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Man, I love live music. There is just something about a band or an artist on stage that cannot compare to any other type of entertainment. It's a type of magic that brings a group of music lovers together at a venue to experience a passion. Now, talking about passion for music or making music - The past weekend Black Market Riots celebrated 5 years together as a band. I'm sure we can all agree that it takes hard work, courage and bags full of passion to keep a band going through the years in our brutal local music scene.

They chose Aandklas in Stellenbosch to celebrate the 5 years - also the venue where they played their very first gig! Aandklas has a tiny, but very special place in my heart. I remember it as a pizza restaurant quite a few years back called Rustic Cafe or something, but soon became the now famous Aandklas. The place holds a thousand memories and going back is always great. So, naturally whenever a great band plays at Aandklas, we go. Add Red Huxley to the night and there really was no way that we would've missed this one!

Red Huxley was up first and yes, they kicked off the night pretty hard. If you haven't heard of Red Huxley in the last couple of months, you're either dead or you have no interest in music (which I don't understand). They have been rocking the local music scene hard lately. Since I last saw them, they sound even more solid and confident now.

There is something quite remarkable about Red Huxley. It seems as if
you can put them in either an empty room or in front of thousands and they will still make it one of the
hardest, most in-your-face gigs. They don't loose energy or strength for one single second. Is that pure passion and talent? Yes, right there. And then, you have to see the smile on front-man Dylan's face at
times as they rock through their songs with what seems to me as a
no-care-in-the-world attitude. A type of style that I think many bands
struggle to find, but here it looks so comfortable and natural watching them perform. And I think THAT is part of what music is about - rocking out,
dancing hard, having the time of your life.

It was a tight set by the
three who looked so comfortable on stage, it seemed as if they could
play straight through the night. No wonder they got the opportunity to
record with Dave
Catching of Eagles of Death Metal. They are definitely on a roll and
they won't stop by the looks of it.

Then it was time for Black Market Riots. Yes, they've come a long way - I mean 5 years is a long time in the local music scene. I only recently started to listen to them, but I instantly liked them - I enjoy their slightly off-balance rock sound that sets them apart from so many other bands in South Africa. Personally, I also find that Black Market Riots experiment all the time - listening to some of their Youtube material and then watching their live shows, it is almost as if they bring something new to their gigs every time - which I love.

They recently got a new drummer, Fano, who played a solid set on Saturday and I would like to see what he can bring to the band in the future. I think they are now pretty complete and can only grow in the coming months. Hopefully we can look forward to an album and a tour next year!  

Their set was a pure and honest one - almost like a tribute to their years and loyal fans. Front-man Danie gave the crowd all his energy, notable in how exhausted he looked when they were done with the set. I appreciate this from BMR - giving it their all throughout their live performances. And just to add - the visuals they had on a large screen worked very well with the set. It contributed in making it a well-rounded and interesting performance.

Black Market Riots played all the mayor festivals in SA already and shared the stage with some huge names, so from here it is going to be a fun path for the guys and I look forward to their next shows.

Here's to five more years! 

People of South Africa, if I can ask you one thing - go watch more live gigs. They cost basically the equivalent of 1 or 2 beers at most and you are always guaranteed a good time. Even if you don't know a band, geez even if you've never heard of them before, please go support!

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