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When I got out of the car on Friday evening at a proximately 20h00, I felt a very familiar sensation. I felt the cool air against my skin, my feet sinking into a thin layer of mud. Friends were gathering around us, greeting us in overly excited voices. And as the rain faded away and the music came blasting through the trees, I knew: I arrived. (ha!)

It was a grueling drive to Circle of Dreams for Ramfest 2013. The traffic out of Cape Town was a nightmare and seeing as it is already March, it was dark early. Nonetheless, the excitement was unbearable in the car and we kept looking at the kilo's and our watches. This was a big deal. This was RAMfest 2013.

You know it is going to be an insane festival, when the madness starts the moment you step out of your car. We were a bit bummed about missing Goodnight Wembley, but we've seen them numerous times and knew they had had a good set.

The real apocolypse was up next with Van Coke Kartel 'Sameswering'. I must be honest, I was a bit out of my skin. This was the show that marked the point of how far they've come, for me. Complete with smoke and pyrotechnics. These guys are SA rock legends - This is the shit you will look back on in 20 years and say: "I was at that show". Songs like "Vir Almal", "Dis 'n Land" and "Tot die Son Uitkom" will always be favourites with the crowd. Again and again, a flawless set.

Jack Parow was up next and as usual the crowd loved him. To me, he's performances are always very real and kind of raw, as was this one. The crowd went wild when Francois Van Coke joined Parow for two songs on stage, these two make an insane act together. There is something about the Afrikaans culture that really feels familiar and close when you watch Jack Parow: the accent, the words to his songs and not that I particularly wanted to, but by Monday I had the words "biscuits en biltong, ek is 'n Weskus klong" in my head.

Saturday smiled upon Circle of Dreams with a huge sunny face. It was hot and the camping area was already buzzing by 7am. We decided to get up and enjoy the fresh morning air, before a long day of dance, music and drinks. We found a whole boot full of fruit and snacks that we brought from home and we had a buffet breakfast of nectarines, Vitasnacks, nuts and Provita's. The highlight was the watermelon. Everyone who walked passed, begged a piece and we made quite a few campers very happy.

We eventually got our energy levels and heads together and head off to the BOOM! Stage. We got some drinks at the bar and chilled out under the trees. We watched the Black Handed Kites and Bilderberg Motel, who both had good sets. They had the right sound for the crowd's mood and people gathered in the shade, soaking up the ultimate pre-party atmosphere. The BOOM! Stage was beautiful - perfectly situated under the trees with the sun dancing through the shade here and there.

At around 17h30 it was time for a favourite SA act - Woodstock Mafia. We love these guys. They play with such passion and they really know how to get the crowd moving. No doubt they were a lot of fun to watch and pumped some good energy into the festival.

After Woodstock Mafia, or maybe even a little before the end of their set, I felt a little hungry and sun-burned. We made our way to the food stalls and soon we experienced a little circle of hell. Never get up at 7am, open your first beer at 8am and think you will survive blazing sun, an over-dose of good, loud music and non-stop walking and dancing. To be honest, we were weak. We bought a hot dog and sat in what felt as the corner of the festival. It was bad. Eventually we got up and went to tent-heaven.

After an hour and 30 minutes of sleep we got up and felt better than ever. Thank you Monster.

At last it was time for Bring me the Horizon. We found ourselves near the front of the stage and the crowd behind us were mad with anticipation. And they did not disappoint. Before RAMfest I wasn't too familiar with this metalcore band, but this was a show I will never forget. Lead-singer Oliver Sykes had the crowd in his hands and they wanted more and more from him. The mosh-pit was big and dangerous, but made the show even more mind-blowing. Thanks to everyone in the crowd who made it so crazy and RAMfest: Thanks!

Rise Against was the highlight of our festival. With their songs bringing up millions of memories of student days, we could not control our anticipation. By now the crowd was hot, drunk and sweaty...good ingredients to make a big bomb explode. So, as Rise Against gave their all, so did the crowd. They have serious fans in SA. And they deserve it. They gave the crowd exactly what they wanted: A real, raw and totally well-paced show. "Swing life Away" definitely made some big guys cry. If given the chance, I will go see them again and again.

We were all so tired and happy, but decided to see what the Pendulum fuss was about. Nothing really. To me it was a weird scene. The guy hopped around on stage screaming "hey, let's go", "Oh! come on!", "Go, go Ramfest!". I wasn't too impressed.

Sunday crept over us like a kid who wasn't invited to the party. The reality struck: Hello, kids, it's home time! But no, RAMfest still had a little more to offer.

We watched Tailor and The Bone Collectors at the BOOM! Stage Sunday Morning and were pleasantly surprised. Tailor is talented. She's got an intense look in her eyes that makes you think she knows something you don't. And yes, she knows how to sing and beat a drum. Although it is not my type of music, I appreciated her talent and emotional performance.

Lastly The Bone Collectors made us forget the Sunday blues and for a few songs we could imagine that it was starting all over again. I like them. They are quirky and strange. I will definitely see them at their next gig. Well done guys and thank you for putting the fun back into that Sunday Morning!

 Ramfest came, it conquered and left a few thousand souls broken and some bodies bent. It was a weekend I will never forget. Thank you and salut! Till we meet again next year.

Thanks to all the cleaners, who made this one of the cleanest festivals I've ever been to!

Thank you to Ramfest and all its organisers. :) Have a good rest!

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