oh my holi!

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I must be honest – Besides all the heavy-weight rock festivals in the country, I was most interested in this Holi One Festival. The photos from the Holi festivals in other countries looked amazing. With a lot of rumours and speculations around the festival, I was wondering when and if Cape Town Holi will eventually happen.

And holi holi, it HAPPENED!

On 2 March the Cape Town Grand parade was turned into a colourland with people throwing
pink, blue, green and yellow powder at each other, in the air and on
themselves. Hourly the parade disappeared in a thick  rainbow of colour
followed by thousands of people dancing the dust away.

It' was
strange how those beautiful colours turned into a funny brown/orange
colour, that quickly made us look like Woodstock 69 hippies that had rolled
in the mud. Everyone arrived in holy white clothes, but it certainly did
not last long, as friends “coloured each other in” with lumo coloured

Holi One made thousands of 20-30 something's look like a bunch of kiddies dancing around in clouds of colour. I now know what absolute positive energy looks like!

It was scorching Cape Town Summer's day and the large tents on both sides gave enough shade to have a quick break from the sun. The bars were packed and at times too full to even try and get to the front. But as soon as we had our drinks, it was amazing...until we had them covered in coloured powder...Nonetheless good while they lasted!

I had fun. I had my doubts about choosing the Grand Parade as a venue, but I quickly changed my mind. It was perfect. With Table Mountain on one side and the sunset on the other, it was amazing to party in the heart of Cape Town like that.

Thanks Holi (and Andy/Manuela).


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