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The Black Market Riots was born in 2008 and through the years had built quite a following in the local music scene. The journey has not been without obstacles like changing the line up a few times, but they had always managed to work through it.

In 2008 they won the Mystic Boer Battle of the Bands, which landed them a recording slot with Franschhoek studios where they recorded their 8 track EP titled, “Box of Dreams”. Their EP together with their debut music video “Machine” was released in 2009 at Aandklas, Stellenbosch. Possibly the biggest tipping point for the band was the writing and
recording of their single 'When we Collide' in late 2010. Which could be seen as their own musical revolution, where they tried new material, different to their previous work.

Most recently they released their singles 'Minority' and 'Handcuffs' in 2012. Both takes you on a different kind of journey and you get a taste of the growth the band had up until then. These guys have a passion for making music and it is evident in the 'sound revolution' they had through the years. Since they have managed to create a very unique and real kind of sound.

I recently saw them live for the
first time at Utopia Festival and I was quite impressed with their
performance, especially with the amount of energy they performed with - not necessarily carried over through their bodies, but also in Danie's strong vocals, the way the guitarist held their instruments and generally in the atmosphere they created. I remember thinking, 'If they can do this in front of a small crowd, imagine what they can do on a main stage in front of thousands...' The guys definitely have a stage presence very few other bands can pull off on the last day of a festival (possibly tired, weak, cold and hungry).

you guys have been together for 5 years, is it? Give us a little
history about the journey of Black Market Riots?

just turned 5. It’s been an incredible journey with many twists and
turns in the road but luckily we stuck to our path. Started back in
2008 with our first show and since then we have played some awesome
venues/fests etc. Unfortunately we have had to sit through some
growing pains with band members leaving the band, but this has never
stopped us from doing what we love!

someone who’s never heard your music, how will you guys describe

energetic alternative rock & roll. But well like when people make
up their own minds about us, good or bad…. we like the feedback.

‘Black Market Riots’? What’s behind that name?

first the name really fit our first round of music writing. Crazy,
loud and just about anything we like. But as time rolled on the name
actually made much more sense to us than we thought it would. It
boils down to individualism, being who you want to be but always
consider your neighbour, because every action has a reaction.

had the most fun at Oppikoppi 2008 by far. Guess it’s because we
were fresh out the starting blocks and it’s Oppikoppi obviously..."

loved your set at Utopia and we know you’ve played quite a couple
of festivals and events? Any favourites?

had the most fun at Oppikoppi 2008 by far. Guess it’s because we
were fresh out the starting blocks and it’s Oppikoppi obviously. As
far as gigs go, it would have to be opening for Springbok Nude Girls.
No words…

us how you guys experience a festival: What do you pack, where do you
sleep etc.

we just pack what we really need, black label, a pillow, buns and
chips, the rest normally comes as it goes. Rough is tough and that’s
what we like.

about venues and crowds in Cape Town? We’ve heard that they are
pretty mild compared to crowds in J’burg and overseas. How do you
guys experience it?

is a tough one. We can talk about this for days. In general it isn’t
easy to pull off the best gigs. Especially now in winter, it is even
harder, but it all boils down to marketing, getting the media in
there, hooking up with the right bands for the right show. But you
ask how we experience it? FRUSTRATING with a tad of ENJOYMENT.

about the local SA music scene. Do you guys think there’s enough
opportunities for bands wanting to make it big?

are yes. But it all depends on the hard work and effort the band puts
in to it. That is the only way to reach goals and grab opportunities.
We have some really great SA bands, just feel that some of them have
reach the ceiling and should shoot for greater heights outside SA,
but again, super hard work.

there enough support from the public?

long ago we had this discussion on radio and I think this goes to any
band out there wanting to make it somehow. We have noticed at some
gigs that people would come to gigs, pay the cover charge and then
only watch the band their “buddies” play in and then leave. To us
this is strange, is this not why you go out to discover and support
the local scene? So we would say it’s 50/50. Ofcourse the more
established bands do get all the support, but with the up and coming
acts it’s a different story. Bands need support and that’s that!

about your fans - describe a BMR fan?

have no idea how to answer this question. Maybe ask the fans…

funny groupie stories?

Pierre had a creepy man following him around at some of our gigs.
This was sooooo weird. Not even funny, just super creepy.


"I guess being in a band is one massive great moment..."

us about that single greatest moment since forming the band?

have had so many great moments. This goes from band practise to
shows. I guess being in a band is one massive great moment.

had to say goodbye to Tim, your drummer, recently. Tell us about that
and the process of choosing a new drummer?

was very hard on us. We became such great friends and it’s always
difficult to say goodbye to someone who had so much influence in the
band, but we had to move on and luckily the process wasn’t that bad
this time around. So we recently got Fano to join the band and we are
super excited for the new roads to follow, with every new member
joining, our sound evolves…very exciting times!

share something about Black Market Riots that no one knows?

– Band dad
Rudolph – The young one
Pierre – Extreme math
Fano – Fanew guy

you guys carry lucky charms or have any tradition/rituals before a

a lucky charm comes in a bottle, namely Jaggermeister. Our normal
ritual goes something like this: We suck, try to play well and let’s
see how it goes! Self confidence = TICK

are working on new material and hoping to release our very first full
album. Some secret plans, but you will have to wait and see!"

are you guys planning for the rest of 2013? Can we expect a tour

are working on new material and hoping to release our very first full
album. Some secret plans, but you will have to wait and see!

your next gig?

we are only putting time in to our practise and getting Fano up to
speed with our songs. We are planning a couple of dates in July, but
we will be having our 5 year birthday gig in August, expect a biggy!

where can we find you on the interwebs?

can see EVERYTHING at
- all our songs are free for download, all the various links to our
facebook, twitter, soundcloud and youtube plus you can download our
press kit for even more info!


Last year Black Market Riots went to studio for the first time since recording their demo 'When We Collide' back in 2010. With new band members and a new sound they are determined to make their mark on the local alternative scene!

This video showcases the recording process and introduces each band member as they recorded 'Minority' and 'Handcuffs' at Digital Forest Studio. As a bonus, they self-produced and recorded 'The Sounds We Feel' especially for the video, which is available for download, as is all their material, at www.blackmarketriots.com

Two bottom photos by Lupa Photography: Facebook Page


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