Digby and his Lullaby

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Digby and the Lullaby. I could honestly not think of a better name for this folk, singer-songwriting duo who share a special connection through music. One of them with a voice that can light up any room and the other with an intense passion for playing the guitar and writing songs.

Last Wednesday Digby and the Lullaby launched their debut album ‘The Somewhere Wind’, produced in New York by Kieran Kelly, at Studio7 in Seapoint. Studio7 is a warm, intimate space where artists perform to a small audience. Think of a living-room atmosphere where guests can relax on couches while enjoying some wine and great music with friends. Personally I think the venue worked excellent for the album launch - a warm space, where the couple could share stories and unique songs with their relaxed audience.

On piano and lead vocals, the talented young Rouchelle Hubsch plays and sings with her husband Darren Peens, supporting her with backing vocals and guitar. Together they create music that will sooth and calm any soul. Listen to one or two more songs and you will find yourself with a smile on your face that won't go away, even long after they played their final notes.

There's a kind of raw emotion in Rouchelle's voice, not easily noticeable, yet ever present. A mysterious lingering that you can't exactly place your finger on, but it makes you want more. There is also a sturdy and strong sound in her voice; she comfortably reaches the high notes and even when she whispers, her voice stays solid and you can hear every word.

Darren and Rouchelle seems to be humbled and inspired by each other more than anything else. It is evident in the way he quickly winked at her after a song, the way she looks up to him when she slowly sways to his guitar and in the stories they share. They are indeed a charming couple - They sweep you up and take you to romantic places all over the world. There is no doubt in my mind that this is true love and that they share a very special bond.

They looked natural and at ease throughout their performance, even though there was a slight hint of excitement in their bodies and voices as they laughed and talked with each other during the set creating a feeling of comfort and warmth. And that is exactly what Digby and the Lullaby is: Comforting, warm and true.

I really believe that it is only a matter of time before a world famous film producer will contact them to use their music in a movie or television show. I could not help to think of numerous films where their 'story songs' would fit in beautifully. 

Though their set was very charming, I would love to see them perform a few more upbeat songs in between - they have such naturally pleasant personalities that I would love to see more of that energy come out. I really look forward to their performance at Synergy, where they will play in front of a young, energetic crowd.

Digby in the Lullaby is simply beautiful. They will make you dream and laugh and fall in love. So, invite your partner or a friend, buy a bottle of wine, get your hands on the album and just listen: You are sure to fall in love with them very soon.

Catch Digby and the Lullaby at 10am on the Marshall Music Freestyle Stage at Synergy on Saturday!

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