Burps & Giggles @ Jalan Sultan Yussuf, Ipoh

Posted by Aileen Raymond Thursday, April 18, 2013 0 comments

Been wanting to check out Burps & Giggles for some time now. Finally got to try it during my trip back to Ipoh. Since it was a weekend, Burps & Giggles was quite packed when we arrived.

When you enter, the first thing on the left is a bar :)

Followed by some awesome wall art on the right.

Cute sign

Decorations in the cafe

Drinks menu

Esprit Raspberry, RM8 | Fresh Apple Juice, RM8

Bery Bery, RM6.50
There is blueberry jam in the center too! Expensive and the pastry wasn't that nice. Could get it at a much cheaper price and better tasting ones in KL.

Healthy Freak, RM16
Burger with grilled vegetables, egg, ricotta and tofu pattie. Wholemeal burger bun is delicious! Combined with the grilled vegetables...yum yum! Couldn't make out what was in the tofu pattie but I enjoyed it.

By Ipoh standard, Burps & Giggles would be considered as a pricey place, but it is worth a try. With the mass amount of local eateries and Chinese coffee shops in Ipoh, Burps & Giggles is the perfect place to chill and enjoy a different variety of food. Would love to try their tuna quiche next time! Seems quite popular...

Burps & Giggles
93 & 95, Jalan Sultan Yussuf,
30000, Ipoh
Tel: 05-2426188
Mon & Wed to Sun: 8.30AM - 7.15PM
Closed on Tuesday
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