Year 6 ICT

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Year 6 designed their own CD covers using Colour Magic. Do you like them?

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Friday 8th January

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School is OPEN today as it hasn't snowed again overnight.

However, as the pavements are very icy and transport might be disrupted, only come in if it is safe to do so.

If you do come in, don't forget to bring in any homework. If you can't come in, there are lots of websites to do research on, as well as the sheets that your teacher has given you to work on. See you soon!

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Snow on Thursday

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School is open today as usual!

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Hennessy Artistry @ Quattro

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Here's my super overdue post of Hennessy Artistry that Lizzie has been asking for~
Sorry babe that I took so long! hehe :P

So it was Fri, Oct 3 2009 the dream come true for Lizzie to watch Boys Like Girls perform! Yes, she's a HUGE fan of them. Before that, we were thinking of ways to attend Hennessy Artistry because the event stated it was for 21 & above. Nonetheless, Lizzie was very persistent and finally we all got to attend Hennessy Artistry for free :D

On that day itself, the guys came and pick me up around 7 and met Lizzie at Avenue K as she was taking a train there. Sat at some coffee shop to waste time as we were there early...

Jared being his usual self & Lizzie is excited! :)

The two other guys were focusing on their PSP.

We went into Quattro pretty early and so we chilled around the club area with some alcohol from Hennessy of course. But, it tasted diluted. Blergh...

Lizzie & Me

With the rest of the gang. The others are not here yet...

Finally it's time to go in and Jared got us a standing place infront! It was awesome as we were 1 step away from the stage and no barriers :P

Jin Joe with his drink

The event started with some Taiwanese guy performing. Forgotten his name though =\

Then came Paul Freeman with his band. Pretty nice songs :)

After that it was Lenka. She's so petite and adorable! She can really sing and keep teasing us with some of her songs except 'The Show' which she kept until the end. Everyone was so happy and was singing along when she performed 'The Show'. Oh...and her band mate has this cute piggy on the piano and couldn't resist but to take a pic of it. I wanted to kidnap it though xD

Finally, the highlight of the night where everyone Lizzie was anticipating for!

The list of songs they were performing.

They came up on stage after their crew was done setting up and everyone screamed!

Being really energetic we started jumping to the songs. As a matter of fact, they sound just the same as they do on their CD's! awesomee! Lizzie was busy snapping pictures of Bryan as she is practically in love with him :P

 Oh! Being a loyal & good fangirl, Lizzie specially carved out a guitar/bass made out of wood to present it to Bryan. I tell you, that girl is very determined! For me, even though I like a singer or celebrity, I would never do such thing..I think xD

And she managed to give it to Bryan during the performance! :) During that few minutes, I guess Lizzie was up in heaven already :P

Overall, the event was great. Was kinda bummed cause my camera died halfway =.= Didn't manage to capture pictures from Lenka's performance onwards.

The bad part of the event is that one photographer came infront of me and blocked my entire view and it pissed me of because he said 'I'm just gonna be here for a while'. Liar! He continued to stay on for the whole thing and sorta ruined my mood as I can't really see the performance. And due to the lack of space and people pushing around during Martin's crowd surf, I lost my balance and fell. @&#$!

Sent Lizzie home after the performance and then went to some place which was popular for Nasi Lemak which Cicak suggested.

Thanks to Lizzie, I've grew to like BLG even more and it was fun going crazy at a concert with you! xD

There, this post is dedicated to you Lizzie Radcliffe! Hope you like it ;D

For more pics, check out the Facebook album

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School is closed today due to the snow. We will let you know on Thursay morning if the school will be open again. Have fun in the snow and don't forget to do the sheet that you took home last night!

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