Black Market Riots - 5 years later...

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So you guys are celebrating 5 years together this year - how are you planning to celebrate the mile stone?

We are having our celebration at Aandklas on 31 August. We are super excited to have Red Huxley on the bill. All-in-all it's just going to be one epic night of music. At our first show we did a cover of Plug in Baby by Muse, so this time round we have something different up our sleeves. Some cool visuals for the night and we MIGHT launch something very special and something from the archives…hold thumbs!

5 Years ago, you had your very first gig at Aandklas. Tell us about that night.

Geepers this was one rad night. Stressed to the max, but luckily everything turned out as a major success. We have to thank Marcus from Aandklas for having faith in us and allowing us that slot. Not many venues wanted us, as nobody knew what we sound like and luckily Marcus listened to our demo, got our go ahead, and so it happened. Still funny to look at the pictures of that evening, just to see how we've grown in what we do.

How did the SA music scene change from back in 2008?

When we started out it felt like you could actually play to a crowd with maybe 10 musicians in the crowd, but nowadays it's way different. Everyone started a band (really great ones) and this makes it harder to get open dates available at venues, support and all, as it feels a bit flooded, but as I said - really great bands out there and we still learn a lot from back then.

There must be some really good memories stretched over these years. Tell one or 2 of your favourite moments since forming Black Market Riots?

Yup, there is a couple, but if I can say what stood out was most definitely our first battle of the bands we competed in and walked away as victors. The feeling you get from all the hard hours been put in to rehearsals and getting rewarded for it was something really special. Secondly it would definitely be our slot we got playing at Oppikoppi. The craziest road trip, memories in the van, at Oppikoppi and just hanging out with guys you really get along with. All of this happened in the beginning stages of BMR, so yes, they will be the most epic moments, but as the years went by we had really great times as friends on stage and off!

And any embarrassing ones?

Apart from falling on
stage, spilling beer over your pedal board, playing really drunk and not
remembering what happened…I would say it comes with the "sport"

"Just recently we started talking about a trip up north..."

Over the years, you guys have played at quite a few venues in Cape Town and surroundings: The Assembly, The Purple Turtle, Zula Bar, Mercury and Aandklas to name a few. Any plans to do a tour through the country?

Just recently we started talking about a trip up north. So yes, we would love to, but that means we need to get seriously good planning in order, where to stay, how long, supporting bands and funds! We need to let the Northerners know who we are…and SOON!

You've shared the stage with some big names in the local music scene: Springbok Nude Girls, Taxi Violence, Van Coke Kartel and the list goes on. Any favourite moments?

Springbok Nude Girls was definitely the most outrageous night of our gigs. Energy was intense, overall best performance by us. And yes, we have been lucky to share stages with great bands and made great friends.

There's been some talk about doing an album soon (wink wink)?

Ooooh, this is going to be so much fun. We are going to attempt in recording the album ourselves. If it comes out a bit wonky then we have great guide tracks for a studio album, but that won't happen. We want to record 10 tracks including unplugged versions of When we Collide, Handcuffs and Minority. So the fans will be getting a 13 track album. Can't wait to do this because this would mean a new chapter for us, writing new material!

So, I think everyone wants to know a little more about the new guy Fano? Tell us about him (or he can introduce himself)?

A really interesting story. Met him at a Saturday market (yes we do those things) and just started talking about our previous drummer who has left for JHB and coincidentally Fano moved down from JHB. He used to be in the band, Jet Black Comaro, formed by Loedi (x-taxi violence bassist) and himself. Things just came together really nicely. He learnt our entire set list in 2 weeks. Enjoying his style of drumming and looking forward to writing new material with him.

"It really comes down to one simple thing…making music is an addiction."

Now, you have some major gigs coming up and have been rehearsing quite a bit (we hear). What can we expect at the gigs, any new material?

Uhm yes, we are rehearsing a lot lately but only to get Fano into the swing of things, which worked out super well. During this process we actually changed some song s a bit, just to stir things up for ourselves, but overall we have not spent time writing new material. SOOOOOON

With 5 years comes a lot of ups and downs, who or what keeps you guys going? What holds you together?

It really comes down to one simple thing…making music is an addiction. Luckily our drug still works. Yes, we have had to change members a bit and luckily Pierre and I stuck to our guns and decided to not let this project disappear that easily. I guess hard work also pays off, the rewards of getting that great gig, awesome support from fans and over satisfaction plays a major role in sticking together as a band.

Any advise for up-coming bands on how to survive the years in the, let's say, brutal SA music industry?

REHEARSE YOUR ASS OFF!! If you are a well oiled band in the practise room then you'll be great on stage!!

Just a few quick ones:

Who came up with your name?


If there's a new album on its way, what would most likely be the name?


One word that describes your music?


Do you still get nervous before gigs?


Who writes the lyrics?


When you're not playing, where do you guys party?

At gigs

Where's your next gig?

31st August -Aandklas Stellenbosch with Red Huxley. It will be our 5-year celebration party!

...And just because this is an interview, where do you guys see yourselves in the next 5 years?

Hopefully 3 albums in and just overall success. Planning is key!

Once again, where can we listen to your amazing music?

All of it is available on our website: - (under the "media" section) and it's FOR FREE!!

Enjoy boys and thanks again.

Thanks Pinky!

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