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us a little background on the band and the members?

well I (Liam Revenge) moved to Cape Town about two years ago from
Manchester, England, and my background is in punk and psychobilly.
Before I came here I was playing in a band called the Hyperjax, who
are relatively well-known within the scene. We wrote and recorded an
album released on Cherry Red Records, the biggest independent label
in the UK, and toured all over Europe. Moving here cut that short, so
naturally when I came to Cape Town I wanted to start something along
the lines of psychobilly, but maybe not quite so rigid, generically

did you all meet?

was introduced to Ronnie by Kyle, of Capetonian neo-rockabilly band The
Ratrod Cats. I was bowled over by his enthusiasm and even moreso by his
drumming. He brought Zoltan in and eventually we added Sven from The
Pits on guitar.

"We incorporate elements of rockabilly, rhythm’n’blues,
psychobilly, punk rock, rock’n’roll - hell even country and folk."

does your music sound like?

all come from different musical backgrounds so what goes in is a real
mish-mash of genres but hopefully what comes out is a cohesive sound.
We incorporate elements of rockabilly, rhythm’n’blues,
psychobilly, punk rock, rock’n’roll - hell even country and folk.

or what inspires your music?

Th’Legendary Shackshakers, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, The Pine Hill
Haints, Those Poor Bastards, King Salami, Bloodshot Bill, Reverend
Beatman. Any band that is brave enough to break out of the strict
generic boundaries and play whatever the damn hell they want.
Lyrically, I’m influenced by local folklore, ol’ time religion
and other Southern Gothic themes.

So, what
do you guys do before a gig?




do you guys do besides making music? Any day jobs?

IS my day job. Besides Th’Crows I also play with The Dixie Pricks
and have done sessions stuff for Them Tornados and Dallas &
Alexia. I also run a monthly club night at Mercury called Shake Some
Action which hosts bands and rock ‘n roll DJs, and a weekly radio
show on Assembly Radio. You can check us out at

memory since being a band? 

Synergy on a Saturday evening, only two or three months after our
debut show was pretty special. Thanks to Mike and the Your LMG team
for that one!

venue or festival to play at? 

is always a great venue – great sound, good stage, brilliant staff
and we always pull a crowd there.

And the
one festival or venue you really want to still play (local or

there are a whole mess of ‘em in Europe and the US we’d like to
play. We’ve been in contact with some and they’ve shown interest,
it’s just the financial logistics of getting four of us over there,
y’know? But I would LOVE to play Bedlam Breakout in England again,
but with Th’Crows. Also Muddy Roots in Nashville has some exciting
bands on the line-up. Sjock in Belgium is always amazing. Plus
Psychomania Rumble, Pineda, all the Euro fests are always amazing, to
be fair.

local artist/s would you most likely collaborate with?

been lucky enough to play with a lot of our favourite local bands:
Them Tornados, Ratrod Cats, Dave Ferguson, Dallas & Alexia, The
Pits, Jet Black Camaro etc. We’re looking at setting up shows with
Dead Lucky, The Bone Collectors, Crimson House Blues, Sixgun Gospel.
Those are bands we dig.

Tell us about your fans? Any funny groupie stories?  

we could repeat here, I’m sure!

We want to buy you a drink after a gig, what can we get you?

I’m teetotal, so a Becks Blue, dankie

"Cape Town crowds are sedate compared to UK
crowds, where broken teeth, arms, hands and spirits are commonplace
at psychobilly shows."

So, which
venue in Cape Town has the roughest crowd?

as in violent? None. Cape Town crowds are sedate compared to UK
crowds, where broken teeth, arms, hands and spirits are commonplace
at psychobilly shows. Capetonians are FAR too laid-back when it comes
to gigs. We wanna bring the violence back!

is your next gig? 

April 12 at Mercury with The Dollfins, whom we rate very highly, and
The Stellas from Johannesburg. It should be a lot of fun. The
promoters are cool people and Mercury is a great venue, so we’re
pretty excited. We’re also playing Steamdrunk Steampunk on April
13. There are a whole lot more coming up in the next couple of months
so keep an eye our website and Facebook page

Your plans
for the rest of 2013?

th’debut album, write a whole load of new songs, play more gigs,
get loads more fans, retire rich. The usual, y’know?

So, where
can we find your music?

our website:

last words? 

never get out of this world alive.

Contact me: eliinthecity@gmail.com

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