Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner Review

Posted by Aileen Raymond Tuesday, April 16, 2013 0 comments

If you've seen my Etude House haul last year... you would know I've bought a whole bunch of stuff. This Wonder Pore Freshner included, so it's time for a review! This bottle lasted me for almost 10 months :O

Original price is at RM79.90. I got it off 50% during their sales :) Love the packaging and convenient pump. The pump is only available for the 500ml bottle. Just press the pump down twice with cotton and it is enough for my face!  Wonder Pore Freshner clamins to be a 7 in 1 total pore solution which are:
  • Deep cleanses pores
  • Maintain skin ph level
  • Sebum control
  • Minimize appearance of pores
  • Refine skin tones
  • Keep the elasticity of pores
  • Moisture inside and outside of skin

You can also use this as a face mist especially when you're out and about. Just pour the freshner in a spray bottle and you're good to go :) I didn't use it as a face mist, but if you want to, just purchase the spray bottle from Etude House or a cheaper option would be Daiso.

This toner is actually quite mild compared to the one I used from Clinique. I guess my skin got used to Clinique's toner, therefore this Wonder Pore Freshner didn't seem to have much deep cleansing effect. But it does its job in taking off the grime, dust, complaints there. Plus Wonder Pore Freshner is not harsh, leaving my skin feeling supple, soft and moisturized. My pores however, still look the same to me. It wasn't minimized. Sebum control was alright :) It really depends on what moisturizer you are using as well. 

Overall, I would say that the Wonder Pore Freshner worked in some aspect for me. Wouldn't consider repurchasing as I would like to try other products for my skin that has been exposed to all the stress and late night. Lastly, I think this would make a pretty good product for teenagers who is starting on all these beauty regime due to its gentle and mild formula :)

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