Rocking with the Stars - Kings of Chaos

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It was Friday morning early and I was
on the N2 freeway heading towards Cape Town. Now this is nothing out
of the ordinary, except that the soul reason for my visit to the
City, despite very dire weather conditions, was to attend the Kings
of Chaos Rock concert
at the Grand West Casino. 

After picking up our golden circle
tickets, my fellow sister in rock mentioned that this event was a
dream come true. We remembered discussing about a year ago how
unbelievable it would be if we could see Slash and Myles
performing live while religiously listening to their
Apocalyptic Love album. When a friend told us a couple of
months later that the Kings of Chaos tour was destined for the Mother
City we were in heaven! The delightful news that Myles Kennedy
was joining the party at the last minute was a added wonder because
we are also great Alter Bridge fans. But we were also in for
a musical experience of a lifetime with 9 of the world's most
talented and experienced Rock and Roll stars in the lineup. Joe
Elliot from Def Leppard, Duff McKagan (G&R) Gilby
Clark(G&R), Matt Sorum(G&R), Dave Kushner(Velvet Revolver), Ed
Roland (Collective Soul) and Mr Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple). What a

We were heading to the concert in a
couple of hours. I couldn't help but to sit with a smile plastered
on my face which lasted way into the weekend because of sheer rock 'n
roll inspired bliss. When we arrived at the Casino we were
dismayed by the ques but we were soon inside the arena eagerly
awaiting the legends to appear on stage. The crowd was a collective
soul of rock 'n roll fans from the early days of Guns 'n Roses
and Deep Purple and fresh young faces who clearly understood
what real music was about. 

What we were about to witness will
perhaps cause many a future gig to look pale in comparison. Its not
everyday that one gets to experience musical royalty in action –
and that but a few meters from the stage. The opening announcement was backed by
royal orchestral music as each artist was introduced onto the stage
and the anticipation in the crowd was electric. 

After a couple of Deep Purple
classics and an introductory performance by each artist followed an
apparently impromptu acoustic set that beautifully left me with tears
in my eyes and a big smile on my face. Knocking on heavens door had the whole
crowd joining in song. But I must single out Mr Glenn Huges'
solo performance of Mistreated – astoundingly powerful vocal
ability exhibited by the Deep Purple star. This performance
had the crowd gasping and Mr Hughes' voice is probably still
resonating within the walls of the arena. In fact I find it hard to
describe the essence of that 7 minutes and the ambiance in the arena
as 7000 people were swept of their feet. The other artists watched
with mutual respect and admiration as Hughes sang and gave him a
standing ovation. As Joe Elliot noted afterward “How does
one follow that?” But it was followed by performances no
less spectacular... 

 Photo by Warren Talmarkes, Channel 24

The crowd sang along like angels to Two Steps
by Def Leppard. Ed Roland gave a
delightful performance and I was impressed at how humble all the
artists appeared to be considering their collective talent and
success (together they sold more than 300 millions albums
worldwide!!) In fact they all have a contagious and addictive energy
that is understandable considering they get to make excellent music
almost everyday of their lives. 

  Photo by Mark Rojas

The acoustic part of the show already
left me awestruck but as promised they still followed with some hard
rock 'n roll. Myles Kennedy delivered the Guns and Roses
classic Sweet Child of Mine
brilliantly and I was sublimely thrilled when I recognized the
unmistakable opening of the Led Zeppelin Classic Immigrant
performed by Myles Kennedy – a sweet and unforgettable
surprise that still leaves me with goosebumps at the thought of it.
Pour Some Sugar was a distinct crowd favourite. 

Photo by Warren Talmarkes, Channel 24


Slash without question was
stunning and flawless, voicing a simple greeting to the crowd but an
appreciated gesture. Ex front man Axl Rose's boots are big
and Myles Kennedy manages to fill them with grace and an air
of humility that is worthy only to such a crown prince of Rock.
Their artistic abilities was a blessing to witness and apart from
being on stage myself I doubt I could have been radiating more
happiness when leaving the arena. Their last but memorable
performance was Guns & Roses' Paradise City leaving
the crowd not wanting to go home … but finally reluctantly leaving
the arena with satisfied stars in their eyes...

I was still awake at 4 o clock on
Saturday morning, long after the concert ended. The music was still
pulsing in my veins, the smile still firmly on my lips, the stage
setting replaying in my mind. I was psyched and starstruck and
inspired for having seen these true diamonds within the crown of rock
'n roll.

Words by Adel La Kok.

 Photos by Warren Talmarkes (Channel 24) and Mark Rojas.

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