Paradise is Up the Creek...

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I arrived at Up the Creek last Friday with my swimsuit, towel, hat, sunglasses and money stuffed into a medium-sized back-pack. For the first time I didn't bother with festival luxuries like a phone charger, torch, boots, a warm jacket, pillow or sleeping mat. It is after all a summer festival spent on the banks of a huge river. So, what I had is all you really need at Up the Creek, right? Damn right.

Up the Creek is a four day long river party where people from across South-Africa (and even other countries) come together at the beautiful banks of the Breede River to enjoy good music and spend hours in the water on a rainbow of different shaped inflatables. The days are scorching, the water is lukewarm and everyone go into an extreme state of relaxation. But lets not forget, for four days, these lucky Creekers all have a dose of fun that could possibly last them the whole year!

Although Up the Creek is a smaller festival compared to some of the
others in South Africa (about 2500-3000 lucky people attend UPT every
year), it is a true veteran and the "big shows" can all learn a thing or two from the

There is absolutely no pretentious nonsense at this festival - This is
an all shapes and sizes festival. It's like a refreshing oasis in the
middle of a pool of live musical events trying to bigger and better than
the other. Up the Creek is open to old and young and even whole
families attend - which is refreshing.

As I walked to the River Stage I was greeted by a small sea of beautiful neon inflatables drifting to and fro on the river. Girls were running around in bikinis, guys laid on their backs on lilo's sipping on all sorts of colourful drinks. Just like paradise. Some
words from the musical Cabaret suddenly came into my mind: "Leave your troubles
outside! So, life is disappointing? Forget it! We have no troubles here!
Here life is beautiful..." Ah indeed, no one at Up the Creek seemed to have a worry in the
world. No troubles, no fights, no pretence. Just the sun, the river, the
music and the beautiful people.

The venue is obviously a true gem. Besides the picturesque riverbanks and open farm fields, the farm itself is beautiful and lends itself to be an intimate space where festival goers can relax on lush green grass or in the shade under a tree. This is probably also the one festival where you don't have to walk yourself sober between your tent, the stage and the bar area.

The MK and Jagermeister stages offered some top notch, local music talent all weekend long including Desmond and the Tutus, Black Cat Bones, Dave Ferguson, Taxi Violence, Gerald Clark and Red Huxley.

Usually people will criticize the line-ups of the other major festivals, but with Up the Creek no one bats an eye about the line-up and they just buy their tickets (that's how established the festival is).

Piet Botha and Akkedis serenaded the swimming Creekers at the Ray-Ban River Stage on Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful, intimate set that I will probably remember for the rest of my life - The colourful crowd in the water, the beautiful surroundings, the happy faces and the light breeze that carried the band's music along the river. Needless to say, I am now a huge fan!

The food court looked like someones living-room - There were giant, bean bags (I think they called them 'fat-sacks') that looked like marshmallows and they are quite evil, because once you sit on them, you are sure to fall a sleep sooner or later. There weren't many foodstalls, but they were all unique and offered quality food. Well done to one of the sponsors Sedgwick Old Brown Sherry for the
effort with the decorations in the food court and activities throughout the festival.

Around sunset everyone gathers around the stage, children make cartwheels on the grass and everyone dances and talks to everyone. I must say that this is probably the friendliest festival I've been to. Strangers will easily approach you and invite you to party with them. You can make a lot of great friends at Up the Creek if you are open to it and up for a bunch of fun.

As I watched the beautiful sunset on the banks of the river with the sounds of Gerald Clark in the distance, I realised once again how beautiful our country is and what amazing musical talent we have! Well done Up the Creek for giving us a piece of paradise.

Paradise is Up the Creek.

May there be many more.

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