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Stellenbosch always brings back huge amounts of memories. Memories of campus days, filled with late summer nights watching live music, drinking at the local bars, walking from Bohemia to De Akker (taking us 1 hour) and of course going to class.

Every year the first few days back at campus, were marked by the annual Karnival week (or more popularly called Jool). A week where you party as hard as you can before the first day of class. Usually the streets were filled with students and the bars were literally bursting at their seams.

This year DPC returned to Stellenbosch to watch some live bands and join in the pre-class party. There were live music all over Stellenbosch during the weekend of 1/2 February, with our most anticipated event: Campus Invasion.

Campus Invasion is a live music event that toured through the country giving students a night to remember before the dreaded studying days. This year, Campus Invasion Stellenbosch, had a pretty decent line-up including Van Coke Kartel and Jack Parow (huge business in SA music!).

We arrived at Klein Libertas (the venue for Campus Invasion) and were greeted with HUGE amounts of branding. Everywhere I looked I saw promotion girls and freebie stalls - probably any students dream! We were given some free Redbull Mobile simcards and a few pamphlets and then we nonchalantly disappeared through the gates to go find a drink.

While Sons of Settlers were playing we found a nice spot at a table and enjoyed a couple of ice cold beers. I looked around a bit and realised: Nothing much has changed. Good music, friends and some ice cold drinks. I guess students will be students, no matter the year!

Van Coke Kartel was up next and we rushed to the stage. Around me a couple of first year girls (assuming) gathered and were shouting "Francois" and "Van Coke" at the top of their lungs. The band was calmly doing their sound check and in the process giving the crowd time to excite themselves even more.

Van Coke Kartel did not disappoint. They showed some of those first year's what live music is really about. The sound wasn't extremely good, but it was not bothering the crowd - jumping and pushing, creating mini mosh-pits at times. Our highlite was Van Coke performing Chaos with Jack Parow. Seeing the newly released music video, we expected the performance to be just as crazy and intense, but it was actually a bit more toned down live. Though it was really great to hear it. After Van Coke it was time for Jack Parow to entertain us.

This was most probably one of the best shows I've seen from Jack Parow. Although we really don't ever make a point of it to go to his shows, we strangely know most of the lyrics. So we were dancing and screaming at the back of the crowd and generally had a brilliant time. Jack Parow is evidently a huge part of (especially) Stellenbosch student life and he really showed the crowed why they should support him in 2013.

The event came to a sudden end when Parow announced it was time for him to get off the stage (something about the police and noise after 11h? Or was it 12h?). Anyway, we finished our drinks and left the venue, to be bombarded with freebies and promo girls again. Needless to say, we left with 5 cans of Axe...

It was a fun event. Definitely a good idea for students to party the night away - a safe environment and close enough to walk to the local bars. Well done to Campus Invasion organisers, brands and sponsors. A fun night with really good music!

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