Blackstoneradio's Sweet Mary Jane

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What do you get when you take 4 guys, a garage in Bellville and you throw in some instruments? No doubt a band will form out of that in some way or another. And in 2008 a 4-piece band called Blackstoneradio took that step.

Last week they launched the music video for Sweet Mary Jane at Altydgedacht Wine Estate. I must admit, I had no idea what to expect from the night. There we were at a beautiful wine estate on a really cold night waiting to see a band that I've only heard once or twice online. And although I heard only good things about them, my mind was open to be made up for myself.

First up though was the video's leading lady Jacqueline Roux entertaining the crowd with some of her own work. Jacqueline is a beautiful, quirky, young lady with a lot of smile to give to the crowd. At 16-years-old I am sure she will win quite a lot of hearts in the coming years - as evident on the music video. I tried to search for more of her music on youtube, but without any success. I guess you will have to keep your eyes and ears open to see how she will grow in the future.

Shortly after Jacqueline's set, BSR showcased Sweet Mary Jane's music video to the crowd. The video is light-hearted and upbeat and will instantly put a smile on your face. The song itself is radio material. Yes, it can be a hit: Easy to
sing along to, with catchy lyrics and rhythms.

Then it was time for some live entertainment. During their set, for some reason they took me back a few years, where music was still just
music to me - no fancy frills. Just carefree, good old rock. Toned down. Now, where were they in my Stellenbosch years? Or rather where was I? They are the perfect band to listen to with good friends and a ton of wine in a busy, smoke-filled venue. Think Bohemia, Aandklas or even a sunset slot at a music festival will work!

Their style vary between rock guitar riffs, folk rock with touches of
classic rock. And yes, it is true - The more you listen to them, the more you like them. They are not heavy rockers, but let's be honest: It's not always the most hardcore bands out there who sells the most albums, because unfortunately money doesn't normally sit in the pockets of 20-something rockers.   

You get bands and artists that
will do very well with both younger and older crowds. And I think BSR
can easily pull that off. I think even an entire family (ranging from
kids to grandma) can enjoy this. Yes, I can see many a mother nod their
heads in approval of their children's music taste. And good news: That
means that you can ask your parents for an extra buck to buy the album!

This is also music for the long road - easy to listen to and loud
enough for you to rock out to. Put the songs on repeat and take that
Summer road-trip - Be sure that they will indeed take you on a nostalgic rock trip!

As we walked back to the car after their set, a little mellow and merry, we decided that

it seems as if all good local music comes out of Bellville...

Watch Sweet Mary Jane here:

Congratulations on the video and we look forward to see you guys in the future!

Photos by Nic Redelinghuys from The Pixel Revelation.

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