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When you get invited to the Harley Davidson Club, you don't deny the opportunity to go - The club where you guess hardcore bikers hang around a smokey bar with heavy metal playing, sharing mysterious stories. A place where they only let you in if you drive a Harley. So, when Wolftown announced they were going to launch their album Soul on Fire at the Harley Davidson Club, I was most definitely not missing it!

We arrived at the club with our thick jackets and boots, ready to share the night with some hard core bikers, but much to our amusement, we were welcomed by a table of beautiful, friendly ladies, welcoming us in and showing us around. The club is not really what I pictured, but better. A spacious venue with a large bar and some really interesting decor.

The evening started with a few artistic acts: Belly dancing, pole dancing, burlesque and even a beautiful girl with a snake wrapped around her. All very casually performed in between guests and on a small side-stage. It was all perfect - rainy and cold outside and hot and entertaining inside. The perfect evening for the launch of Soul on Fire.

Then: Wolftown. The three piece band which I first took notice of when they released their single Don't you Know earlier in the year. I was impressed by them and consistently searched for more of their music. I was very excited to learn that they were to release a full album in July.

What I didn't know was that the band received popularity when they launched their first single, "Settle Down", back in 2012. It got play-listed on 5FM's Fresh Drive Show.
The track also reached Nr.3 on Jon Savage's Rock Chart.

They started their set with two guys wearing wolf masks playing in an intense beat on two drums. A grand opening and one very suited for this album launch. Then front-lady Sarah Pope's vocals enveloped the venue and I was forced to stop taking photos and look and listen. Taking it all in, because this is what good music sounds like.

There's something so solid about Sarah's vocals. In fact the whole band is as solid as a rock. It's not often that you stumble upon a strong trio like this. I kept thinking; This is what music is about; combined passion and talent. A band that creates genuine, substantial songs.

With a female vocalist, Wolftown most definitely bring something different to the local music scene. Yes, female fronted bands do not always get the hype they're suppose to get, but this is not about gender. This is about music. And bloody good music.

They definitely gave their fans a reason to ask for more, with friends and fellow musicians joining them on stage for backup vocals and drum solo's created on different drums. Drums are indeed a very powerful instrument and it is almost as if all their songs contain that specific catchy beat that you so often look for in a band.

The whole set was polished and the perfect combination of rock 'n roll and slower songs. You hear the memories and hard work behind the lyrics and THAT is what you need to create a strong album like this. They also have the advantage of an extremely well recorded, well produced album. It is 100% radio ready.

Music lovers: Buy the album, go for a drive and listen to it. Songs that you want to take your shoes off to and dance in a dusty club for nights on end. Beats that make you want to play instruments like bassist Damion Upton and drummer Kyle Sanders do.

Wolftown, if South Africa won't take you to the top, you WILL do it yourselves.

Well done on a brilliant launch and beautiful album.

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