IPC: The Holiday Show

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On Friday 21st October year 6 had a successful Holiday Show both to parents and the rest of the school. The children researched a chosen country and produced booklets and information about it and some provided food. All children enjoyed themselves. Below are a few  pictures of the day.

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Giving Machine

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Start my Christmas shopping now at TheGivingMachine

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Food of The Day #3

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 Walked around One Utama after dinner and found this new place called Hokkaido Ichiba in the Old Wing. There's a lot of construction going on at the Old Wing of One Utama and therefore this place is quite hard to locate at the moment.

Decided to try out their desserts after looking at the menu :P
Strawberry Waffle, RM9.80
The portion is quite small but the waffle and ice cream taste good nonetheless :)

 Double Scoop Ice Cream + Waffle Basket, RM7.80
The ice cream was lovely but the waffle basket wasn't great. Preferred the waffle from the Strawberry Waffle above.

Hokkaido Ice Cream @ Hokkaido Ichiba is located at:
One Utama,
Lower Ground Floor, LG101BB
Contact no: 03- 77270020
(If you know where the huge chinese herb store is, then you just have to walk all the way straight till the end. You'll pass by McD's and Sakae Sushi)

*pictures taken using Samsung Galaxy Ace*

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Freshkon Alluring Eyes

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They say 'the eyes are window to the soul'. A person's eyes can tell you so much about their emotions and true feeling. 

Bigger and brighter eyes instantly? Cosmetic lenses is the way to go!

I've been using many brands of contact lens but most of the time I wear my specs because my eyes get dry and tired easily.

Thanks to Avante and Freshkon, I got to try out the Freshkon Alluring Eyes lens. Along with the usual colour of Mystical Black and Winsome Brown, Freshkon has also came out with 2 new colours which is Mesmeric Black and Magnetic Grey :)

Although my eye colour is dark brown, I chose Winsome Brown because I like cosmetic lenses that are more natural :)

IMG_5278 copy
Love the colour and how it makes my eyes looks bigger! I have sleepy eyes which makes me look exhausted all the time. It's really comfortable too! Doesn't irritate my eyes :D

Freshkon Alluring Eyes is a full circle print lens which has 55% water content and last up to 8 hours! It also has a higher DK value which transmits more oxygen to the eye for better comfort and healthy eyes!

IMG_5350 IMG_5376
Freshkon Alluring Eyes is a monthly disposable lens where you can use it daily for college, work and even parties which will instantly give you bigger and brighter eyes! It works great for masquerade themed events because the contact lens highlights your eyes as most of your face features are covered by the mask.

Besides that, Freshkon is also having a model search contest! If you're using Freshkon Alluring Eyes lenses, do participate :)
You'll stand a chance to win amazing prizes!
1st Prize : RM1000 + One Year Supply of Freshkon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses
2nd Prize : RM800 + One Year Supply of Freshkon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses
3rd Prize : RM500 + One Year Supply of Freshkon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses
7 Consolation Prize : Half Year Supply of Freshkon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Join the contest on Freshkon Malaysia Facebook Page!

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Wacoal 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign @ 1 Utama

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Was invited to the launch of Wacoal 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign on 1st October.

The Pink Ribbon Campaign is to help spread awareness on early detection of breast cancer as breast cancer is one of the major killer of women in Malaysia! Wacoal invited two celebrities, Elaine Daly and Debbie Goh to launch the campaign.

Besides the launch, the two day event is also filled with fun activities and also complimentary breast checkup from Assunta Hospital.

Finish the activity from the card and you'll get some gifts! I must say that the event was really helpful for those who wants to know more about breast cancer.

Remamma is a brand under Wacoal specially designed for breast cancer patients who have gone through breast removal surgery. Wacoal will provide unique services on prosthesis and special brassieres.

Educational information for the ladies to know more about their breast.

How to wear your bra correctly.

They also had people to help you get your correct measurements for your bra size because most of the time, women buy the wrong sizes. If you're not sure, always ask the staff to get your measurements and the correct bra size for you :)

The event was then kick started with the launch by Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia, Mr Hisau Sugiyama and its Director/General Manager, Mr Vincent Leong, along with Elaine Daly and Debby Goh.

Debbie Goh and Elaine Daly sharing their tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and on breast cancer prevention.

Fashion show


Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia, Mr Hisau Sugiyama with Elaine Daly and Debbie Goh.


Message board

Pasting my message in support of the Pink Ribbon Campaign!

Remember, early detection saves lives! Don't forget to have your checkup!

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daisies rocked me good...

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If you were lucky enough to experience Rocking the Daisies last weekend, you will understand when I say it was INSANE! I cannot imagine how the organisers managed to put up such a fantastic well-organised event - keep in mind there were numerous venue tents, besides the main stage, a film venue, food and clothing stalls, bars, "chill-out" zones, a theatre, toilets AND more or less 12000 festies! Hats off to you guys!

Day 1:

We arrived only at 21h30 on Friday, but it was totally worth the drive! We didn't have to set up a tent, because we slept in a luxury bakkie with a double-bed mattress and enough space for bags, food and drinks. We had crew tickets, so we didn't have to wait for "ticket checks", so we went straight to the bar and got ourselves a drink. We watched Gazelle (which I am not really a big fan of), but they put up a good show and managed to get everyone in party mode. We missioned around the festival and checked where everything was (the toilets/food tent etc.). Then it was time for Jack Parrow and the crowd went ballistic! It was a good show, although I expected more... He seemed to lack a little energy and passion? Mmm...I don't know. After the show it seemed like the festivals batteries was a bit flat, which is totally understandable of the first day  - plus we all had a BIG day ahead!!

Day 2:

We got up early and went off to shower and grab something to eat. The day was SCORCHING and it only got hotter by the hour. Most of the party animals walked around in bikinis, shorts and tank tops. We had fun walking around the stalls, chilling in the electro-tent and watching belly-dancing in the theatre. We even had a quick sleep in the bakkie to recharge our batteries.

Daylight ended with THE MOST amazing Aking show! It was incredible. As the sun was setting they played their famous songs and the crowd sang along. It was the perfect evening and the perfect ending to the perfect day!

After Aking we hopped between the food tent, the electro venue and the bakkie for food, music and drinks. The anticipation build up for the Lark show which was on round 00:30. And when Inge Beckmann walked on stage it was worth every second of the wait. They are fantastic and so incredibly talented. They surely gave one of the most dramatic shows I've ever seen! VERY well done.

Day 3:

We got up at 6h45 with our rugby jerseys and missioned down to the main stage for the rugby. The support was unbelievable! Unfortunately the outcome was VERY disappointing and everyone left the stage either crying, passed out, very angry or just amazed...

The rest of the day I can some up in one word: HOT. It was so hot not even ice could cool me down. I washed my hear under a tap and went down to the main stage. I got myself a slushie and searched for some shade. My stay lasted as long as the slushie, before I missioned to the New World tent in search of something cooler. I relaxed on the grass in the tent and listened to some random DJ.

Before I knew it, it was time to go home. I was incredibly tired and a little sun-burned. But it was worth every second. AND I must say, if you have not experienced RTD, do yourself a favour and go next year. It is FANTASTIC!!!!!

Well-done and see you next year

Much Love


if you want me to post your photos/artwork/poem...send it to me! If I like it, I will gladly post it - if I like it. Yay!

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An Experiential Discovery with Rexona

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Did you know?

  • Six out of ten Malaysians do not use deodorant.
  • 65% of Malaysians often joke about their friends’ body odour but the brutal truth is that they are actually serious about it.
  • The five causes of sweat (light movement, heat, stress, humidity and emotions) are inevitable in people’s daily routines and have a silent effect without them realising it 
In order to raise awareness  of one's personal care regime, Rexona invited us to their 'Don't Sweat It with Rexona' themed event. It was to reveal the five causes of sweat and break myths about body odour!

Although most of us are sitting in air-conditioned places most of the time, it doesn't mean we don't sweat!
Rexona prepared some activities for us to experience the causes of sweat :)

Light movements!
Chose bowling as the game of choice and I was pretty good at it even though I suck in reality.... *cough*

The lights surrounding us were hot! Started sweating after a while...

Got our pretty polariods taken :)

Punching away the stress :P

Weather also plays a role in sweating. With the humid weather here, there's no way that none will not sweat?
Sometimes the rain just make the weather hotter :(

Some people sweat when they get nervous etc.. with that, Rexona presented us with the screening of Dream House :)

By the looks of the poster, it seems like horror movie but it's not. The concept is similar to Shutter Island but with more twist. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly! Some parts were quite touching as well... I rate this movie 7/10 :D

Sweat is not the cause of body odour but the bacteria that breaks down our sweat. To ensure staying fresh all day, using Rexona is recommended!

Thanks to Edelman and Rexona for the invites :)

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