid student card. Children under 12 years get in free when
accompanied by an adult. Admission to concert venue starts at 15h00, with the opening act starting at 16h00 and the main act at 17h00.
Bring blankets, chairs and good vibes. For the full line-up of bands,
directions, comments, and more information on the series, please visit

Opening act:

Frank Freeman
is a loaded pistol in the South African music scene. Anxiously waiting
to be set off into the ears of Mzansi's music lovers. His latest project
entitled Frank Freeman is steadily becoming the live act to experience.
With playlisted songs on most campus stations and a variety of online
stations, people are starting to take notice of the extremely capable 20
year old from Free State who's armed with a guitar and soulful tunes
that take you back to the old sound of rock 'n roll.

with a full piece band since 2011, Frank Freeman has shared the stage
with artists like Valiant Swart, Dan Shout, Francois Van Coke, Van Coke
Kartel, Karin Zoid, Jack Parrow, Fokofpolisiekar and a whole list of
other popular bands and artists. Setting his sights on a bigger
audience, Frank has worked hard and toured all over the country
establishing the band as a solid live act. He's also performed at some
of SA's biggest festivals like VryFees, MK By Die Dam, Splashy Fen and
Synergy Live Music Festival. With a background much like that of a
wunderkind, Frank has travelled internationally representing the country
as a musician at the early age of 14. Still in his teens, he also
formed part of a school band that was nominated for a South African
Traditional Music Award. But a magnet as strong as rock 'n roll forced
Frank to gravitate toward the guitar. Playing in the band Colour Blind
(who won Rockspaaider in 2009) 

Frank along with his band mates picked up
two MK Awards nominations and had two music videos on the MK Top Ten
chart in 2010.

We look forward to these two musicians playing at Backsberg this Sunday! 

See you there!


Contact me:

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Funny Animals | On Bike & Cycle Latest Pictures

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 Funny Animals On Cycle
 Funny Animals On Cycle
 Funny Animals On Bike
 Funny Animals On Bike
 Funny Animals On Bike
 Funny Animals On Bike
Funny Animals On Cycle

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Coffee Cottage @ SS15 Subang

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 photo DSC_3232.jpg
Located in the same building as Blitz Gym, Coffee Cottage has finally open its doors for about one month now! Their cute signboard outside the cafe caught my eye previously while they were still under renovation. Finally noticed that it was opened when I was passing by the area again, so I decided to check it out!

 photo DSC_3251.jpg
Mural art on the wall of Coffee Cottage

 photo DSC_3252.jpg
At first, I thought Coffee Cottage was like any other coffee joint. Upon some research, I found out it was a cat cafe which explains their logo! Hehe... The cafe is seperated into two sections. The first section is an open concept where you can sit, enjoy your coffee and chat with your friends without the distraction from the cats.

 photo DSC_3247.jpg
The second section is a closed area, called the Cottage where you get to play with the cats! Coffee and cakes can be brought inside so that you can enjoy your drinks and play with the cats at the same time! Just make sure that the cat doesn't eat your food ;)

 photo DSC_3250.jpg
Some things that you need to know before entering the Cottage

 photo DSC_3216.jpg

 photo DSC_3192.jpg
The view from inside.

 photo DSC_3188.jpg
Cats might jump on the table sometimes, so make sure they don't get too close to your coffee or cakes.

 photo DSC_3213.jpg
This tree trunk high table top is pretty cool!

 photo DSC_3183.jpg
Yummy hot chocolate

 photo DSC_3185.jpg
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake

They are having promotion for all espresso and cakes at RM5 each until the 28th of Feb! So drop by while you can :D

 photo DSC_3190.jpg
Cute kitty having a snooze

 photo DSC_3211.jpg
There is a total six cats in this cafe. A number of teasers/toy is also available for you to play with the cat. Most of them love the shiny and colourful one. Another cat really like the ladybird teaser.

 photo DSC_3214.jpg
 photo DSC_3215.jpg
More sleeping cats.

 photo DSC_3242.jpg
The fluffy grey cat that likes to sit in corners...

 photo DSC_3244.jpg
Overall, Coffee Cottage is a nice place to hang out. It's really relaxing and fun to watch & play with the cats. A good stress reliever to see those cut cats running around and great for people like me who are sensitive to animal furs, where I get to play with them for a short while instead of getting allergies from long term exposure. Drinks are alright but the cakes are really yummy :)

 photo DSC_3196.jpg
Coffee Cottage
1-1, Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03 5613 0078

Mon, Wed - Sun: 2PM - 12AM
Close on Tues

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